A load of balls for you today :o)
Two recipes from one of my favourite cookbooks.

  The More-With-Less Cookbook was published in 1976 and is a collection of recipes from the Mennonite community in America. The book has a Christian bias but I think its message is universal -that we should live simply so that others might simply live. It is all about using less of the world's resources. The recipes are for simple, unspohisticated  fare. There is plenty for vegetarians and those on a budget. Many of the recipes have become regulars in my house; keema curry, baked lentils with cheese, honey-baked chicken, Chinese fish and vegetables, sprouts salad (beansprouts not brussels) and potatoes with peas and ham. I've already shared three recipes from this book here, here and here. It isn't a pretty book. There are no pictures and being American it uses cup measures. I don't mind this and there is a useful conversion chart. The recipes are written out in a very user-friendly way and the spiral binding makes it even friendlier.
If you are concerned about how we in the first world are over-consuming the rest of the world's resources, if you are concerned about how much money you are spending on food each week, or if you are keen to cook more of your meals from scratch then you will find this little book a useful resource.

To the recipes. First Honey Milk Balls. These feature peanut butter so I thought I'd give them a go with sunflower seed butter.

Sorry about the blurry photo.

Walnut sized balls. My children liked them. Not really my cup of tea though.

Next was Cheese Ball. This is really just a version of potted cheese, that old-fashioned way of using up stale bits and pieces of cheese. 

I used smoked paprika instead of garlic salt.

It's about the size of a grapefruit. We ate some of it on oatcakes for lunch. Very nice too, mind you a simple bit of sliced cheese would have been just as nice.


  1. Smoked paprika! I use that on my "smokin' deviled eggs" instead of regular. It really adds a nice flavor and I would imagine would be a lovely compliment to the cheese. Nice substitution. XOXO Ursula

  2. Ooh that looks interesting, esp the 'peanut' butter balls - do they not need cooking then? this might be perfect to use up the last of the peanut butter i have in the house - before i eat it all up with a spoon ;-)

  3. No, no cooking. Click on the pic of the recipe to see details. You could use golden syrup in place of honey.

  4. Sounds like an interesting cook book, I think I may have to try and get hold of a copy.

  5. Anonymous8:27 pm BST

    I would have been one year old when that book came out! Love cheese and would have eaten that grapefruit sized ball of loveliness all to myself - stuff the sharing it's all mine no-ones having any!!! :)

  6. 'Sharp yellow cheese and Graham crackers'. I like how the language is just different enough to keep you guessing. Do you know what a Cornish hen is by any chance? I found it in a microwave recipe book.

  7. Lucille I think it just means a poussin (small chicken) but I may be wrong. Usually when foxed by an unfamiliar term I type it into Google Images and see what comes up ;o)

  8. I have that book too, though mine is a straightforward paperback, not spiral bound. I bought it back in th 80's and still sometimes use recipes from it - you're quite right it's a wonderful book with some great recipes. My personal favourite is the Navajo Fry Bread used to make Navajo Taco's. xxx

  9. I love the peanut butter balls.....I use to make them when my kids were young, they loved them too! Better than junk foods!!!!!
    xo Robin


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