Cheering Up and Chopping Up

Things are a little dull and flat here at The Quince Tree. The weather is a bit rubbish, there is nothing pretty outside to photograph and I haven't been able to buy my usual bunch of post-Christmas flowers yet.
I haven't been anywhere interesting for what seems like weeks unless you count the clinic. I'm up there every other day to have my dressing changed. The nurse told me on Friday that it would probably take another 3 weeks for my foot to heal completely. It is healing though and now looks like someone has sprinkled bacon bits over it.
 Sorry, were you eating a bacon sandwich?
 I can drive now and walk my daughter to school although footwear is a bit of a problem. C's wellies seem to be the easiest option at the moment.
To cheer myself up, and you if you feel the need, I thought some sexy men would be nice :o)

Now for the chopping up.
I've mentioned my freezer vegetable hash before on this blog. I find it an invaluable time-saver in the kitchen. It is simply a mixture of flavouring vegetables chopped very finely in the food processor.

Onions should make up one third to a half of the total amount. I added more onions to this lot. I always include garlic, celery, leeks and carrots. If I have them red peppers go in too and sometimes courgettes and mushrooms.

Prepare your veg chopping them into large chunks.

Throw them in the food processor and process until finely chopped.

Mix everything together.

I spoon my veg hash into small plastic freezer tubs. You can use plastic bags as well.

I got 30 portions from this batch.

Use in curries, tomato sauces, bolognese sauce, chilli, stew or soup. Anything where you would fry an onion before adding other ingredients. If you forget to take it out of the freezer in time then put it in the microwave for two minutes (I always do this). There will be a little water in the defrosted mixture, either drain it off before adding to your oil or  forget the oil and let it cook gently with the water.
I ran out just before Christmas, a pity as it would have made C's life easier in the kitchen.



  1. I love that idea. I long for the day when I have a house so I can have one of those big freezers in the garage. I know, I'm all dreams and romance ain't I!! The tiny freezer we have at the moment doesn't allow that kind of forward thinking and right now, it kills me!

  2. What a time saver! Great idea, thanks.

  3. Great tip Sue. And, thanks for the sexy man pics - cheered me up :0)

    PS - Hope your foot heals soon. x

  4. Oh yes, those sexy men cheered me up too - we seem to have similar tastes!!! Why does nobody like that ever walk down my street? Glad to hear the foot is healing - and intrigued by the bacon bits! I finally made it to the doctor about my back - have to have an MRI as he thinks I've been walking around for 2 weeks with a fractured spine (probably a compression fracture) !! No wonder it hurt!! It's rainy and grey here too and I'm having the same nothing to photograph issue as you. Photos of rain don't really cut it. Oh well, before we know it spring will have sprung and we'll both be healthy enough to enjoy it!!

  5. Oh yes Sue that will do nicely!!!! fantastic idea too I am going to have a go.

  6. Anonymous3:59 pm GMT

    We're quite alike you know - we chop the same way (although I don't do it in batches so I may try that one) and both like a bit of Hugh (well I like a lot ;) ). Did you know I have a t shirt that says "Mrs Hugh Jackman" on it? Hubby bought it for me - needless to say I wear it quite a bit!!!

  7. Ah, yes. Sexy men photos! Thanks.


  8. Totally agree with Renee
    VERY sexy men,and am so glad i don't partake of the meaty stuff(bacon or other)!!!hahaha, am glad to hear that you're on the move now,but please, still take it easy when you can
    Best Wishes to you
    sue xxx

  9. Anonymous4:23 pm GMT

    Like the idea of the chopped veggies, probably could do with cleaning out my freezer,which would give me some space for storage. The men are nice too. Trying a risotto from Mary Berry tonight.

  10. Wondered where you'd got to and now all is clear. You've been spending A Lot of time searching for tastiness on the internet Oh and doing a spot of cooking too... Ax

  11. Mmmmmm what delicious eye candy.

    Love your chopped up veggies too.

    take care,

    Nina xxx

  12. I love that you cheered yourself up instantly with a couple of sexy men pics, I might have to try that myself!

    I like the veggie idea too, I might suggest that to my other half as he does quite a lot of the cooking...

  13. Now I am just getting depressed about the tiny size of my freezer.

    But not at all depressed about Hugh Jackman.

  14. Hi Sue,
    I think your veg hash is a brilliant idea. I made some up the last time you meantioned it, it is soo helpful. I`m afraid you have to be really patient with scolds & burns healing.
    Take care
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  15. I like the veggie idea, I'm certainly going to do that - hope you don't mind..? Glad to hear your foot is getting better
    Julie xxxxx

  16. What a great idea. (the men aren't bad either!)
    Carol xx

  17. Anonymous10:01 pm GMT

    A bit of Hugh Jackman always cheers me up too!!!! Your a girl with fab taste!!!!

  18. What is it with these dark eyed, dark haired men? Johnny and Hugh....mmmm, gorgeous. And Hugh is an Aussie so I can kind of claim him, dont you think? :)
    Glad to hear the foot is healing and I'm gonna view bacon bits in quite a different light now. Lucky I don't eat them. :)
    Have a lovely day,
    Anne xx

  19. Pati from London9:44 am GMT

    Morning Sue! Hugh is loooovely.... A girl I used to work with saw Johnny in an airport lounge a few years ago and said he was quite smelly... but he looks sexy doesn't he?? I love the idea of your veggie batch but my freezer is always packed and don't think I could fit all these pots in plus am not as organised!! Oh well!!! Glad your foot is healing, x Pati

  20. What a fab idea, anything to save time! and as for the men, need I say more....!

  21. Anonymous1:22 pm GMT

    I'm currently trying to fill my freezer before our first baby arrives. I think this would be a great addition and time saver - sadly my food processor just broke. Maybe this is an excuse to buy an new one!

  22. fab idea that hash, as for the men yummy we have the same taste in men

  23. As a blogging newbie - just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed looking round your blog and glad of the tips and hints, especially the one about big huge labs - had been trying to work out a way to do photo samplers without photoshop. Going to try this soon! Thanks.

  24. Oh thank you for the pictures - they do brighten up the grey and dull days we've been having lately ! (sexy men pictures of course)
    Your veg hash is a great idea : My husband uses the green part of spring onions and uses them into pancakes, I think yours would be very suitable too. I'll have to try.

  25. Thrifty, nifty and er, um, I forgot was I was saying because I caught sight of someone without their top on.

  26. Is it sad that I lust after your tupperware more than the sexy men?? I have box envy - where can I get those cute freezer boxes?

    1. it's even sadder that I recognized the boxes (from Lakeland)!!
      Sue S.

  27. Great idea. Good to hear your foot is healing!

  28. Rachel the boxes were from Lakeland. I think they do slightly different ones now though.

  29. Have always wondered if this would work! Thanks for the nudge.


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