Pizza Night

Everyone loves pizza, at least they do in my house. 
Easy peasy to make.

To make two large pizzas -enough to feed five with leftovers, you will need

1½ lbs strong white flour
1 teaspoon instant yeast -the kind sold for use in breadmakers
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon of olive oil
15 fl oz hand-hot water

Mix the first four ingredients in a bowl. Add the water and mix to make a dough. When it starts to come together take it out and knead for 3-4 minutes until smooth and elastic.
place in an oiled bowl and cover. Leave for about 1½ hours to rise.
It will double in size.

While that's happening make the pizza sauce. For this I use a tub of my veg hash but a chopped onion and a crushed clove of garlic will do just as well. I add a tin of chopped tomatoes plus a 500ml carton of passata, some salt and pepper, some Italian herbs or oregano and sometimes a splash of vermouth. Let it simmer very gently while the dough is rising.
I only used about a third of the finished sauce. The rest will go into another dish -pasta and meatballs most likely.

At this point you can sit down with a glass of damson gin :o)

When the dough has risen punch it down to knock the air out, divide it into two and roll into large circles. Before I bought these pizza trays I used to make my pizzas rectangular to fit a large baking tray.

The children like sweetcorn, ham and cheese on theirs. I use ready-grated mozzarella because I was once told by a genuine Italian person that the stuff in the pouches of water makes the pizza wet.

C and I had bottled artichokes, roast peppers, mushrooms and goats' cheese on our pizza.

Bake at 220°c / 200°c fan oven for 15- 20 mins.




  1. I'm jealous!!

    Pizza is my favourite, I could eat it for every meal, although I am very fussy about how it is made!

    You can't beat homemade dough!

  2. Hmm, looks so good! You know it's lunchtime here in the western US! LOL


  3. Anonymous9:33 pm GMT

    i love home made pizza, we love garlic so always add a little to the base along with some oregano mmmmmm :)

  4. My 3 yr old Granddaughter asked for pizza when she was visiting last weekend so we made one from scratch - very similar recipe to yours, she loved "helping" and proudly told granddad that she had made the pizza. We loove homemade pizza - it's so easy, cheap and delicious. xxx

  5. Yes. Everyone in our house loves pizza too. It is a Saturday lunch fave. Like your toppings Mrs. Ax

  6. Right, when can I move in?!!!

  7. I love our home made pizzas, nothing quite like them. Yumm.
    x Sandi

  8. We've made homemade pizza for years.. ok, now I want one. Love the pix. Teresa from Oregon.. :-)

  9. pizza looks gorgeous, definately want to try that, do you think you could freeze one uncooked? made your chocolate creams yesterday, they went down very well with hubby and both kids, thanks for he recipies xx

  10. Like all your food Sue, it looks great.
    Thanks for your concern and good wishes.

  11. Thanks for all these lovely recipes.
    Pizza, I very rarely make it now there is only two of us, but I will make it to last for over a weekend for us
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  12. PS - Thanks for the tip on Mozzerella Cheese. I always wondered why my Pizzas always went soggy!
    Julie xxxxxxx

  13. Yum. A favorite here too. Great tip with the mozzarella

  14. Yum. Believe it or not I make my bases from instant mash and they come out like thin and crispy pizzas. Its a slimming world thing but soooo nice. Yous look lovely. x

  15. Any excuse for a glass of damson gin eh??????

  16. Anonymous12:37 pm GMT

    Mmmm, Im hungry now! Pizza for tea tonight here too, although our toppings contain a rather strange mix of chicken, olives, roasted peppers, raisins and (for Mr) jalapenos. Delicious, if unusual. I do admit I use our bread machine to make the dough.

  17. Mmmm I love homemade pizza - yours look so much more appetising than mine though!

  18. Anonymous8:05 pm GMT

    We made our first pizza yaesterday. I don't buy pizza because I've never been a fan, but i can honestly say the homemade one was amazing and will be repeated.

    Sue aka snoozer

  19. I wish I could cook! No, actually I wish I had an interest in cooking; my passion is baking. However, the fact that I am getting absolutely bored stiff with my same-old, same-old dinners together with reading your lovely inspirational foodie blogs, I'm beginning to think I might even try some of these recipes. So, thank you for blogging about food. The pizza looks so good but I have none of the ingredients to hand to make one now. Better make a shopping list!

  20. Yum! I'm going to look out for grated mozzarella - because it's true, the mozzarella in plastic bags really does make the pizza wet - I made pizza for lunch today and it was a little liquid on top. I'm not sure we can buy it here - but I'm going to look!

  21. Oh my yours with the goat cheese looks delicious !! I had two days of intense cooking this week-end too, nothing like it to get out of a nasty stomach flu and not being able to eat properly.

  22. Pizza's a big hit in this house too, and I have those very same tins from Lakeland.

  23. Oh my goodness, those look scrumptious!

    Loving the goats cheese and artichokes!

  24. Pati from London9:44 am GMT

    The pizzas look yum yum, Sue! We make the dough with our bread machine but will try your recipe one day for a change. I can smell them from here....mmm... x Pati

  25. Delighted about the foot Sue. A bit of sun and some yummy food and were all sorted

  26. I just love homemade pizza! Yours looks fantastic.


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