What to Look For(ward) to in Autumn

How I love autumn. It's by far my most favourite time of the year. I'm pretty keen on winter too. Spring and summer are lovely but it's the cold, dark, wet, windy months I love best. I'm funny that way.

Here are a few of the things I'm looking forward to in autumn.

Collecting conkers. Gosh, I adore conkers. Last year we forgot to go conkering completely. Not this year. I want me a big basketful of shiny horse chestnuts.

Pumpkins and squashes. There's a farm shop near Worcester which has a wonderful selection of winter squash. Crown Prince is my favourite. It has a pale blue-grey skin and brilliant orange flesh. It tastes good too. I cook squash and pumpkins a lot -curries, soups, bakes. They're good paired with coconut, cream, cheese, chorizo, bacon, nuts and spices, although probably not all at once. They keep for ages and look fabulous.

Dark evenings. C and I disagree on this matter. He feels he's missing the infinite opportunities the long summer evenings afford most of which he spends asleep on the sofa. I like being inside my cosy house when it is dark and horrible outside with my crochet and cookbooks.

The first stew of the season. Might be this weekend. Beef or lamb. With dumplings.

Christmas cooking. Yes, I said the C-word. Sorry. But I do love making the Christmas cake, the pudding and the mincemeat.

The quince harvest. Which is rapidly approaching. Oh my, there are a very lot!

The first crisp frosty morning. Photo ops.

Bonfire night. Love fireworks.

Here's the perfect poem for the autumn equinox. Enjoy :o)

There Came a Day

There came a day that caught the summer
Wrung its neck
Plucked it
And ate it.

Now what shall I do with the trees ?
The day said, the day said.
Strip them bare, strip them bare.
Let's see what is really there.

And what shall I do with the sun ?
The day said, the day said,
Roll him away till he's cold and small.
He'll come back rested if he comes back at all.

And what shall I do with the birds ?
The day said, the day said,
The birds I've frightened, let them flit,
I'll hang out the pork for the brave tomtit.

And what shall I do with the seed ?
The day said, the day said.
Bury it deep, see what it's worth.
See if it can stand the earth.

What shall I do with the people ?
The day said, the day said.
Stuff them with apple and blackberry pie-
They'll love me then till the day they die.

There came this day and he was autumn.
His mouth was wide
And red as a sunset.
His tail was an icicle.

Ted Hughes - Season Songs

Did I mention how much I appreciate your comments? There have been a lot lately. I can't tell you how excited it makes me to see a new comment. It's like being paid for blogging only better! Thank you. 



  1. Nice post :)
    I like the BIG layers of clothes that hide my BIG layers of lumps and bumps - lol!

  2. Oh how lucky you are to love winter. I'm miserable in the winter months. Love your photos!

  3. I love this time of year too, although not so keen on the dark and cold mornings! I hate having to get up when it's still dark and it's getting like that already :-(

  4. Yes it is my favourite season too. No one can understand it but you can't really do "cosying up in a blanket with the fire on" in summer can you? You know I have never had pumpkins. Butternut squash yes but not pumpkins. Just had a thunderstorm here with lightning - woot! Oh and my Moleskine arrived today yay!! x

  5. I LOVE LOVE the Autumn and winter soo much too, being cosy....

    I have to say Sue you are my fave blog,not only are you very clever with food, you have a wicked sense of humour, and cheer me up :) I never miss one , and you have inspired me so much over the last year, My kids don't like shop bought lollies at all now, they love the choc ones! I always cook from scratch like yourself, but I have tried many different things, because of your blogs and tempting pics! I even blogged myself today, as I have been very lazy and not done one since March!

    My big failing is that I still can't crochet and am deeply jealous of all you bloggers who can! I must learn:/

    Please don't ever leave here!

  6. Pomegranites. I know you can get them all year these days but my Grandma used to buy me one every yearat this time when I was a kid. I just love them. Now I get my own or Mum gets me one. Put your conkers in the corners of the room to fend off spiders. I've sent a few packing this week.

  7. I love that poem, love Autumn, love hunkering down with my crafty little projects - I just love it all.

    Have a lovely (rest) of the day,

    Nina xxx

    ps. not had dumplings yet, but we've done the casserole and yorkshire puds!

  8. I made the first pot of soup to celebrate the arrival of fall yesterday afternoon. I used this recipe but subbed brown rice for the potatoes since I didn't have any. Smashing Success & Super Yummy!


  9. I adore autumnal colours, I love to wear them, and I love to watch the leaves turn through their many shades of greens, yellows, golds, reds, bronzes and browns.

    Love the blog Sue, if I could publish a magazine, I would base it on The Qunice Tree.

    After reading angry chicken's post about turning her blog into a book for her own private read to pass on to her family. I thought yours would make a good one to pass onto your children. Just don't leave it 5 years like Amy did!

  10. Wonderful post! I very much agree with you on loving the early darkfall, and being inside when it's all cold and miserable out. I love the smell of things percolating in the crock pot, the sudden loving attention from a cat who really just wants my warm lap - said lap being full of yarn and not really conducive to feline attention, but we make it work... yes, I'm with you - bring on the fall!!

  11. Hi Sue

    I too just LOVE the autumn, and the cosy nights in with yarn and fabrics planning for Christmas time. The summer reminds me of happy days in South Africa where I was brought up but I never really had a chance to appreciate seasonal changes living in a tropical climate. England certainly has changed that and I find it hard to imagine having a hot sunny christmas BBQ again.
    Ted Hughes is absolutley my all time favourite poet, his story of his life with Sylvia Plath fascinates me.
    Thanks for the lovely post xox

  12. Oh, I remember those Ladybird books!

  13. Thank you again Sue for another lovely post! I too adore this time of the year and I love that wonderful feeling of making my home comforting and cosy and the anticipation of Christmas!Bah Humbug to all the moaners about Christmas it is a wonderful time of the year and one we should cherish with all our hearts!

  14. I'm an autumn girl too. I put it down to my irish blood. We're not built for heat and exoticism. I'm all about log fires, cosy blankets, slow cooked roasts, frosty mornings. BLISS!!

  15. Autumn is awesome isn't it? When I looked out of the window this morning, it was definitely Autumnal, so I took Violet off to the playground , we were the only ones there and it was wonderful - until Violet went and sat in a freezing puddle of water that is and we had to come home again :0)

    I meant to ask if you'd been to Baddesley Clinton recently to see the wonderful Dahlia border? It's a rainbow of colour and looks fantastic.

    Jill x

  16. I just love autumn, so long as it's dry. You didn't mention crisp, brown, fallen leaves to crunch through and kick about, we love doing that. And you're right, it certainly is fast approaching stew-time!!

  17. Anonymous9:40 pm BST

    Oh I love that poem, I love Autumn too and it is surprising how many people have said the same thing. I am so eager to get cracking with the Christmas cake baking, my Father phoned me today asking if I was doing them this year as he didn't want to buy one! Well I suppose that is his gift sorted :)
    I agree comments are lovely, I love receiving comments on my blog and I always try to comment on the blogs I read x

  18. Lovely post!!!!!
    It's so nice to hear of someone loving winter and autumn.... I can totally agree why you do, but I am a spring and summer loving, sun worshipping goddess who is 100% solar powered!!!!
    I really want to come to your house for tea! ha ha ha ha ha

  19. Oh what a fab post Sue! I completely agree. Autumn and winter are such dramatic and atmospheric seasons. And I loved that book as a child too.

    Roll on cosy evenings by the fire, bonfires, casseroles and gusty gales. Hurrah! Thanmks for a lovely cosy post.
    Stephx (it's getting colder tomorrow - yippe!)

  20. If you like pumpkins you should make pumpkin scones - a true-blue Queensland icon. :-)
    Caz :)

  21. Excellent yet again. I'll add another to that list, mushrooms and toadstools, I love them. And being indoors doing all those indoorsy things without feeling guilty that 'you should be outside enjoying this nice weather'. A great time, aren't we lucky in the UK to have the different seasons to enjoy?

  22. I have to agree with Ruby Slippers, so not much more to add except I am like minded with Alice Spring and Summer are my favs. Although by the end of a long hot/boiling summer I do long for the cooler weather, until it is here. But it does make crochet and knitting and cooking a lot more pleasant. Think I would possibly like winter more if I had a nice wood fire to sit in front of.
    Hugs Sandi x

  23. What a lovely colourful post! You've nearly made me love Autumn! Penny x

  24. I've only a couple more weeks to run out to feed corn to the hens as soon as I get home from work. After that I go to work before they get up and come home after they have gone up to roost and only see them at the weekends. I miss having a chat with them!

  25. I remember that book, it is in my loft now - I must find it again. I'm so lucky that my parents kept all of my childhood books - my children may not have liked the Ladybird books, but I still do!:)

  26. Perfect Seasonal post Sue :0)
    Loved that poem,Yes Autumn is great for cozy nights with no guilt that you could be doing something outside.
    Great day for a stew here today( Dull and a chilly wind) Off to start one now :0)
    Thanks for comments you leave at my blog. I like to get comments too ,as I'm sure we all do.Have a great weekend

  27. Autumn is lovely, especially now that I'm witnessing a British one.

    I loved reading the poem.

    Have a great weekend!


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