The Holly Bears a Berry

Not a berry but four berries on my holly wreath. What can you expect for £4?

It needed a bit of help.

That's better.

Sans Day Carol
Now the Holly bears a berry as white as the milk
And Mary bore Jesus, who was wrapped up in silk.
 And Mary bore Jesus Christ our Saviour to be
  And the first tree in the greenwood, it was the holly.
  Holly, holly,
  And the first tree in the greenwood it was the holly.

Now the Holly bears a berry as green as the grass
And Mary bore Jesus, who died on the cross.

Now the Holly bears a berry as black as the coal
And Mary bore Jesus, who died for us all.

Now the Holly bears a berry as blood is it red
Then trust we our Saviour who rose from the dead.



  1. Your holly wreath looks great now that you've tarted it up and given it a new lease of life.

    I'm so jealous of your camera - it takes such fab photos.

  2. Our hollies have very few berries on them too though unlike some of the other berry bushes - they are positively heaving!

    A great make over and much nicer in a twinkly kind of way.

    Nina xxx

  3. OOhh yes much better, the red is gorgeous isn't it?
    Please tell me where you got the red baubles, they are the perfect size. I'm going to raid the park next week for foliage, and make a garland, and they would be perfect to adorn it. I love the carols from Kings, a tradition in our family too. xx

  4. Ruby Slippers the little red baubles were from Webbs of Wychbold near Droitwich. They cost £1.49 ;o)

  5. Good idea, big improvement!

  6. Anonymous4:43 pm GMT

    I have just made my holly reath. It's got loads of berries on it. Picked from the garden this morning. MEps but yours looks lovely.

  7. Oh Sue the Holly wreath is lovely and so is the carol.
    Thank you soo much for a brilliant blog.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxx

  8. Great touching up!! Very pretty!


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