Giveaway Winner

We have a winner.

It's Caz of Never Knew who lives a long long way from me indeed!
 My bundle of goodies will be travelling all the way to North Queensland, Australia. I 'never knew' they'd be going so far :o) Congratulations Caz xx
Thank you to everyone who took part ♥♥

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Here's my August sampler which you can also see on my sampler page . I've put up a Cornwall sampler too.

Well, tomorrow my children are all back at school. I must say it has been a good summer holiday which has just whizzed by. I was just looking at the 'to do' list I made back in July. Instead of teaching both sons to cook three dishes each I only managed to teach one son to make one thing. Instead of decluttering my daughter's room with her I did it by myself and it now looks exactly the way it did before I started. I did manage a trip to Witley Court with daughter and two of her friends though.
Younger son's buddies did not come round with loud musical instruments, shoe buying was a breeze and we all had a lovely relaxed six weeks.

I am so looking forward to a solitary trip to Waitrose tomorrow though. Simple pleasures :o)

Granny Triangle Bunting

Some of you asked for a tutorial for the bunting in my giveaway. I pinched the pattern from Carina's Craftblog. I followed her instructions but didn't use the 'magic circle, to begin the triangles. I just made a chain of 4 stitches and slip-stitched it together before proceeding with the rest of the pattern as outlined by Carina. To join them into a string I followed Carina's tutorial here. They were very easy to do if you have experience of making granny squares ;o)



  1. Mine go back on Wednesday - you're right - how is it that summer can stretch for so long and still seem to have been too short to get everything you wanted to achieve done?

    I love your sampler.

  2. Glad you had a good summer, we did too. I'm sure it was John Lennon who said someting like "life happens while we are busy making other plans"....there is just so much to do and so little time! Enjoy your peaceful supermarket trip xox

  3. Such well laid plans. I didn't manage to teach my son to cook either. He went back on Friday and I missed him!!! Its going to rain tomorrow so chutney WILL be made.

  4. Que sera sera. Or something. Enjoy some p and q tomorrow. Ax

  5. Congrats to Caz. Was just thinking.....have you ever thought of selling your Moo Mini cards, they are stunning.
    Enjoy your free time again, it has been lovely sharing your summer holidays.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  6. Congratulations to Caz.

    Great photo sampler again - just look at them Blackberries.


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