The Quince Diaries (6)

Conversation overheard earlier today:
Younger son: I wonder what's for tea?
Elder son: I don't know, but it's bound to have quinces in it.

Quince Upside Down Cake

Looks remarkably similar to yesterday's pud doesn't it? That's because it is. Same thing but with cake instead of pastry. I used a 6:6:6:3 formula (6oz each butter, self-raising flour, sugar plus 3 eggs and 1½ tsp baking powder).

Spread batter over fruit and baked for 30-40 mins at 180°c.

It was very good indeed.

We've eaten all the quinces I poached yesterday but I have a jug full of poaching syrup left. What to do with it........?


  1. Hi Sue
    Did you see today's Sunday Telegraph??
    More quince recipes!!! Let me know if you want me to send it to you!!!

  2. Reduce it and bottle it for adding to bubbly? Hmm, quince champagne cocktails. Nicey!

  3. Are you flagging yet?

  4. Ahh, your son is funny, he knows you so well.
    Thank you for showing us where you keep all that you make, wow.

    I would love a garage connected to the house.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  5. Oh gosh, it looks delicious and a drink of some sort ought to come out of that syrup for sure!

  6. Ha my heart bleeds for the sons!!!!! I bet they scoffed it though. Seconds too I'll wager?

  7. Little devils! Quince sorbet?

  8. What excellent ideas, you lot are clever. Ali, I have a recipe for quince sorbet in The River Cottage Everyday book which I made last year. It was very good and probably a slightly healthier option than pastry and cake.

    Elder son and daughter had seconds (as did I) but younger son won't eat quince. He must have eaten a bit that was hard and grainy once and now doesn't trust it no matter how carefully I prepare it.

  9. I saW the quince recipes in the Telegraph and thought of you!
    I made a plum upside down pud like that - very nice it was too.

  10. Well, I was driving along a county lane near me, when I spotted a table with bags of something for sale- YES they were quinces, so I had to stop and buy some! I have never even heard of a quince until I read your blog. So yesterday I made an apple and quince pie - it was lovely! I have 5 more and thought that I might just stew them in butter as you have done and then pop them in the freezer until the pie is eaten up.
    i think that you have started something here!

  11. you know what? I don't think I've never eaten a quince in my life!!!

    oh no....

  12. I am giggling away as I have no doubt your son was not intending to be funny!

    Nigella did something with a rhubarb syrup in one of her books (think it might have been Forever Summer but don't bank on it) where she reduced it and I think made a fool (I will now go and look this up and discover I was completely wrong and it was a different dessert entirely.........)

  13. Oh, he was intending to be funny. Teenagers are very sarcastic :o)


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