The Quince Diaries (4)

Today I have made quince vodka. This is just like damson gin which I described in this post.

I used 3lb of quinces, 1.5 litres of vodka (mixing my measurements as I went) and 12 oz sugar.
You need to grate the quinces -peels, cores and all. 

I strongly advise using a food processor for this.

Put the grated quince in a large preserving jar with the sugar.

Pour in the vodka.

Shake it up to dissolve the sugar and store in a cool, dark place for a couple of months -ie until Christmas. Shake it every now and then. When the time comes I will show you the strained and decanted spirit. It's worth waiting for, it is a beautiful colour. Tastes divine too.

I meant to show you this lamb and quince tagine-type thing I made last weekend but I forgot to take a picture of the finished dish. I did take some of the preparations though.

Quince, lamb shoulder, baharat spice blend and (not shown) honey, chopped onions and a little tomato purée.
I cooked it at a low temperature for 2 to 3 hours. It was very good.

I thought you might like to see where I keep all my preserves :o)

Not a great photo I'm afraid. This is in my garage where the light is none too good. My kitchen has a door into the garage which is very convenient. This shelf is just behind the door and above the blue cupboard where I have my quinces at the moment, see this post. I store a basket of onions and other long lasting veg on there usually. My jars of damson gin and quince vodka are there too.

Top shelf from left to right: damson chutney, quince and pumpkin chutney and chelly.
Bottom shelf from left to right: blackberry jam, damson jam, quince jelly and marmalade (which I mentioned in my very first post back in January).


  1. Looks like you could be setting up shop any time now with all that produce. Being a huge fan of damson (and sloe) gin I may just have to try making some with quinces - hic!

  2. Quince vodka sounds wonderful. Discovered a shop in Edinburgh the other day selling gooseberry gin and rhubarb vodka and all sorts of other interesting drinks, decanted from demijohns. Would have loved to buy but I wouldn't have been allowed to bring them on the plane!

  3. When can I come around to relieve you from some of those preserves, you wouldn't want the shelves to break under the weight now? ;-)

  4. Your garage sounds rather wonderful!

  5. Hi Sue, I am so impressed with all you have done with the quince! I never knew so many things could be made. I also came across your blog on Vintage G. S. and they are so beautiful....but what I also noticed was the Cath Kid bag with patches on it, it is so great. Did you just get it and can you still get them?! Thanks, if you are able to reply. You sure do some fun and beautiful kitcheny and crocheting projects.
    Love them all, xo Robin

  6. Hmmm, I'm rather jealous of your shelves in the garage with connecting door to kitchen!

  7. Hi Sue, regarding Explore, your photos are just chosen, you've had four in though none at the moment - see here: http://bighugelabs.com/scout.php?username=the+quince+tree&sort=date&year=0
    I took a guess on you being The Quince Tree, and these do look like they're yours?!

  8. Quince vodka yum.
    We've tried damson vodka a lovely winter warmer.

    I also have a shelf of preserves it makes me feel prepared for Winter. Who needs food when you have jam and chutney!

    Thanks for becoming a follower.

  9. Anne, thank you for that! I wonder why Flickr doesn't just tell you when you have a pic in Explore?

  10. Anonymous4:26 pm BST

    I was always told that quince pips are poisonous - I notice you're including them in the vodka recipe - am I wrong? Would make life so much easier if I am! Thanks

  11. Wendy, I read that somewhere too, but all recipes for jelly include them as does this method for the vodka. I've always included the pips and have been doing so for several years with no adverse effects.

  12. Hi Sue, what a divine recipe for vodka! I thought of you the other day when one of my colleagus brought in some quinces from her tree, I made quince and apple crumble... first time I have ever tasted quinces, absolutely delish xox

  13. Wow, quince vodka! sounds tempting even to a non-drinker! you are so clever with your quinces Sue!

  14. The vodka sounds good. Am very envious of all your preserves, they look lovely on the shelves.

  15. Oh, my, look at that shelf full of goodies! Your hard work has paid off, Sue. And boy would I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to sip some of that vodka tonight. You know, later, after I am done babysitting these little ornery grandgirlies!!!

  16. Oh my goodness, what a fab garage. I want one. I don't have one. The preserves look fantastic, well done!

  17. Wow, your preserve stash looks fabulous. You've stocked up for winter, like a squirrel.

  18. What a great idea, Sue. I will certainly try making this.

  19. Hi Sue Thanks for the Quinces; Via Charlie.
    I have started my Quince Vodka today. Hopefully will be ready for Chrismas, will let you know Mant Thanks again David

  20. Just love your site and am about to make my quince vodka. Would love recipe for Quince and lamb tagine?

    Your photos are inspirational, do you have a fab camera?


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