Reasons to be Cheerful

It's very grey and dreary here in the UK at the moment. I'm finding myself longing for Spring and flowers. I feel like I've had my fill of Winter. The snow, the frost and the icicles were magical but I'm ready for green shoots, the yellows and purples of Spring flowers and my washing hanging in the garden. Trouble is we're only half way through January. Signs of Spring are a long way off yet unless you count Easter eggs making an appearance at Tesco as a sign of Spring. But there is still plenty to be cheerful about :o)

Reasons to be Cheerful

1) Fragrant thing

I limped into Tesco briefly yesterday to purchase my traditional post-Christmas cheery-up flowers. Hyacinths, freesias and tulips.
They aren't at their best yet but they're getting there.

2) Colourful thing

Although my washing cannot go outside yet it provided me with a bright moment this morning when I tumbled it out of the machine into my basket.

3) Stripy things.

 I love my stripy socks. They're from Gudrun Sjödén. I'll be glad when I can wear two of them again though.

4) New Thing

You might remember this post. The tenth picture down shows our dust-magnet TV stand. How I hated it. Now at last we have replaced it with something much nicer. 

5) Thankful thing

I have not had to evacuate my home because of floods. I know some of my readers are from flood affected parts of Australia. I do hope things are not too dreadful for you and that life soon gets back to normal.
I see on the news that floods have hit Brazil and Sri Lanka very badly too.



  1. this post definitely gives me reasons to be cheerful. it's so bright and uplifting :o)

    although when one thinks of the poor flood victims that is a little different, my heart goes out the poor souls.

    warmest wishes to you xxx


  2. It is troubling times all this extreme weather.

    On a different note - how do you switch from one subject to another? - I bought some yellow tulips today.

    Tulips in January, I remember thinking 'oohhhh how nice' but tulips in January!

    N xx

  3. What a lovely colourful world you live in Sue. I hadn't seen the post about the 'good' and 'bad' corners before, gosh, I've got some of those bad corners as well, some look exactly like mine! However, like yours, our home is mostly neat and orderly and more than makes up for those bad corners. Nice TV stand anyway.

  4. You have been given an award...Check out my blog!

  5. Hi Sue, your blog today brightened my day and now I want a bouquet of flowers! I will be volunteering this afternoon at Multnomah Falls - must get some flowers tomorrow!

    Hugs, Teresa in Oregon USA

  6. What a colourful post, just what I needed today, thank you. Coincidentally, I bought a small bunch of flowers from Tesco garage today, they are pink and white and have 'Baby's Breath' Gypsophila (?)They look so pretty.

    All of my bad corners seem to be in the spare room so not many people see it. (Big grin.)

  7. Lovely to see some bright colours! We've been in thick fog for two days and everything is grey, slushy and damp. Hope the foot continues to improve.

  8. Anonymous11:52 am GMT

    What beautiful socks! I might have to get some just to brighten up my washing basket! May you be wearing them in pairs again soon.

  9. Pati from London1:59 pm GMT

    Hi Sue, the weather here in London is very grey and miserable but I bought a bunch of lovely white tulips in Tesco this morning and felt better...Tulips are one of my favourite flowers, their green leaves are so vibrant also. I really love stripy socks too but haven't had some for a while, I've been buying colourful ones from Accessorize recently with owls and Russian dollies on them and I adore wearing them. Tonight, G and I are going to a comedy club so hopefully that will cheer us up a bit. Have a lovely evening and rest of the weekend. x Pati

  10. Beautiful, cheery colours!

  11. I'm one of your readers from the flood area of Queensland - fortunately my home was not flooded, the waters stopped one door down! The devastation for some is just terrible, and recovery will take a long time. We have been isolated without essential services for nearly a week, but yesterday power was restored to our area. I have been cooking on our gas camping stove and so, I decided something cooked in the oven is on the cards for tonight. I came to check out the ingredients for your potatoe baked with chick peas and chorizio, and we will have that! Thanks for thinking of us downunder.

  12. Dee, I hope you enjoyed it and that your life gets back to normal soon x


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