The Quince Tree in September

Such a bright sunny morning, too bright in fact for you to see just how many fruit are on the tree.
But here they are close up.

I was going to attempt to describe them but then I read what Nigel has to say about the quince and gave up.
'Plump, golden, curvaceous. A fat cherub of a fruit, with waxy skin and, here and there, patches of soft, pubescent down'.
Nigel Slater's new book from which that quotation is taken, is the second volume of Tender. Volume One deals with  vegetables in the kitchen and the garden, and Volume Two deals with fruit. Not all fruit, just the ones that can be grown in an English garden. Apples, pears, plums, damsons, raspberries, currants, gooseberries, strawberries, blackberries, rhubarb.....

and quinces.

Each fruit gets a page like this. I find  suggestions like this tremendously useful, even more so than recipes.
The recipes, though, are glorious.

 Lamb with quinces
Buttered quinces
Slow-roast loin of pork with quinces and marsala
Roast quinces
Soft quinces under a crisp crust
Apples and quinces baked in cream
Slow-cooked quinces with cassis
Quince paste
A fragrant winter breakfast
A quince pickle

Nigel recommends picking quinces when they 'turn from green to canary yellow'. That moment has arrived for my quinces but I'm waiting, gathering my strength, buying sugar, earmarking recipes until October comes.


  1. Hi - can you believe this glorious sunny day? We just got back from playing in the grounds at Packwood House. There was hardly anybody there - it was lovely.

    I'm loving the sound of the slow roast pork dish - it's making my mouth water.

    Jill x

  2. Its all very exciting - cant wait to see what you do with your quinces.
    We have just eaten your "Baguette with bacon and gryere" for our Saturday lunch - and you get a BIG thumbs up from all in the Pengelly house. So thanks Sue for sharing!


  3. Well Madame Coing, I like all the coing recipes. Coing with lamb, coing chutney and roast coing. However, I think I prefer the word quince. For once we have the edge over the french, don't you think? I may, though continue to call you Madame Coing. It has a certain je ne sais quoi to it. Don't let the photo uploader get you down... it's le weekend!

  4. I absolutley agree Magic Bean -quince is the more beautiful word. Those Frenchies don't have a monopoly on lovely words.

  5. Keep hoping somebody will buy me that book for Christmas.

  6. What beauties. Wow you are going to be busy.

  7. Anonymous5:25 pm BST

    I love Nigel - I want to give him a big hug every time I see him on TV. Plus, he's a fellow Midlander so of course he's marvellous!!

  8. Yes indeed Ruth Marie. He grew up in Worcs and mentions the Black Worcester pear in his new book. I was banging on about them last Saturday, apparently they were on his school badge.

  9. Wow, what a lot of uses the Quince has! Wish I had room in my garden for a fruit tree. Look foward to seeing what you do with them, I'm a big fan of Nigel, especially his programme Taste of my life, some of those episodes made me cry! that would make a good blog, asking what peoples fave childhood food memories were? as you have more followers than me ;)

  10. Oh, and thanks for adding me Sue!

  11. I am on ravelry, and i found your blog on there, it is really interesting, and the photos are so so nice. I have found the poem by ted hughes enjoyable, but my favourite as a midlander myself, is our nige, love love nigel slater, can do no wrong.I will ask for his books for christmas. Thankyou for a wonderful blog.

  12. really, you can't beat Nigel Slater - probably the best food writer around in my opinion! thanks for the cocoa brownies link btw, really got me excited - hoping to get the time this weekend to whip up a batch!

  13. What a 'delicious' post, the recipes all sound 'delicious'. I am just appreciating how many cook books you have, your family are certainly a lucky lot to have you.
    Just saw the 'sweet peas' on the side bar, I have just planted some seeds as I love sweet peas and their beautiful scent. I love all spring flowers for their beauty and perfume. Today the sun is shining here, it feels like spring has actually arrived at last, well for a day anyway, more rain tomorrow.


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