Rainbows from Far Away

Sun-catcher bought in Cornwall but made in Bali.

Fab rainbow stripe jug. Bought in Cornwall but painted in Thailand.
How could I resist?


  1. Now that is a cheery sight on this rather grey day. How many other rainbows did you bring back from Cornwall??? Ax

  2. The colours are so cheery, and what beautiful sunflowers.
    PS - I'm behind on your blog so must have a catch up on it!

  3. They are both lovely, could have done with the sun catcher to brighten up my day today, cloudy and wet here. The jug and sunflowers would also have improved things.

  4. Can see why you couldn't resist - both are gorgeous and a great reminder of summer.

  5. rainbow goodness! Loving it!
    I put a lefty hooker anecdote in my blog post you might enjoy!!!
    Have a lovely week!

  6. They are lovely
    Julie xxxx


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