The Quince Diaries (7)

We've had some lovely shining Autumn days lately.

Bright blue skies.

And warm sunshine.

I really hope it lasts into next week as it is half-term for us and C has a couple of days off.

The exquisite quince continues to dominate my life. I've managed to off-load a few on various relatives but I still have a goodly amount.

The quality is deteriorating though.
I cooked up some into a purée to store in the freezer. I like it with yoghurt for breakfast.

To do this I just peel, core and chop quinces, throw them in a pot with a little water and some sugar and cook gently until soft. Then I use a stick blender to whizz it into a purée.

Today we had one of my favourite and easiest things to do with quinces. Sir Isaac Newton's favourite pudding as described by Jane Grigson in her wonderful book Good Things.

Coring the quinces is quite an undertaking. If you don't have an apple corer then you're probably best off cutting them into quarters.



  1. lovely and autumny! if thats a word! fliss xxx

  2. Ah the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of Autumn. My favourite season brought to life in your beautiful photos. x

  3. Hi Sue, I've never had quince. I live in New Mexico and am not sure if I've ever seen a tree grow here, but my DH and I are thinking of buying one. I'm just wondering what they taste like- they look fantastic and a bit pear-like- and also, what kind of weather do you have that allows your tree to grow and be so prolific? Thanks, Ursula

  4. Another quinceally lovely post (and I probably didn't spell it correctly) hehe.
    Sandi x

  5. Whatever is good enough for Isaac is good enough for anyone.

  6. I've had a lot of catching up to do, quince diaries, number 7...wow!

    It has been so great learning about quinces, I've been meaning to ask Sue, do they do different varieties of quince, like they do apple and other fruit and if so can you remember the variety you have?

    Love the snippet about Issac too :-)

    A x

  7. I have loved all your quince recipes. The only place I've seen quinces is in someones garden, a very posh house around the corner. The quinces are left unpicked, falling to the ground and rotting! I've been so very close to break and entering... Maybe I should post your recipes through their front door. A x

  8. Ursula, our weather is not fantastic, just typical British weather. We had quite a lot of snow at the beginning of January, Spring was quite mild and Summer the usual mix of warm days and rain. Varied would be the best way to describe it. This year has been the quince tree's best year ever and frankly I'd rather it was less prolific next year!

    AdeY, yes there are different varieties of quince, not as many as there are apples or pears. Mine is a Vranja I think. Meech's Prolific is another common variety.
    As for taste, the answer to that is that they taste like quinces!

  9. Yes, I can relate- that was our "problem" last year with our apricot tree...apricot EVERYTHING! But, if not for that tree, I would have never fallen in love... XOXO Ursula


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