The ingredients for mincemeat are more or less the same as those for Christmas pud without the egg or flour.

A little chopping and then it is simply a matter of mixing it altogether. I use my hands.

I use Delia's recipe , replacing the currants with dried apricots and adding some glacĂ© cherries. Mincemeat is a very flexible thing. If there is something you don't like then leave it out and add something you do.
Delia warms her mincemeat in a low oven to melt the suet thus coating each piece with fat. This stops it fermenting.

I made five jars. Not nearly enough.
 I use it in pies, crumbles, on vanilla ice cream, to fill pancakes and dolloped on porridge.
 I will have to make some more.

Do you know what? I have just realised that I forgot to add the brandy. I will have to tip it all out of the jars, add the brandy and repot.



  1. I've forgotten the brandy twice! I'd better get going on this year's batch. Delia for me too. Your blog is looking better than ever.

  2. Anonymous8:23 pm GMT

    I make this mincemeat recipe aswell. I like adding a few spoonfuls to a traybake mix it makes it very moist.


  3. My Mom would make a mincemeat pie for my Dad at Thanksgiving and Christmas. He loved it but he was the only one in our family who would eat it. The rest of us loved our family Chocolate pie. Thanks for bringing back memories of my sweet Daddy.

  4. oh lovely, ive ran out of time this year, maybe next! fliss xxx

  5. Blog looks lovely, Sue!!Quince tree photo beautiful. BTW your choc fudge pud absolutely rocks!!

  6. I'll have to try this. The stuff sold in the stores here is very expensive. I love mincemeat pies. I used to make mincemeat filled cookies when I was a teenager.

  7. You silly goose! That's the problem with adding the brandy after it has been in the oven - I forgot it too!

    But it is delicious isn't it.

  8. eek unlucky!!!! major omission though!
    I usually make mine without any suet, with enough grated apple it does the trick - need to make some, possibly on Sunday if i remember!

  9. Anonymous10:57 am GMT

    You are so incredibly industrious! I've made that recipe a couple of times but the last time I tried it, it fermented anyway, not sure what went wrong there. I'm going to try out Nigell'a suet free recipe this year just becuase suet is so incredibly difficult ot buy here in Switzerland.

  10. I love, love, love mincemeat - and could eat your whole 5 jars without feeling the slightest bit guilty.
    When I got pregnant with Violet, I had severe sickness for the first 22 weeks, mincepies were the first thing I scoffed when my appetite returned. Boxes and boxes were consumed between Nov and Jan.
    Violet and I made a batch of mincepies yesterday whilst the weather was so darn yucky outside, and I scoffed the lot throughout the course of the day. I know, the shame!

  11. How yummy! I've got all the ingredients ready to make a Christmas pudding for stir up Sunday, and a Christmas cake too. I think my little boy will really enjoy helping this year- he's two and a half. You've inspired me to have a go at mincemeat though. I've been blogging about Christmas preparations too- take a look:
    Oh, and I should also say that I looooove all your fabulous crochet, especially the beautiful Granny Blankets. Gorgeous!
    Laura x

  12. Oh what would we do without Delia? Life as we know it would probably grind to a halt...I raise my glass to Saint Delia of the clueless housewives..

  13. Ooh, there's nothing like home made mincemeat. You have given me a strong urge for mince pies and Stone's ginger wine now.

  14. Hi Sue,
    It`s Carole from Rossendale! That`s what i`m going to do this weekend, you`ve inspired me.
    Now i just need to get this posted right and i`ve cracked it lol!
    Love Carole xx

  15. Hi Sue,
    It worked, it worked. Thanks Sue
    Love Carole from Rossendale xx

  16. I've used Delia's recipe for years, don't need to make any this year as I have several jars left from last year and I know from experience that it will be perfectly good this year too. In fact I'll be trying it soon as I have mince pies to make for both WI and my local history group Christmas parties!

  17. Anonymous6:17 pm GMT

    Did you make a wish when you stirred it? My mum always gets us to stir her mincemeat, Christmas cake and Christmas pud and make a wish when we visit... Does anyone else do this, I wonder? Abi x

  18. Anonymous7:12 pm GMT

    Ah, should've read your Christmas pud post first - then I would've seen that you've already made your Christmas wishes! :)
    Abi x

  19. I too love mincemeat and put it into lots of differents dishes. I make Delia's recipe every year and use the fist batch to make my mini Christmas puds. Pj x

  20. I also forgot to add the brandy, nearly forgot as well after I had decanted it!


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