The Quince Tree in November

Thank you so much for your comments about my Advent calendar and of course for all your comments. They are very much appreciated :o)

Pretty drab isn't she? Still clinging on to some leaves though. It's hard to believe that from this little tree came all those quinces.

A tangle of branches in need of  pruning. With a bit of luck there won't be quite as many quinces next year!

I put the finishing touches to my Christmas shopping today and while I was at Calendar Club (RAF calendar for eldest, Muse calendar for middle, Hello Kitty for youngest) I bought myself a Matthew Rice calendar. I've had these before and I love them.

I needed a birthday card as well. A colour boost for a bitterly cold November day.
While I was in town I had my hair cut. I'm not very interested in hair to be honest but when you're at the hairdresser's you have to show a bit of enthusiasm because they are so very enthusiastic.
 'I just want it out of my face' I say.
 The hairdresser, sorry, stylist, shows me pictures of Carey Mulligan and Emma Watson. 'I like them' I say' but I was thinking more Judi Dench'.
 I lie back in one of the new reclining chairs to have my hair washed. 'Do you want the massager on?' says the stylist, 'massager?' say I, 'Yes, go on pamper yourself'. My idea of pampering involves alcohol and chocolate not a chair that throbs. I make do with a coffee (good) and one of those little wrapped biscuits (disappointing).
 The stylist cuts a good six inches off and reinstates my fringe which I had  rather hopelessly been trying to grow out. As she blow-dries my hair she shows me how I can get more volume into it. I say 'but I don't use a hairdryer'- stunned silence 'you mean you just let it dry naturally?', 'well it always does' I say.
Next she's showing me the 'product', a white paste in a dinky purple sphere. 'I won't use it you know' I tell her, 'Well maybe for a night out?' she says 'A night out??' 
Somehow I end up buying the 'product', all £13.10 of it. I must say it does look rather attractive on my bathroom shelf. I won't use it you know.
Later, when C gets home he says 'Have you had your hair cut?
'No I've just retracted it into my head. Didn't I tell you I could do that?'


  1. I'm so with you on the hair thing. Mine NEVER does as it's told and I only dry it with a hairdryer when the weather is icycold. Product? No ta. But I do love the chance to sit and flick through some trashy mags and not talk for an hour or so. Love the card. Ax

  2. Oh me too with the hairdryer/styling thing. Everyone seems to be so groomed these days. Last time I had my haircut I had to plead with her not to use straightners because I hate them. She always gives me little samples of gel and hair wax and whatnot and I never use them!

  3. ooh I hate hairdressers! When I was 17 I realised I had never had a haircut I had been happy with, no matter how much I had paid and so I started cutting my own and haven't been to the hairdresser since. I don't style it and I don't use a hair dryer, just wash, condition, brush and leave to dry naturally and that's worked for me for years and years so I'm not going to change my habits anytime soon!

    I think it's pretty good that C noticed you had a haircut as a lot of men wouldn't!

    That is a great, colourful birthday card! It is so very cold today! Top temperature in my part of the world today had been 0.5 degrees! I had a whole sheet of ice on my windscreen this morning, not just a frost and it's even colder tonight than last night.

  4. I hate going to the hairdressers too! I am booked in for this saturday morning (it has been 14 months since my last cut!). The anxiety is already creeping in! The pressure for products & straighteners - ugh!!! Maybe I'll take a book to get lost in!

    Lovely calender BTW!

  5. I had a doll which used to do that - you pressed a button on the neck and it sort of sucked its hair back in. Spooky stuff!!

  6. That really made me laugh - and I'm exactly the same.

    Ali - the doll was called Tressy - Sister the Second had one.

  7. Anonymous11:17 pm GMT

    No, I don't do the hair dryer thing - my hair dries as I sort out breakfast and that's good enough for me! The massaging chair sounds good, though... and Christmas shopping done too: I am impressed but also a wee bit envious...!

  8. I have gone from changing my do every visit to having the same one for the last 13 years (since having T) They all end up the same after 3 months so why bother.

  9. I'm with you on the hairdresser thing! I just want it cut and that's it - at home I just wash it and leave it - doesn't everybody??????

  10. Anonymous9:51 am GMT

    Me too! I gave up going to the hairdresser after a visit in 2001 when I came out looking like I was trying (and failing) to be Victoria Beckham. Now I trim it myself once it gets to the stage it turns to felt over the course of a day.
    I have been known to use a hair dryer, but only if I've washed my hair in the evening and can't bear to sleep on a soggy pillow.
    I absolutely love your calendar! Bright and cheerful. They look like nice big squares for writing everything in, as well.

  11. You are a scream! your last comment make me choke on my coffee, hah ha! I can't be bothered with hair either, Mine has been in the same style for the last 20 years, one length, centre parting, few highlights every few months, that's it. Loving that calender by the way :)

  12. Anonymous10:22 am GMT

    Oh..I must stop reading your blog :-)..after ordering the book from your last post I'm now tempted by the Rice calander..and I had been so good up until now and had averted my gaze when I spied them in John Lewis. I have some of his lovely tins.
    I used to buy all the products that had been advised by my friendly hairdresser..didn't use them of course and she has finally given up on me..I always wash and dry my hair just before I go for a wash, cut and blow dry.
    Reading here I too remember Tressy! I was a Sindy girl, my tomboy sister had Sindy's sister. I think she was called Patch? I cut Sindy's fringe, not a good look. :-(

  13. Hihi I'm glad it's not just me who struggles at the hairdressers!!

  14. I am just about to go off to the hairdresser - and I, too, hate it! It's only because I have to look at least vaguely respectable for work that I have it cut (and also it is too fine - if it gets too long it goes horrbly flat even though I am lucky to have lots of hair).

    Oh well best go and get it over with

  15. I have the same attitude to hair as you! And I used to have a 'Tressy' doll with hair that did that.

  16. I don't 'do' hairdressers at all. And theyr'e obsessed with 'products' aren't they? I cut my own when it needs it, and I also cut Mr Gee Whizz's. It saves a fortune. In fact I don't even use shampoo any more, I ditched that in favour of bicarbonate of soda. All those chemicals, can't be doing with them, or the 'products' either. And I rarely use the hairdryer. OK so I look like Worzel Gummidge but who cares?

  17. I loved your post. It made me giggle. I am glad to know I am not the only one who feels that way about the stylists, products, and methods.

  18. Great post, I'm with you on hairdressers, I just want my hair cut so I can see where I'm going!

  19. Anonymous7:57 pm GMT

    Totally with you on the throbbing chair front. No Thank You. I used to colour my hair but have now let it go back to its natural state. I get loads of compliments about my lovely 'highlights'. I haven't the heart to tell them its just grey. Thanks for brightening my day. Julie.

  20. But how will you live through August and that recipe for 'tomatos'? It would drive me mad every time I looked at it.
    I've noticed sloppy spelling on Matthew Rice products before. You'd think they could run to a proof-reader.

  21. Mary I absolutely agree with you. I was going to mention the bad spelling and punctuation, in fact I even took a few pictures of some of the mistakes but decided against posting them. Last time I had one of these calendars I corrected all the mistakes with felt pen and vowed not to buy one again, but I do like the pictures.

  22. Hi Sue, I'm new to your blog. Love this post especially your hairdresser story. I'm with the majority too as I hate going to hairdressers with a passion. Luckily, I have a lovely hairdresser who comes to our house which makes the whole haircutting process much more bearable I can tell you.

    I've had a lovely look at your previous posts and your piccies of yummy food has made me v. hungry indeed. Good job it's nearly lunch time.

    Beautiful advent calendar btw.

  23. Anonymous3:24 pm GMT

    Hi there, just found your blog and was struck by your Quince tree. I've just been considering one as a replacement for our hazel tree and wondering what a quince would look like at this time of year, I'm about to scroll through your lovely blog in search of more quince posts now. Love the hairdresser story - last time I went I got a fit of the giggles when the trainee stylist gave me a very energetic head massage. I had to keep coughing to hide my mounting hysteria.

  24. Thankyou. A real cheering up post. I could just imagine you at the hairdressers. She probably just didn't get the whole less is more thing. You should try going along and asking them to cut it all off like I had to do last year. They just couldn't . In the end it was cut about three times getting shorter and shorter before I finally convinced them to do a number one all over with the clippers. Actually I quite liked it apart from the feeing of the rain on my head.

  25. Oh Sue, you're so funny :O) Not only about the hairdresser experience, but also correcting the spelling and punctuation mistakes on your calender. You must die when you read my comments (and my blog) as it's littered with both :0)

  26. I can relate to your hair and it's so funny that so many others do too! I thought I was the minority--how wonderful to feel the comraderie of others just wanting a simple hairstyle that can air dry!

  27. Your post made me giggle, my hairdresser when I force myself to go can't believe that I don't use conditioner and don't blow dry my hair! If I did it would look like a fuzz ball! Love the colours of the calender xox


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