December Sampler

Here is December's sampler.
I was trying to capture the essence of December rather than Christmas but it is hard to separate them.
I'm afraid there will be more samplers tomorrow. I've been preparing a round up of the year in sampler form.



  1. Which programme do you use for your samplers?? Tis something I'd like to try sometime.

    Lovely pictures - we have to face the fact that December & Christmas are now forever intertwined.

  2. I think you managed to distill the essence perfectly! Looking forward to more.

  3. I was thinking that you'd made a good job of doing December and not just Christmas. Great separation. Can't wait to see more samplers, hope there is a big food influence in them... Ax

  4. Like your samplers very much. I have just discovered how to do them but I think I put too many pictures in my first ones, yours are much better

  5. Beautiful photos, I'm preparing one too!!

  6. An amazing year, thank you for all of it. I too have made samplers thanks to your original inspiration. Best wishes for 2011.


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