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Thank you so so much for all your lovely birthday wishes.
In case you were wondering about those initials on the lovely necklace C gave me, G, T and K stand for Gerontius, Tiberius and Kakawangwa. 
Just kidding, my children have straight up and down traditional English names. Really easy to guess.

As you will know if you are in the UK it's bloody parky at the moment. Blimey it is. Brass monkeys.
In weather like this what a body needs is soup and stodgy puddings. And that's what we have just had for out tea.

First soup.

 When younger son said 'what's for tea?' I said 'soup'
 'what kind?'-'chicken broth' 
'what's the difference between broth and soup?'
'they're spelt differently'
There's potato, carrot, leek, onion, dried peas, haricot beans, barley, lentils and chicken in it. And homemade chicken stock. It is packed with nutrients and stuff that's good for fighting colds. I love soups like this and the best thing is that there is plenty left for lunch tomorrow.
When we have soup for a main meal I usually serve a pudding in case anyone feels shortchanged.
I was flicking through some of these little books for a traditional pudding idea.

I picked up this one

And there on the first page was the recipe for Hollygog pudding. The very thing I ate on my birthday.
It is so easy to make and I had all the ingredients; flour, butter, golden syrup and milk.

Hollygog Pudding
First make some shortcrust pastry. Rub 4 oz of butter into 8 oz plain flour. Add enough cold water to make a dough. Roll into a fairly thick rectangle.

Spread it with 4 tablespoons of golden syrup.

Roll it up roly poly-wise and place in a well-buttered baking dish.

Pour milk around the roll to come half way up its sides.
Dot with butter and bake at 200°C (180°C fan) for 40 mins.

Served five perfectly and would have been ample for four.
It tasted exactly the same as the one I ate at the pub on Wednesday. Like eating a hug. Cheap too.
Make it tomorrow, I promise you won't regret it and it will warm you right up.



  1. Mmmmm i love your foodie posts. Right - off to soak some broth mix. x

  2. Yummy, that looks like my dream-soup! Good idea serving a pudding- when we have just soup I often end up starving in the wee hours ;)

  3. Ugh - Hollygog pudding. I had forgotten that most hated of puddings from my childhood!! My Mum used to make it quite often and it's strange that I don't like something so syrupy. I think it must be the hot milk. Disgusting!! :-)
    The soup looks fantastic though.
    A happy belated birthday to you!

  4. I wanted to call my children Montezuma and Moon Beever ! :0)

    That pud certainly sounds yum - but the pastry scares me.

  5. "like eating a hug" love it! now i just HAVE to make it ;-)
    we had a super supper here tonight......now what was it called? Oh yes........Sue's Sausage & Barley Stew.....yum, thanks Sue :-)

  6. Anonymous10:45 pm GMT

    Sue, Have been a "lurker" for a while and today I'm stepping forward. First, your photography is in line with some of the best around. I've spent 40 yrs. in Advertising and have seen a lot of good photos and yours are top-notch. (probably that art school influence, you think?) I also love your recipes and have taken a shot at a couple with great results. Question from the over side of the Atlantic: What is Golden Syrup? If I can't get it what's a good substitute? I'm hungry for an edible hug. Thanks, keep up the great work.

  7. James, thank you for your kind remarks about my photos and thank you for reading. Golden syrup is a kind of treacle. Wikipedia has an entry for it and says that golden syrup is often used as a substitute for corn syrup so I would imagine it would work the other way. Lyle's golden syrup is very well known here. It has a distinctive green and gold tin with a lion on it. The tin has remained virtually unchanged since it first went on sale in 1885. We like it on porridge and I use it to make flapjacks ( a hard oaty bar cookie). I think any sweet sticky substance would be worth trying in hollygog pudding -honey, molasses, corn syrup, maybe maple syrup?
    Good luck :o)

  8. Wow that pud looks a really satisfying filler I love pastry .
    Poor James I can't imagine not knowing or even tasting golden syrup.


  9. Oh Sue, I am so happy to hear what James thought of your photo's as I love them too. You have such a talent there.
    That pud reminds me of the beautiful little steamed golden syrup puddings I used to eat years ago, I could always fit one in, no matter how full I was. Must find a receipe. That soup looks delish, making my mouth water.
    xx Sandi
    Oh I do love your pressy from your hubby, the little heart and all, oh to be loved like that!!!

  10. Blimey Sue I see a new career looming into view!! Well deserved too.

  11. Good grief but that looks lovely.

  12. Belated Happy Birthday, I'm behind with my reading so I missed it on the day.
    Like the sound of the pudding, as I live in the Chilterns I will obviously have to give it a try.
    Thought I'd let you know I made the chocolate fudge pudding the other day, went down a storm. Definitely made it onto the family favourites list.

  13. I've been thinking about this long and hard and I might just have another baby JUST so I can call it Kakawanga. I might even get a council house.....

  14. A hollygog you say? I could do with one of those. Mr P just sat down at the computer, saw it and said 'Good God that looks good.' I think he was having a Dickensian moment. Bless my whiskers.

  15. That looks really good....and frugal too, I'm going to give it a go today!

  16. Anonymous2:08 pm GMT

    Am sitting watching a "Carry on "film waiting for our Hollygog pudding to be ready. Have had a proper cold all weekend and can't wait for my"warm hug"! Thanks for the recipe.Penny L xx

  17. Anonymous2:40 pm GMT

    Addendum: total success. We all loved it. Eldest son pronouncing it "totally delicious" as he went back for a second helping. Will be adding it to the list of recipes to take to university. Penny L xx


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