Can't stand on it for more than a minute or two.
Can't do the ironing.
Can't do the washing.
Can't do the hoovering.
Can't do the cleaning.
Can't do the shopping.
Can't do the cooking.

If you are imagining that this all sounds like a dream come true let me assure you that it IS NOT. Oh no indeed it isn't. It is torture.
I am fortunate in that I have two reasonably competent teenagers around and C at home until the 10th . They are doing their best but they don't do anything quite the way I would do it and every time I ask them to do anything I feel like a nag.
It's not being able to cook that is really testing my patience. It was a mistake to allow myself to be the only cook in the house. That said C produced a very good Normandy chicken dish last night by following my very detailed instructions. I can't just say 'brown the chicken in some oil'. I have to specify which pan, how much oil, how hot, how long etc etc. It's all very frustrating and limiting.
I've made a list of meals I think he and the boys can cope with for next week.

We won't starve but we may have to resort to boughten bread.
On the bright side I can read, crochet and watch DVDs and drink wine to my heart's content.
 I'd rather be able to put my shoes on and walk around though.
Burns apparently take quite a long time to heal but I'm really hoping and praying and crossing my fingers that I'll be nearly back to normal by next weekend. 
I do hope your new year has got off to a better start than mine.

By the way, I will not be cooking a goose for Christmas 2011. Pork pie and salad seems like a safe option at the moment.



  1. Oh poor you! I take you went to casualty after all by the bandage. I'll come and cook for you. Tell who is second in charge how to make a Casserole, not only can it be left to its own devices but it can last two days too!
    Julie xxxxxxxxxx

  2. It sounds so painful - hope that you get back on your feet soon, I know just how frustrating it can be when you have to spell out every step of a recipe to an inexperienced helper so you have my sympathy and best wishes. ((hugs)). xxx

  3. Sorry about your foot. Hope the rest of year is better for you.

    Maybe wear your wellies if you decide to cook a goose again.

  4. Having hobbled my way through Christmas and New Yaer with a trapped nerve I empathise with you totally. So disappointing not to be able to be active and doing the things you love, not to mention the pain! Hope you are soon back on both feet and that it all heals quickly, Rose x

  5. Poor you - in our house it would have to be food on toast as that is Hubby's specialty.

  6. I can totally understand your frustration, but the ship will still sail albeit slightly off course!
    Make the most of a bit of self indulgence I would particularly enjoy a bit of Dvd time.
    Happy healing.

    Jo x

  7. Anonymous5:36 pm GMT

    Oh poor you Sue. I really hope it gets better quickly. My visitors have just gone so I have piles of domestic stuff to do. I'll try to be grateful that I can actually do it and think of you instead of moaning !! I do hope the rest of 2011 will be a good year for you and your family. With love from Penny L in Dorset xxx

  8. Oh poor you...does sound painful oh well foot up you can't do anything except lie back and enjoy the break...TV crochet and lots of good books and magazines is what the Doctor ordered
    Hope it feels better soon though
    Hugs Suz x

  9. Ouch - poor you. Try hard rest though as it will make you repair quicker.

    I hate anyone else using my kitchen as they seem to ask the most silly questions and can never find anything.

  10. Poor you. I thought of you as (barefooted as usual) I bent to take a chicken out of the oven yesterday. And put my shoes on for once! Hope you're better soon.

  11. Oh my goodness me! You poor dear! You just rest up and crochet loads. xx

  12. Oh you poor thing - it must be very frustrating not being able to get on with things. I know my houshold would grind to a halt if I was laid up (comes of having 3 males in the house!).
    Happy New Year anyway!

  13. You poor thing, I totally sympathize. It does sound idyllic but we all know it's not and of course you won't be able to wear your stilettos for some time either! Hope it heals super quickly for you. That menu sounds very tasty btw!

  14. Oh, Sue, I'm so sorry to hear you've started off the New Year on one foot! You must be hopping mad (sorry - couldn't resist that).
    Seriously, tho, I hope you're better soon and life gets back to normal.

  15. You soldiered on for too long. I hope your foot heals speedily now. In the meantime, I can I borrow your menu planner for son leaving home?

  16. I can completely understand your frustration. My arm is just beginning to get to the useful stage again now. No we haven't starved or fallen into mayhem BUT it's not quite right. I was and probably am still so very bad tempered about it all. It will get better though, very soon. In the meantime blog lots and watch rubbish day time tv. You can the be absolutely sure why you don't do it for the rest of the year. Good luck xx

  17. Pati from London9:03 pm GMT

    Dear Sue, I have been in Spain for a few days to visit my parents and hadn't connected to the internet at all. We came back last night and finally have been able to have a bit of "me" time on the computer to catch up on blogland, so was quite surprise to check yours and see your foot!! Oh no!!! I feel so sorry for you and really hope it gets better soon. I love your latest photo samples, the pics are great as usual and was really surprised and chuffed to read my name mentioned in one of your posts(wow! thanks!). I love your blog, it's a real pleasure to read you and plan to continue to do so in the new year, it's a lovely community but feel I don't have the time to do one myself with 2 young girls, a baby on its way and a history of art degree to do....By the way, I tried your Florentines during the Christmas period and must admit that I prefer them your way, with Golden syrup instead of honey so will continue to cook them like that. Thanks a million for your recipes and inspiration and do get better soon. Happy new year to your and your loved ones, xx Pati from London

  18. I'm so sorry about your foot, it must be very painful. You'll just have to make the most of the nice things that you CAN do and get over the lack of cooking by going through cookery books and planning all the wonderful things you're going yo make when your foot is better again. Happy New Year!

  19. Hope the foot heals quickly ...when I saw the photo of it the other day, I thought..ouch! Make the most of the 'relaxation' time, while the male-folk bumble around you!

  20. Oh I feel your pain and not the foot pain either. The pain of having to explain down to the last tiny detail of how, where and why. SO much easier to do it yourself, however restrain yourself and get that foot better, and by the time it is you will have some men in your house who will be able to cook. Now the wine, the crochet, the reading and the dvd's I could deal with that!!!
    x Sandi

  21. Hope your foot gets better soon! I'm sure your family will suddenly appreciate even more how much they need you hehe! Enjoy the crocheting and wine while you can :-)

  22. So sorry your foot is still a problem. Man oh man it looked sore! I hope it's soon an old memory for you. Take care!

  23. Oooooh... sounds like it must be a nasty burn... even nastier than it looked at first. Hope it heals up soon and that you make the most of the hooky time - use the crochet and wine to help you relax so the stresses bother you less. :)
    Caz from Never Knew

  24. Crikey Sue, that looks like its more serious than you first thought.I do hope it feels less painful really soon.Do make the most of having men run around after you. You can call it payback time.

  25. Oh I do so sympathize! I fell on the ice on the 28th - which was by coincidence also my birthday - and have cracked a bone at the base of my spine. Walking and standing are just about OK - which means i can still cook as long as no bending over is needed - but sitting and lying are just awful. Isn't it just such a bore being incapacitated? My heart goes out to people who have horrible things like this that aren't going to get better in a week or two. Hope you can have a happy new year anyway!

  26. Hi Sue,
    Poor you, i`m sorry to say that this is how i thought you might end up when you said that the blisters had burst! Never mind if you do as you are told then you`ll be up and about in no time! Take care
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

  27. You poor thing - what a nightmare!

    I hope you are better soon.
    Jo x

  28. Poor you - it sounds so painful. It has taken me a long time to learn not to comment if my husband does something and it's not quite the way I'd have done it - at least he's done it in the first place!! I hope you're better soon.

    The samplers in the last few posts have been stunning.

  29. What a pain = literally.

    It'll do your bunch the world of good to cope without you running the ship for a little while. Think of it as giving them a new skill. You'll be back at the helm before you know it.

    I'd be frustrated too but good enough can be ok - they just need more practice! So sit back and RELAX. You'll get better quicker too.

    Enjoy sausage and chips!
    love Stephx

  30. Anonymous4:55 pm GMT

    Oh Sue my heart goes out to you. I have been five week's in plaster following a foot operation, just 9 days to go to freedome, I hope.
    I know all about frustration re the substitute cook, but at least my demise was planned and I had lots of hm ready meals in the freezer. You just cannot believe that things you do all the time, they just have never noticed and it's all like a hidden mystery to them.
    He is getting better though, at first we had mashed potato with lumps the size of erm, well potatoes but he has definately improved.
    I do hope your incarceration doesn't last too long, beware the depression. If you can find anyone who will offer you a trip out in a wheelchair sink your pride and GO - it's magic.
    Be better soon.

  31. Anonymous4:59 pm GMT

    Me again, just a thought about the wheelchair, I think you may be within striking distance of Redditch. The shopmobility there is wonderful and you can borrow a wheelchair or a scooter to go round the centre. You have to go to car park 3 and take two pieces of ID with you to register.
    Might see you there tomorrow????

  32. Anonymous3:50 am GMT

    So sorry to see your foot all mucked up. Do hope you create some more beautiful crochet pieces of course! Do rest up and get better soon!!!!

  33. I hope that your foot improves soon. I can totally sympathise with you about how you feel about not being able to be active. Lucky for you that your OH is off work this week, although I had to smile at your having to say which oil and which pan, as you could have been describing my OH! :) Try not to get too frustrated and enjoy having more time to crochet.
    Best wishes, Pj x

  34. Burns are horrible things and I hope that you are getting professional people to change the dressings. I can imagine your frustration but try to relax about it and use the time as if you were on holiday. Good idea about using a wheelchair, they can be great fun.

  35. Hope the foot improves soon - I can understand your frustration but do make the most of the extra reading time! I see you have Angie Lewin's Plants and Places, isn't it a most beautiful book? I love her work. Take care and don't try to do too much too soon!

  36. Oh no no no. Pork pies can be Dangerous. Quite weighty and you don't want to drop that on your foot... Sending you lots of healing thoughts, Happy New Year, Ax

  37. Anonymous8:01 pm GMT

    Oh that dosn't look good at all. Sorry your laid up, it can't be nice for any of you.

    Get well soon.



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