Remember, remember....

...the fifth of November,
Gunpowder, treason and plot.
I see no reason why gunpowder and treason
Should ever be forgot.

We never forget it and we have our own bonfire night traditions.

1) Sausages for supper. Today we had chorizo-style sausage stew with chick peas and roasted peppers. I forgot to take a picture though.

2) Gingerbread.

Dense and sticky, it improves and gets stickier with age. Mary Berry is my baking goddess. She is much more reliable than Nigella and less tooth-achingly extravagant. You can find this recipe for gingerbread traybake in  her Ultimate Cake Book.
I copied it into my recipe book.

My tray bake tin is about 13 inches by 9 inches and 1-2 inches deep.
NB The quantity of milk is 4 tablespoons :o)

3) Christmas preparations. Those of you who guessed I was getting ready to make Christmas cake, pudding and mincemeat were correct.
I will be baking my Christmas cake tomorrow (also from Mary Berry's book). Today the fruit has been put to soak overnight in brandy.

4) Fireworks. The children and I splashed (it's been raining all day here) over to the rugby ground to watch their display. They put on a spectacular show and I was able to try out the 'fireworks' setting on my camera.

Hmmm....I'm not sure about it.
They were better in the flesh (so to speak).

Those of you not from the UK may well be wondering what on earth Bonfire Night is. It is also known as Guy Fawkes Night. Find out more here.



  1. I like your firework pictures - I also have a firework setting that I have yet to try out. I wasn't holding high hopes for it (I've tried taking pictures of fireworks with normal settings) but seeing yours....I like the whispiness of it.

    Our tradition is jacket potatoes on Bonfire night. Not sure why!

  2. Anonymous10:51 pm GMT

    I think your firework pictures are pretty awesome.
    I like Mary Berry too, very much to my taste in baking :)

  3. I think your fireworks photos came out brilliant! I tried to google Mary Berry's gingerbread recipe and didn't find it. I *love* ginger cookies!

  4. Wow! I think the photos are great too. Cracker Night as we call it here has just about died out since fireworks of any kind were banned from sale. At least all the pets are happy.

  5. Great fireworks pictures Sue ~ the fireworks setting really does seem to make a difference. Looking forward to seeing your christmas cake when it is made too ~ you do seem to be very organised indeed! :O) x

  6. The pictures are great Sue. We are doing it tonight.

  7. I have that Baking Bible but am ashamed to say I have never used it! Lethal for one who is trying to lose weight. but.... that looks goooood!! We're out to the local BIG one tonight. x

  8. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Your firework pics are fabbydabbydoo. We had wet but great fireworks on the common last night. SmallerBean was very concerned about the cows which usually graze there. She doesn't realise they're long gone (to the butcher!!!)

    I lovelovelove family traditions too. Potential idea foe a new post methinks?

    Have a great weekend, Ax

  9. Anonymous11:24 am GMT

    Oh wow, that gingerbread looks utterly delicious! xx

  10. Your love of food and tradition makes me happy, such a valuable thing for any child's memory when they are older xox

  11. Your firework photos are amazing... have just be desperately searching my camera for that setting as we are off to a display tonight but sadly there isn't one.

    The gingerbread looks really scrummy... I could just eat some with a nice cup of tea - scrummy :O)
    Jo x

  12. Anonymous4:00 pm GMT

    I use Mary Berry's Christmas cake receipe too, it's brilliant!



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