Random Deliciousness

Just a few delicious things  which we have eaten over the weekend and today.
First a lovely banana and walnut cake with cream cheese caramel icing.

Next the dish of pork, parsnips and apples I mentioned yesterday. I had some pork  and some cider and had vaguely thought of adding apples and maybe a splash of cream. I had a few parsnips that needed using up. I decided that the pork, parsnips and apples would marry very well together when cooked in cider. The cream would be too much I felt but I added a little sage from my herb patch.
To make it I dried the pieces of pork before browning them in some butter and olive oil. The drying is important, the meat won't brown otherwise. Don't overcrowd the pan either or the meat will just steam. I had to do it in two batches. Once the pork had a good brown sticky crust I put it on a plate and tossed the parsnip chunks into the remaining fat to brown them too.
In a flame-proof casserole I cooked a sliced onion until soft then added the browned pork, the browned parsnips and some peeled sliced apples. Over all this I poured a 500ml bottle of dry cider and added some salt and pepper. Then into a low oven it went for about one and a half hours.

 It was very good. We ate it with some creamy mashed potato. And followed it with brownies.

This was our supper this evening. A brilliant cold weather dish. Sausage and barley stew. I sometimes make it with lentils instead of sausages. You can find the recipe here it is adapted from one in Rose Prince's The New English Table. Teenage boys need bread with it.


  1. These all sound delicious and perfect for the current weather. I shall definitely try the pork, parsnip and apple dish.

  2. dear Sue,
    please can you just Print Your Recipe Journal.......and send it to me lol! such deliciousness, thank you so much for sharing :-)

  3. It all sounds really yummy... the cake, the pork with cider (excellent choice) and I've been wanting to make brownies for two weeks now and didn't get round to it. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. Mmmmmmm... that pork with cider sounds GOOD. Love all your cooking ideas.
    Caz :)

  5. Just the job Sue in this cold weather.

  6. delicious looking recipes, you have been busy!

  7. That cake is making me seriously hungry - right, where's my breakfast?!

  8. That stew looks AMAZING - I'm totally going to be trying that one! Thanks for the recipe x

  9. Pati from London9:34 am GMT

    mmm....what a lot of yumminess (does that word exist?). will try the stew... my hubby will love it! It's started snowing in London and I think we'll need a bit more of cold weather hearty food. x Pati

  10. Yum yum Sue.
    I make banana cake a lot but it never gets frosting better not let my bunch see it.
    I love the look of the pork dish too right up my street.
    Warming and satisfying.


  11. Hi Sue,
    Here goes another one of your recipes into my book, lol! The sausage & barley stew, yum yum! The banana & walnut cake looks yummy too. Where is the recipe from cos i`ve got some bananas that are begining to go over! Brilliant blog as ever.
    Thanks Sue.
    Love Carole from Rossendale xxxx

  12. Anonymous8:24 pm GMT

    I have wanted to post something like this on my website and this gave me an idea. Cheers.


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