Nearly Finished

It's nearly done.
My vintage granny squares blanket.
Begun here.

First the squares were blocked -pinned out and sprayed with water and left to dry.

Seventy squares ready to go. Please don't look at my grubby mantelpiece.

All laid out ready to join.
I joined them together using this method from Attic24. It's quick and easy but you must concentrate or this will happen.

Middle square is back to front- see all those ends. This happened twice. Fortunately I spotted them both before it was too late.

They're all joined together but I still have a bit of finishing off to do and a border to add.
Won't be long now :o)


  1. It looks absolutely beautiful
    Julie xxxxx

  2. Anonymous7:18 pm BST

    Sue, that's an incredibly pretty blankie! Very Nice Indeed!! :)

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  4. scrumptious Sue and very CK if I may say (only better of course)What yarn did you use?

  5. Hi Sue - (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that my comment will actually post today).

    I'm loving your granny squares blanket - the colours are fab, and I can't wait to see it finished off.

    Jill x

  6. Its looking lovely, and just in time for the cooler evenings - very snuggly.

  7. Gorgeous - love the colour choices (I agree with Louise - CK but better!) Think I would be reluctant to pass it over to anyone - however close to my heart.

  8. Looking lovely.
    That's the trouble with crochet, it distracts you from all the mundane tasks - I spotted a very dusty windowsill earlier!
    Carol xx

  9. It's looking good - I can feel the 'almost done' excitement vibes coming off you - can't wait to see the finished article.

    Nina xxx

  10. Lovely, very very lovely.

  11. Looking good !

  12. I do love the beads tucked into the corners, makes it more special than it is already. I did a few more squares to mine, its pretty dodgy as it is the first thing I have crocheted, however I am still proud of it. Can't wait to see it finished.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  13. I love your squares. You must be superwoman, you achieve so much. Can I have some of your energy, pleeeease? :-)

  14. Anonymous6:48 am BST

    Your crochet work is amazing! I love your blog and I left for u a surprise on mine!

  15. That is gorgeous - just wish I could crochet.

  16. lol feels like we're at exactly the same stage in terms on blanket production!!

  17. Dear Sue,

    WOW - this is a really great job!
    That looks so very beautiful.
    Wonderful colors - thank you for sharing.

    Many Greetings and have a nice weekend,

  18. It's really lovely Sue ~ you must work really hard to get so much done. I've come to a complete standstill just now with regards to my crocheting time and am lacking motivation to get going again! Hope that you have a very lovely weekend :O) x

  19. Hello! It's wonderful! I enjoy always visiting your blog! Wishes from Crete Teje

  20. Beautiful Sue! I found that you had put this link on on eof the ravelry groups and I am so grateful you did as I was able to use it for my flower cushion. Pics to follow as soon as buttons arrive!! x

  21. I do love those colors!!! What a grand project. I also like to see projects in progress, such as your shot of the grannies all stacked up. Who could notice a 'grubby' mantelpiece with all that yarny loveliness to distract them? Beautiful work!

  22. Love this blanket !!
    Your colours are great,it's going to be stunning once finnished.
    Jacquie x

  23. Lovely, lovely, lovely grannies, Sue! Color combo is FANTASTIC. =)

    I found your blog through Ravelry's WE LOVE LUCY group. Pop in for a quick visit of my blog sometime!



  24. It's beautiful, I love the colours you have used.

  25. Every time I read your blog, I think I really must learn to crochet, but I never get the time. Maybe I will use it as a treat to myself when I've got BTE's education sorted out. I really love seeing the stuff you make and your blog is always so bright and cheering. Thank you.

  26. Anonymous5:27 am BST

    Really lovely use of colour.

    Can't wait to see it with it's borders.

  27. Hello Sue! Thank you for visiting Planet Penny and introducing yourself. I've been having a little read and my mouth is seriously watering after looking at all the yumminess from your kitchen! The granny squares blanket is really pretty. Just in time for Winter...

  28. How delightful to outline groupings of squares by different colors. I love all the "vintage" colors you used. It is simply stunning. What kind of yarn did you use and size hook?

  29. Amazing well done you!! Very impressed at your blocking, I've been so lazy I've never done this yet. I'm a bad granny square crochet blanket-maker.

    There also isn't a single blanket yet that doesn't contain a square that's the wrong way round or a little bit rumpled up because I didn't concentrate. I like to think it's all part of the charm!!

  30. Fabulous crochet blanket! Those colours are delicious. Love the pic of them piled up, so satisfying somehow don't you think?! Love Vanessa xxx


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