The One Without The Quinces

Thought you might like a change :o)
Hands up who knows what this is?

Easy eh?

We all know what that is.

But it isn't.

Did I mention that my daughter is allergic to peanuts? We haven't had peanut butter in our house since 2001 when I smeared a dab on her wrist and hives appeared immediately. She hasn't had peanut since. Neither has she ever had a reaction to peanut. She carries epipens but has never needed them. Thank heavens. 

She is also allergic to pinenuts but hazelnuts, brazils, pecans, walnuts, almonds, pistachios and cashews are all fine. We eat these a lot. I've recently been buying cashew nut butter and almond butter. Oh, they are delicious and packed with nutrition but wow, they're expensive and only available in teeny jars from health food shops. Also because of my daughter's allergy her school is nut-free so she can't take nut butters to school, even ones she is not allergic to. But I have just discovered FreeNut Butter. That is what you can see in the pictures above.

Made from sunflower seeds. Not only does it look exactly like peanut butter, it tastes exactly like peanut butter (as far as I can remember).

I'd rather it didn't have sugar in it, but you can't have everything. It's packed with protein and other good things, is not nearly as expensive as other nut butters and comes in 1lb jars. There's a crunchy version too. I bought mine from Goodness Direct.

Before my daughter was born I used to make popcorn flavoured with peanut butter and maple syrup. I decided to try it with the sunflower butter.

Two tablespoons of popcorn with two tablespoons of oil. I used coconut oil. A medium-high heat.
Put the lid on and pop the corn.

Melt a tablespoon each of butter, maple syrup and peanut/sunflower butter in a small pan. You could use golden syrup or honey in place of maple syrup.

Once the popping has stopped your corn is ready. Don't let it burn.

Pour  the contents of the saucepan over the popcorn and toss.

Sticky and yummy.


  1. I bought some popping corn only to realise I had no idea how to make it taste of anything. Now I know! Thanks for that.

  2. i think i best stay away from this, i might eat it all in one go! have recently rediscovered the pleasures of peanut butter unfortunately!

  3. Anonymous5:21 pm BST

    Thank you so much for your popcorn recipe. I generally just put maple syrup on it (even though that is now £4 a bottle eek!). I love hazel nut butter too - was not so keen on the cashew one, even though I like the nuts very much. I don't think I have tried the almond one. I think I will do this with peanut butter and syrup - sounds a real treat. I've got everything I need except the peanut butter - I will have to do some shopping!

  4. ooooo that looks so lovely. All my kids have nut allergies but middle littlie is going for food challenge for mixed nuts (except cashews) at childrens hospital in early December it makes me very nervous, but even if it goes ok the other two can't have them so we can't have nuts in the house! This looks like an awesome alternative I am gona track me some of this down!

  5. Looks like a sensual delight xox

  6. what a great find x and your popcorn recipe sounds amazing x

  7. Anonymous8:44 pm BST

    Wow! That is really fabulous, absolutely brilliant. I must admit I have no food allergies that cause any problems(I have a slight allergy to some preservatives but not big enough to worry about) but I really admire the people who work tirelessly on the solutions for people that do. And that popcorn looks soooooooo yum. I adore maple syrup and peanut butter so on these cold nights I can see this being made in our home as we cuddle in to watch films and munch xxx

  8. I can't imagine not be able to eat peanut butter but the Free Nut Butter sounds pretty good as does the popcorn.

  9. mmmmmm!! We are nut free in our house too, must give this a try! x

  10. Ohhh YUM! Love popcorn and interesting flavours for it - thanks for this cool recipe/idea!

  11. bet it would go fantastically with some quince jelly though... hee hee XO

  12. Oh my goodness, that popcorn looks absolutely divine, I must give that a go!

  13. Thank you for the popcorn recipe.
    We love popcorn and peanut butter will definitely give that a trynext time we're popping.

  14. I hadn't thought of looking into alternative nut butters - especially ones that are nut free.

    Thanks for the tip and advice - it is most useful.

    Have a lovely day,

    Nina xxx

    ps. Thornton's double cream mint chocolate - naughty (but nice) indeed!

  15. Hi Sue - have you thought about making the sunflower seed butter yourself if you want to reduce the sugar? I've never done it (I hadn't even heard of sunflower seed butter before your post) but guessing you would do it like making your own peanut butter ( I whizz salted peanuts in food processor, add oil and a little honey) - I do wonder if the sunflower seeds would grind down enough though.

  16. Ooo thank you for the popcorn recipe, it looks absolutely delicious!

  17. Ros, yes, I have tried to make my own sunflower butter following a recipe. It was not good though:o(

  18. No peanut butter...horrible..I love this alternative though..Goodness of peanut butter without the nuts!

  19. I'm out to a party on Sat night, I think I will most definitley be making this for the boys, before I head off out, Thanks Sue!

  20. Hey! That's exactly how I make my popcorn, but I dont use the syrup, just plain simple white sugar. I melt it and do the rest exactly like you. :)
    Well... I'm from Brazil, but I'm not a nutty (lol... nah! I'm quite crazy in fact!), so hopefully your daughter is not gonna have any problems with me! :)
    Big hug from southern Brazil.

  21. pati from London2:07 pm BST

    I'm not too keen on peanut butter but I think that the popcorn recipe is a great idea so I will try it with my lot here! Thanks!! pati from London x


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