Christmas Leftovers

Thank you for your concern about my foot. It is much better :o) By bedtime last night it had stopped hurting and I was able to sleep perfectly comfortably. By the way I was not cooking barefoot, I had socks on. Judging from all your stories the kitchen is a dangerous place to be. Nevertheless I can't keep out of it and today I have been dealing with the leftovers.

Goose stock.
 I do this with every chicken, turkey or goose I roast. It makes sense economically and gastronomically. Homemade stock is superior to those salty cubes in every way. Once you start making it you'll never want to stop.

To Make Stock

Strip the meat from the carcase and save it for another meal. Throw the carcase into a large pot with an onion, a carrot, a leek and some celery sticks if you have them. Cover with water, bring to the boil and then simmer for a couple of hours. Strain the stock into a bowl and discard all the solids. I freeze all my stocks in tubs. The stock in the picture below is not goose stock but the liquid I boiled my ham in on Christmas Eve. I added some flavouring veg to that too.

This is the meat I pulled off the goose carcase.

And the veg leftover from yesterday.

The gravy too. I made this immediately after scalding my foot with goose fat so it was not one of my better efforts. Perfect for my favourite leftover dish however.

Christmas lunch hash.

 Just fry it altogether, in a little goose fat (if you have some that hasn't been all over your kitchen floor), add the gravy and slug of alcohol -dry sherry in this case. Yum.

This is Christmas Mess, a festive variation on Eton Mess
Leftover meringues, cream and a couple of spoonfuls of mincemeat.

I still have a huge amount of ham left. It will keep well in the fridge for at least a week. Whatever is still leftover will be sliced and frozen in meal-sized portions.

 I love leftovers.


  1. Such is my love for the Christmas leftovers, that because we are away for a couple of days, I have FROZEN the leftovers for bubble and squeak upon our return! Yee ha.

  2. Left overs are as good as the main event in my opinion. Last night I couldn't stop myself from eating cold roast potatos from the fridge dipped in cold bread sauce, very classy! We went out for lunch today, but tomorrow I will be having cold ham and bubble and squeak, with gravy, soo good!

  3. Ouch! Just read about your poor foot. MLF was dancing around the kitchen yesterday (trying out her new pedometer!) and I overheated some goose fat. I thought at the time what a nasty accident there could be in the making. Good to hear it's not too serious. We are going to be feasting on turkey for evermore, my parents were due to spend Christmas with us but couldn't come because the roads are too icy!

  4. I love left overs, they make for an easy no thought meal. So glad your foot is ok.
    x Sandi

  5. I enjoy boxing day food more than the main meal as it's just as good if not better and less fuss. I really like the look of that xmas Eton Mess as well, must give that one a go!

  6. Left overs are the best bits! I do the sames with my carcases and bones too, as you say the stock is so much nicer.
    Must try the Christmas Mess!
    Julie xxxxxx

  7. I'm so relieved to hear that your foot is healing. Our goose was precariously perched in a too small tin so I worried a lot about dropping the whole kit and caboodle.

  8. Glad to hear that your foot is getting better ~ it looked really painful! I love the look of your left over meal ~ I will have to try them out myself one day :O) x

  9. Oh Sue,
    I`m so sorry to here about your foot. Boy! i bet it was sore.
    Oooooo your leftover meal looked yummy. Did you see Nigel Slatter`s Christmas leftover Suppers prog yesterday, It was really good.
    Take care of your foot.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxxxx

  10. Another left-overs fan - we had pheasant fricasee yesterday which was delicious. We always have pheasant for Christmas.( and quite often through the year too as we're in an area where they're easily obtained) Your goose looked lovely and hope the sore foot didn't stop you enjoying what looked like a magnificent meal.

  11. i,M WITH YOU SUE ON THE LEFTOVER LOVE. I was sorry to hear bout the foot and glad it feels better. Take care now.

  12. Brilliant! I hate waste & LOVE leftovers! In our house a meal of left-overs is known as a crazy supper! Lizzie


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