Autumn has arrived. The children are back in the swing of school, we have stopped saying 'this time last week we were on the beach...', it has turned decidedly damp and chilly and the quinces have begun to drop.  Autumn for sure.

Just one.
Time for a pie.
Bramley and quince.

Spiced with cinnamon and cloves. Just one quince will make an apple pie really special.

Plums from Worcestershire

Cobnuts from Kent.
Both in my local Waitrose this morning.



  1. I love quince! I'm hoping my boyfriend's sister gives me whatever she gets in her garden this year!! (she's not really the cooking type and it would kill me to think they were going to waste!!)

  2. how do you eat cobnuts? I saw them this morning in waitrose and was tempted to buy but wanted to look them up first.

  3. Hello Debrarae :o)

    I just bashed them with the end of a rolling pin to crack the shell, then I just eat 'em!

  4. Autumn indeed, tomato chutney today.I have a chilli swag for you. You can let them dry and use them or just let them look pretty in the kitchen. A thankyou for all the fabby ideas on your lovely blog. Let me know if you would like them sent.

  5. Your cobnuts look a lot like our hazelnuts or filberts...I wonder if they are related?

  6. Very autumnal here at the moment too - and it's raining!!

    Happy Autumn....and baking,

    Nina xxx

  7. Can't beat autumn food :) I don't think I've ever seen quinces on sale anywhere. So we shall just make do with apple & plum crumbles :)

  8. I don't think I've ever tasted Quince - that pie looks gorgeous, bet it tasted fab. xxx

  9. The pie looks yummy and so do those plums. Like the new look of your blog.

  10. You are a fabulous cook and baker! really inspiring xox Thanks for sharing x

  11. You are so lucky having a quince tree, I know that would be my choice for the garden.

  12. Never heard of cobnuts! Are they a real nut like walnuts or some type of fruit I've never heard of?
    I've never tasted quince either but they look like they might belong to the pear family.

  13. I wish I could pop in and taste that pie (and all the other goodies you make) it looks absolutely mouth wateringly scrummy.
    Hugs Sandi xx

  14. Helsie, cobnuts are just a variety of hazelnut or filbert. They look like an elongated hazelnut. The are a speciality of Kent.

    Sandi, the pie has gone now -you missed it!

    Sue x

  15. At the risk of sounding really ignorant, I had no idea what a quince was until this post! Apart from the name of your blog of course!

    I wonder if you could post a quince and apple pie to New Zealand? ;oP

  16. I bet that pie was delicious.
    Do you prepare quinces in the same way as apples and do you need to soften them before putting them in the pie?
    Thank you. Carol xx

  17. Carol, thank you for your comment :o)

    In answer to your question -yes, and yes.

    They are very very hard so I find they need a little precooking before making into a pie. Quinces are hard work, but worth it. I shall be sharing some of my favourite quince recipes in due course.

  18. Thank you for the advice Sue.
    Carol xx

  19. The smell of quinces is unforgettable. I found some once on holiday and kept them in a bowl. Another time I made membrillo, but I've seen none this year.

  20. I couldn't be happeier about the arrival of Autumn! This time of year is so lovely here in the UK.

    I've been looking for quinces in my local greengrocer/supermarket but no luck so far... maybe I should wait a little longer? I want to try making "marmelada": quince cheese. Quince is "marmelo" in Portuguese and that's where the word marmelade comes from! I'm just not sure why it means bitter orange jam and not quince cheese though...


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