After starting the new year on the wrong foot I am very happy to say that the foot is healed.

Look two socks!

And shoes! How I've missed shoes. 

On Saturday I noticed that it was no longer tender to the touch, that I could sit on a chair with my foot on the floor without feeling like someone was standing on it and that I could walk around the kitchen for as long as I needed to.
'Hurrah!' I said to C, 'when I see the nurse on Monday she's going to sign me off I know it'
 'Don't count your chickens' he replied, 'these things take a long time to heal'
'Pah! what do you know?' I retorted.
Nothing it seems, because I was right. The nurse said it was all better but that the skin was still tender and would need copious amounts of aqueous cream massaged in to it. Best of all she said I could get it wet- at last a shower! No more sitting in the bath with one foot hanging over the edge and no more dressings, just a bit of stockinette to protect it for a while longer.

So today I have been hither and thither Getting Things Done at last. I walked my daughter to school  (I had to give up last week as it was too painful), I went to town to buy my daughter a present to give to her BFF*
They're earrings ;o)

I also bought a big tub of aqueous cream and a new frying pan :o)
 Then I went to Waitrose to buy treats for my lunch ....

 and these.

 Sevilles. It's marmalade time. Coming soon to a blog near you.

Now that I can get out of the house I have a spring in my step -so much better than a limp I can tell you. The sun is shining here today making me feel like my year has finally begun. As if to emphasise the point I found something to gladden my heart even more.

Growing under the cherry tree in my front garden.

*BFF - Best Friend Forever


  1. I'm so glad your foot is better what a long haul it's been. I've been bought some Seville oranges so I think that is a subtle hint! I can't believe you have a snowdrop already how wonderful :)
    Jo x

  2. Ah marmalade, just have to find a way to get to the supermarket. you recover very quickly, well done. love the earings!

  3. Foot lose and fancy free hey?...so glad to hear it
    PLEASE PLEASE be careful with the Marlalade
    Hugs x

  4. Hurray for 2 happy feet. I saw some snow drops the other day and was over the moon xox Look forward to scrummy marmalade deights x

  5. Brilliant foot news - you sound in very good spirits. Thanks for explaining BFF - I've seen it twice on blogs already today and thought what?? Am I getting old? (No need to answer that one!)

  6. Snowdrop!!! Not here yet despite poking around. You watch yourself with that marmalade!!!

  7. So good to hear that you are almost back to normal. As the others have said, take care with the marmalade. I had no idea what BFF was either, thanks for explaining. Your lunch looked very toothsome.

  8. Terrific socks, terrific shoes, terrific snowdrop - all good news.

  9. Amazing how some stripy socks and a bit of sunshine can make the world feel like a better place. Glad the foot's healed now.

  10. Glad you are finally better. Did you know all the best people own purple converse ;)

    Love those earrings too.

  11. That's fantastic news Sue :0)

  12. That's good news, so glad you're better! Thanks for that snowdrop photos, just what i need!

  13. So happy for you that you can get back to your normal life. I know how it feels to have something like your foot slow you down. Definitely pros and cons. Love the snowdrop, my favorite first delicate flower....we don't get them in Vermont, or I haven't been able to find the bulbs. Take care of your newly healed foot, xoRobin❤

  14. Anonymous7:32 pm GMT

    Hi Sue,

    Glad the foot (I typed food there, I wonder why :-)) is better, and you sound happier as well.

    Keep blogging, I check everyday for updates


  15. aqueous cream and frying pan in the same sentence..don't make me laugh!! how bizarre!!

  16. Great news about the foot. I'm collecting 2 boxes of Seville oranges tomorrow - they're sometimes a bit difficult to find so I get together with a few friends and order them in bulk from an organic wholesaler! So marmalade is imminent. We don't have any snowdrops flowering yet. I was looking yesterday but no sign of them. They'll appear sometime!

  17. Hi Sue,
    Glad to here your foot is better.
    I`ve got some seville oranges in the fridge waiting to be made into marmalade on friday.
    Take care.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  18. Are you SERIOUS? A SNOWDROP? I could hug you, I really could.

    Thank goodness you've got your foot back.

  19. I have a huge bed of snowdrops here in Corbett, Oregon around our 100 year old farmhouse. But they have not shown their little faces as yet. First come the snowdrops, then the Lily of the Valley which is my favorite as they are sooooooooo fragrant. ::sigh:: Can't wait. :-)

    ((hugs)) Teresa

  20. Great news Sue, glad you are on your feet again. Thanks for the timely reminder about Seville oranges, must get onto that as well. No sign of any snowdrops in our garden yet though, which is surprising since you're in a colder part of the country than we are. New frying pan.Whoopee, nothing like a new frying pan is there? Enjoy!

  21. So glad I found your blog! :)
    I hope your foot heals really quickly!

  22. Pati from London9:50 am GMT

    yay!!!!! Good for you!!! loving the socks and loving the shoes (my favourite and the most comfy shoes ever!). Very happy for you, Sue! x Pati

  23. Yes, yay indeed for a healed foot. Maybe some workmans boots are needed for the kitchen now hehe.
    Your snowdrop is certainly a sign of Spring to come.
    x Sandi

  24. Anonymous10:10 am GMT

    Now you can say you have Happy Feet! And spring is on its way, hooray.

  25. Purple cons!!

    I've got my yellow ones on today - hurrah for coloured footwear.

    Nina xxx

  26. Anonymous4:40 pm GMT

    Glad your foot is mended. My snowdrops are out too.I walk up the garden every morning and today I found hellebores and pulmuniarias out.Go and look for yours. ME.

  27. Your socks look good and I love the colour of your shoes !
    Snowdrops out already ??? This is marvelous ! I'll watch out for mine just in front of the house.

  28. I'm so glad to hear that your foot is getting better. Best wishes, Pj x


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