Oh My Darling Clementine

I went to the farm shop this morning to buy a box of clementines. Usually at this time of year there are large wooden boxes of Moroccan clementines with glossy dark green leaves.
Today they only had small cartons.
No green leaves, but the colourful box more than made up for it.

I've no idea where they have come from but the box is covered with Dutch writing (I think) -I'm assuming they haven't been grown in Holland.   On the side of the box it says  'met stickervel'. I think that must 'with stickers' because underneath the clementines was a sheet of stickers.

I think it all has something to do with Sinterklass and  Zwarte Piet but my Dutch is non-existant so don't take my word for it.

My daughter had fun. 
They are sweet and seedless.


  1. Ah that's Black Pete in English and he is one of Santa's helper Sinterklass is Santa! I had forgotten all about Zwarte Piet. I used to live on the Dutch-German boarder and you saw it alot in Holland especially around 6th December which is Saint Nicholas' Day. That really made me smile. Thanks. x

  2. Oh I have clementine envy. Where can I get some of those?!

  3. The wrappers and fruit stickers make all the difference ..My MuM and I save all the funky stickers that come from fruits and pop them on the inside of a kitchen cupboard door..it s amazing to see where it all comes from and really decorative!!sad isn't it I'm 47 and she's 68!!

  4. Hi Sue , the stickers are great. When I saw your title I thought I was going to see green leaves so this was a surprise :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. I got the ones with leaves, but yours look much more fun ( and mine weren't all that juicy, either).

  6. Yes, yes, yes! That paper around the box is soooo Dutch and reminds me of my time living in Holland! It makes me so happy and excited to see it!!!!! S is for Sint and P is for Piet (as Tickety-Boo said above).

    I lived in the Netherlands 2006-2007 and we still celebrate Sinterklaas here in Oz (the kids haven't forgotten and won't let the tradition go!). I wish so much that we could have had some Sinterklaas wrapping like that on the 5th Dec this year - it is hard to make Sinterklaas "authentic" when all you can find is Christmas paper! (In the end I found some plain colours.)

    I love the Dutch tradition of Sinterklaas - all your readers should follow the link you've given and read about it. It makes me homesick for Holland seeing this. :-( and :-)

    Thanks Sue and enjoy your "mandarins" as we call them here.
    Caz :)

  7. Anonymous11:47 pm GMT

    Love these bright photographs. We ran a farm shop for 8 years and never got clementines packaged like that! They're gorgeous aren't they?
    I wonder if they ever find their way to Scotland!

  8. Your post is so colorful, what with crochet, flowers, fruits and vegies and mouth watering food, all heart warming for winter.
    x Sandi

  9. Ah...is this the new camera or the old one? Lovely pics whichever one it is, those clementines are so bright and colourful. Love it!

  10. It's the new one Sue. At the moment I can't see any difference but I'm learning.

  11. So colourful. What an education!!!

  12. Pati from London9:58 am GMT

    very sweet clementines indeed! the stickers are cool! My daughters would have loved them! x Pati

  13. Fruit with eyes! It doesn't get much better!

  14. I can almost smell them! The stickers are fab, what a good idea

  15. Stickers! Littlest would be in orange heaven.

  16. My littlest (just back from her evening nativity performance) laughed at the 'orange with a beard'. These look like serious good fun.


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