September Sampler

September is such a lovely month, truly a season of mellow fruitfulness. I think productive is the best word to describe my September. I've gathered fruit, made it into jam, jelly, pies, puddings and drinks. I've finished a crochet project and I have written more posts this month than any other. The Quince Tree has had more visitors  than ever and there have been so many appreciative comments that I feel rather overwhelmed.  

It has been so hard choosing which photos to use for my sampler this month. I made several but I've finally settled on this one. I do hope you like it :o)



  1. I do apologise to the the two people who left comments . I haven't deleted your comments, I have deleted the post and the comments went with it:o(

    No matter how hard I tried to edit it I couldn't get rid of the 4 inch gap between the title and the text and it was REALLY bugging me. I'm having a lot of trouble with the Blogger post editor at the moment- grrr. It seems the only solution when this happens is to do the whole post again. Good job it was only a short one or I would be really mad.

    Please feel free to comment again or not as you like

  2. Gorgeous pictures - a lovely autumnal mix. Thank you for sharing. I love it!

  3. So warm and fruity. You take a mean picture, well done you.

  4. I love your samplers Sue, hoping to eventually do one of my own when I finally take some decent photos.

    I think productive is the perfect word, for your September :-)

    A x

  5. I always love your monthly samplers Sue. You have been rather a busy lady haven't you?


  6. Your sampler is so lovely. Do you ever print them out and frame them? It would make a beautiful picture with all your gorgeous photos of each month next to each other in one big frame. x

  7. Are you going to turn these photos into moo mini's, seriously you should sell them, they are amazing photo's, I would be more than happy to purchase some.
    I can understand why you have so many comments, your blog is great.
    Hugs from afar Sandi xx

  8. A perfect way to sum up September -

    have a lovely day and here's to October...tomorrow!

    We're off to harvest festival now,

    Nina xxx

  9. Pati from London1:50 pm BST

    hello Sue, I've recently found your blog and I think it is lovely! I got hooked to crochet through Attic 24's blog half a year ago and have been following similar blogs ever since. I think yours is one of my favourites, I love your crocet, pictures and recipes. Thanks for sharing! Pati from London x

  10. A sumptious september springs to mind xox

  11. Anonymous6:59 pm BST

    Your blog is sumptuous! I love autumn for all the things you have put on your blog. Harvest time is a wonderful thing and makes me feel very lucky. All those delicious fruits - I love plums and apples. Also the fact that we cook homely comforting food again; pies and crumbles are just right for this time of year as are yummy stews. We can snuggle up or under doing our crochet or knitting. My mum used to collect crab apples to make jelly when we were out walking; I remember quince jelly too. It's a lovely thing to do. I do enjoy seeing all your makes.

  12. I love your blog its so inspiring..i love autumn and its rich colours..plus the bounty i'm getting from the garden and allotment..its a season for gathering and harvesting..love the fact i can make my big pies,soups and casseroles again..got a pantry full of jams,jellies,chutneys all to see me through the winter yummy..your makes are lovely and i'm quite envious...take care


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