Turning the Clocks Back

I wish I'd had my camera with me at Waitrose this morning. There, next to the apples was a tray of golden quinces. Not from far off Turkey but from England. 99p EACH! When I think that I must have picked some 250 from my tree. These were much better quality then mine, unblemished and all the same size.

The first frost of the season this week. Ice had to be scraped of my car.

Leaves have fallen, been swept up, been tossed in the air, and swept up again.

Chrysanths have been admired. These ones seem eternal.

And the dark evenings have prompted me to light my little candles again. The heating is most definitely on.
The year is turning.

: :

It's been half-term here in England. We often get good weather for Autumn half-term and this has been no exception apart from Tuesday. On Monday which was a particularly good day we went to Blists Hill Victorian Town Museum

Blists Hill is well worth a visit. We had a lovely time although we were a bit disappointed that the large ironworks wasn't operating. I was hoping to see sparks flying and to hear metal clanging. My daughter is very interested in history and is studying the Victorians at school. She is a big fan of the Horrible Histories programme on CBBC which I find hysterically funny and so cleverly written. Younger son is studying the Industrial Revolution so the visit was relevant to him too.

It is really very well done, not one jarring modern note (apart from all the visitors with their 21st century clothes, mobile phones, and cameras). There is a fish and chip shop, a sweet shop, a bakery, a pub and a bank where you can change your money if you want to be really authentic. We took a picnic of pork pies, welsh cakes and apples which we ate in the little town park. The people next to us were eating pasta salad from plastic trays and drinking fruitshoots (the devil's work) which seemed anachronistic to say the least. After lunch the children joined the queue for the sweet shop where they bought pear drops and mint humbugs while C and I sat in the pub courtyard with pints of Banks' bitter and tried to ignore the annoying man talking loudly on his mobile phone behind us.

We will be turning the clocks back for real tomorrow night here in the UK. One hour back, back to Greenwich Mean Time. Use your extra hour well! 


  1. Such beautiful photos...thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Lovely post. We used to do all sorts of things like this when I was little... I miss it now I'm grown up but don't have any small ones of my own to take places.

    M x

  3. I've been wanting to visit Blists Hill for a while but haven't managed it yet!
    First frost where I come from was a little earlier than yours, on the 19th!

    I'm also on half term and have been enjoying the weather walking in the Peak District! It has been lovely most days, but a lot of the trees around me are now bare and there is a definite hint of winter in the air.

    I love getting the extra hour, thank you for reminding me!!

  4. Blists Hill looks like an interesting place, is that where they filmed The Victorian Pharmacy? We've had several frosts down here already, they seem really early this year. Hope it's not a sign of things to come.

  5. That looks just like a version of Beamish! I had many fab days out there as a child!!

  6. I remember going there years ago, have you done any of the other sites yet? It is just like Beamish

  7. Anonymous8:18 pm BST

    Blists Hill is great. We made candles whilst there and they were wrapped up in (obviously newly printed) "old fashioned" newspaper - a really nice touch!

  8. Lovely photos, I do enjoy them. I've been wondering if you turn the clocks back over there.

    We don't here in Arizona, play with the time.

  9. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  10. One of the things I love most about England is all the things you have nearby to do - places to visit like historic villages and stately homes, castles and ruins, woods and fields to walk in and through. The list goes on and on and at the end of your visit there is always a pub or tea house to visit. So much history all around you! (sighs of envy here !)
    PS It gets cold quickly doesn't it? I guess you could say back to me "It gets hot quickly doesn't it " but this year(thank God ) the cool weather is lingering longer here in Queensland and we are really enjoying it.

  11. Another beautiful spot to ooh and aah over. Sounds like it was well received by all. There is always one loud person isn't there. I was in our local fruit and vegie shop the other day and we had a very LOUD mother in there!!!
    Your picnic fare sounds delish.
    Sandi xx

  12. A place to put on my list for the kids to visit, Blists Hill reminds me of the black country museum.
    It's too a great place to soak up the atmosphere.
    Note to self - remember to turn the clocks back :-)

  13. Oh I love Blists Hill - thanks for the reminder of a happy visit :)
    Aren't there a lot of loud people with phones stuck to their ears these days? I am an eccentric who never turns her phone on unless she needs the AA man - lol - much to everyone's annoyance :)

  14. Gorgeous photo's, I am loving the autumnal colours. I thought of you the other day as I was given a few quinces from a friends firnds tree and I made apple and quince crumble ...yummy xox


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