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 I took my camera into the garden yesterday morning to see if my hellebores were in flower. 
They had managed to escape the frost but there are no flowers yet.
So I took some pictures of the frost and thought about buying a macro lens.
When I went back indoors I was so glad I'd left my slippersocks wedged behind the radiator.

Right, here goes..... I may be about to offend some people I'm afraid. 
Blog awards.
I don't like them. There, I've said it.
I think they're bloggy chain letters. There, said it again.
The appearance of my blog is extremely important to me. All the images are my own photos. I hate clutter. Blog award buttons just don't fit in with the look of my blog.

So, to everyone who has been kind enough to pass on a blog award to me, may I say thank you so much for thinking my blog is worthy of note. I am touched that someone thinks I am versatile/stylish/lovely but really the only award I need is a friendly comment :o)

Now I quite understand if you think I'm being an ungrateful, stuck-up old bag who has only been blogging for a year but I just felt I ought to explain my position on blog awards before I have to politely decline any more.

And here, for all you lovely people who read and enjoy The Quince Tree are some daffs :o)



  1. Well, here's a first-time comment from me. I love your blog! Especially loved the "corners of my home" entry! I like the way you keep it real. Thanks so much! Glad you're feeling better after your burn.

  2. Right then!! And thank you for the daffs, they are lovely. x

  3. I feel the same but was too chicken to say so. Well done you!! You can't blame folk, it's very good here.

  4. I wish I'd had the courage to say that instead of the times I've been given an award and "forgotten" to blog about it.
    I love your blog especially the cooking and crochet.
    Thanks for the daffodils :)


  5. Fair comment Mrs. Q. The stress levels rose on the two (three?) times I was given an award. Still haven't really managed to post about them. Maybe I'll forget completely.

    Have a good weekend, Ax

  6. gorgeous daffs! and I see you get a mention on Jane Brocket's blog. congrats x

  7. When blogging I think the main fact is that you do it for yourself...and hopefully enjoy recording down events in your life in this modern way..The fact that we share it with other people for mutual enjoyment is just a bonus...and of course we get lots of new friends along the way...and you're not an old bag.. you're a vibrant jolly clever carrier! of things to distribute to all who care to looky see!!(ugh pass the bucket..but you know what i'm getting at!!)

  8. Well said! Those are my feelings towards blog awards too. Lovely daffs.

  9. Blog awards are just for fun and sharing and it can brighten up your day. The great thing about them is too is that you don't have to take them, you can gracefully bow out. That's the good thing. I think a community of bloggers just likes to pass them throughout and it's all in the spirit of fun. You are appreciated....it's just a compliment.

    Beautiful daffodils. The shade of yellow is so invigorating especially this time of the year! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I feel the same about awards... not that I've ever received one! I'm happy with that though, I'm not interested in giving them or receiving them as I think they make some blogs look terribly cluttered.

    You can get some fab photos with DSLR without a macro lens. We have loads of macro like photos taken with the usual lenses, it just requires the correct distance/zoom/object etc. That said, we do want to get a macro lens (amongst others)!

  11. I totally respect your opinion. I'm a bit torn between your way of thinking about them as chain letters and enjoyiong the attention... Beautiful frosty photos and the daffodils are pure sunlight, gorgeaous!

  12. I'm with you on the blog awards.

    I'm waiting for hellebores to pop up too. I think my white ones come first.

    Have a great weekend.

  13. Very well said my dear - tis a difficult subject to approach and I for one am not so keen on them either - well a lot really - although I have felt inclined to share a couple of times - but it's pressure at the end of the day and I do so hate being pressured.

    Comments, readers and followers are the only praise I need.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina xxx

    ps. I got a macro for Christmas, but I still have to actually use it - I'm waiting for warmer weather and bugs!!! N xxx

  14. What I like to do is feature one of my favorite bloggers every so often with a link back to their blog. I just received my first blog award and am not sure how I want to respond. I mean I thanked the blogger who gave me the award but I just don't know if I want to join in passing awards on to other bloggers. It is sort of like a chain letter in a sense even if the initial gesture is meant to be complimentary. Loved the flower photos!

  15. Sandy has a brilliant idea. Must admit it was my first award and I was very flattered. I respect that some of you may not like the awards but people just want to show appreciation for brightening their day. Your blog has cheered me up lots whilst I have been somewhat under par over the last year or so and for that I thankyou. I feel better every time I pop over and look forward to more cheering posts.

  16. Hi Sue,

    Regarding the blog awards.. they're kind of exciting for a new blogger, but once you get one and find out how much time it takes to follow through, then one comes around to your way of thinking. I've recently gotten 3 and I must admit it was kind of validating -- that you weren't talking into a vacuum... but I think I will decline on future awards. Unless they start coming with a big fat check. LOL

    Love your blog.. Teresa in Oregon USA

  17. Anonymous8:03 pm GMT


    I love your blog just the way it is, as I don't blog I've no idea what a blog award is, although I get the idea.

    Oh and I doubt you'll run out of things to show us this year ;-)


  18. Anonymous10:31 pm GMT

    Well, I don't blog because I just couldn't match up to all those super blogs I read.


  19. Anonymous11:04 pm GMT

    Thanks for the lovely pictures - you must have got a bit more frost than us today. Nice to see some brightness in the flowers as well.

  20. You're totally right about the awards, in my opinion. I only just started blogging, so I'm in no danger of awards yet, but I don't think I'll put them on my blog either. I found you via Jane Brocket, and was surprised to see how much our blogs look alike--you've got such good taste!

  21. Lovely photographs, especially the ivy. I haven't a clue what a blog award is so can't join in this discussion but I think your blog is just wonderful the way it is.

  22. Anonymous12:50 am GMT

    One of the reasons I like your blog so much is because you are ad free (and to me blog awards are almost the same thing). I feel like you could be a neighbor or a friendly chat at the tea shop - you don't intimidate me like some of the professional bloggers do. Your blog is super because you are writing like a real person, as opposed to someone who is trying to make a living at it. (not that there is anything wrong with that if that is what you are into)

  23. Hi Sue , Love your pictures of the frost and your daffs.

    I must say I do agree with you on the award thing. Well done for saying what a lot of us were thinking.

    I just thank the person who gave it to me ,but I need to get a little sign like yours really.

    As Nina said , it's pressure , where as comments are the nicest praise.

    Jacquie x

  24. I've seen a couple of people now say that they don't want to participate in blog awards, and judging by these comments I suspect there are a lot more who'd 'rather not'!
    I've kind of only just started blogging so was really surprised to get my first one, as I didn't really think my blog deserved it! It was a very nice thought, and it did bring in a few new readers which was much appreciated, but I'm inclined to agree with the point about them being a bit like 'chain letters'. I also feel it could become a bit cliquey, as though you may be judged on how many awards you have. Like you and others have said, the thing I look forwards to the most is reading a comment from someone!
    If I'm fortunate enough to be given another award, I will be very flattered and grateful, but might not necessarily pass it on in the way it's intended. However I'm always happy to post a link to any of the many brilliant blogs that I read, including this one!

  25. Anonymous8:38 am GMT

    Hi there Sue - you're right, just like an Oscar, I couldn't believe my eyes! Glad your foot is better. I'm making marmalade today, but my feet will be well protected as I'll be wearing wellies - only way to stop the puppy trying to play tug of war with your toes.

  26. I'm not sure about them either. But I can't ignore the fact that someone has taken the time out to feature my blog and share it: it's a very nice thing.

    Actually, I just got one and I was going to acknowledge it. So when I do, tell me if you think I got it right? No-one is ever going to tell me these things.

  27. Have to agree, better to have a relevant comment. Though I do like to mention other blogs when appropriate.

  28. Great post.
    I don't feature blog awards on my blog anymore. I used to on my previous blog but like you I did think they were a bit chain letter like. If I want to do a list of things that people don't know about me I will, I don't need a blog 'award' to do it.
    I do always say thank you (and mean it) when someone lets me know that I have been given an blog award but they don't sit right with me.

  29. Anonymous10:47 pm GMT

    Hello Sue, I understand where you are coming from. One of my favourite bloggers simply has a notice on her blog saying 'award free blog' or something similar. It seems to work for her and I don't think it sounds unfriendly or anything.

  30. It's nice to know that people read and appreciate your blog, however passing on awards is not something I like to do as I love all the blogs I read and couldn't just pick out one or two, so I'd rather not participate either. But I must admit I was so happy with the first one because it meant that I may have bought some happiness to someone's day.
    x Sandi

  31. Anonymous8:42 am GMT

    I completely agree! And I love your blog too.

  32. I think you have every right to your opinion.
    I had a couple of awards not long after I started blogging, and it really helped me to carry on. I do agree that they are a bit like chain letters though. Each to their own I guess!
    Love your blog by the way, and your frosty photos are great!!!

  33. Anonymous10:12 am GMT

    I don't even know what blog awards are. The fact that Jane Bocket mentioned you is enough for me to come over and have a look. Love the frozen images.

  34. Well done you for speaking your mind. I totally agree it's like those annoying chain texts I never pass those on either.
    Keep doing what you're doing it is lovely. I look forward to some close ups.
    Jo x

  35. I don't have a blog so can't comment on the "awards" but I do enjoy visiting.
    I'm waiting for my hellebores too, I've cut off the old leaves and there are lots of buds. Snowdrops are on theway too. Love the late winter flowers.

  36. Hi Sue,
    I just love love love your blog and i don`t know how to set one up, so i too don`t know what the "awards" are really about. But as the last comment says i really enjoy visiting your blog. It is so inspiring to read and i often try your recipes and tips, such as your carrot & coconut soup and your veg hash.
    I hope you keep on blogging, cos i look forward to logging on to the computer to see if you`ve posted.
    Looking forward to the photos of your hellebores.
    Love from Carole in Rossendale xxxxxx

  37. Quite! Well said. We blog for pleasure and a friendly comment is praise in itself. Thanks for the daffodils - I'm convinced yellow is this years' colour!

  38. Hello Sue
    I too, like some of the comments made, don't blog,so don't understand the award thing,BUT love reading them(the blogs that is)!
    So please bloggy folk,keep them coming
    Best Wishes

  39. Anonymous9:46 pm GMT

    Hi Sue,

    Keep doing what you're doing - award free!

  40. Pati from London11:48 am GMT

    hello sue! As you know, I love your blog... I don´t really know what the awards entail really, as I´m not a blogger but I love the fact that you are always very open in your opinions and straight to the point, just the way I like it!! Keep up with your great blog...!! it´s always the first one I look and then, from yours, I move onto others. x Pati

  41. Dear Sue, your blog is fab. You don't need any awards. It is by far the most honest, lovely and warm blog I have come across. So many bloggers are looking for validation or trying to sell you something they get for free, it is refreshing to read yours, free of adds and awards and all sorts of clutter. Keep it real!!! lots of love
    PS hope your foot is healing nicely:)

  42. Anonymous6:33 pm BST

    I have never seen better than this site.


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