A Tale of Two Lists

They come home tomorrow. Some preparations had to be made. This morning I have baked four loaves, made 4 dozen flapjacks, made a bottle of currant cordial and a batch of chocolate lollies.
I have also been grocery shopping. Here's my list.

A typical family shop for me. Note the baking ingredients and economical meat and fish options. The cheese was a big chunk of Cheddar, and it was 14 pints of milk and darn it I forgot the golden syrup.

Compare and contrast this list with one I made last Friday when I was shopping just for me.

No baking ingredients, expensive meat and fish, expensive cheese and other luxuries -ice cream is something I rarely buy. I think I probably spent the same amount on food and drink for myself since last Tuesday as I did today for all five of us. Shocking isn't it? Mind you, if I had to live by myself permanently (God forbid) I would be much more thrifty, this was a holiday after all.

 If I'm honest I'm glad to get back to sausages, mince and cheese sandwiches. For despite the fact that my fruit and veg intake has been high I have overindulged. Too much cream, butter, chocolate, alcohol and rich cheeses. This has had an adverse effect on my weight loss efforts. So bad in fact that I'm not going to disclose my weight this fortnight, suffice to say I shall be redoubling my efforts over the next fourteen days!

On the subject of growth, here is something that I am happy to see grow in size.

My hook is ablaze at the moment. I can't stop making these grannies. I'm finding that against expectations I'm really liking working with a limited colour palette. I just love the way each square is different but the same. I think the finished blanket is going to look great.

And now if you don't mind I must get back to them :o)



  1. I love seeing peoples grocery lists, I think it is just fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I buy sooooo much milk, that I'm starting to think that it would be cheaper to own our own cow, or even dairy herd!!!

    Cheese is my downfall - I love the stuff.

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you over the next 14 days.

    Enjoy your last night of peace and quiet. x

  3. Hello. Been meaning to drop by for a while but the time has just f l o w n by. Hope your solo holiday has been all you hoped it would be. Won't leave it so long before my next visit. Now get back to your grannies... Ax

  4. I just wanted to say thank you -my dh and ds are away this weekend for 3 nights and all I saw was an unending strech of childcare for remaing dd ahead of me. However as dd is only 3 I have decided a little girls indulgence tinme is whats called for - I priced up scallops at the market and will have a few for friday supper, a bottle of white wine, a good book on its way from amazon for when she has gone to bed and maybe even a little lunch out in a cafe will make this weekend feel like a treat rather than an marathon. And as we have had very bad news this week I feel small pleasures is all we can hope for - so I will take them where I find them!

  5. Rachel, have a lovely weekend. I'm glad i'm inspiring others to a life of non-stop indulgence!

    Sue xx

  6. I hope your quiet break has been restful. Those vintage grannies are coming on beautifully - I adore the colour combination you've chosen.

    My mind boggles at the number of flapjacks you've made!

  7. Hmmmmmm love those squares!!

  8. Sue you are going to be busy and happy too! Those grannies are growing by the minute. I think it will be perfect!

  9. Sue, those granny's are gorgeous, I have finally got the hang of granny's but am using a size 7 (uk) with 8ply..double knit I think you call it. So three rounds and its a 10 x 10cm size. Purple and off white...plain and mixed am really enjoying the whole process, BUT I stay up way too late at night because I can't put the hook down. Last night I hooked up 18 of them...phew. When I am done with this one I will do the size 4 hook and do more rows so can do more colors.
    Welcome back to your family I am sure they will have lots of tales to tell you.
    Sandi xx

  10. I was without children for a few days last week and not only did I not need to do any tidying or cleaning, but my washing up amounted to 3 plates and associated cutlery, 1 mug, 1 glass. I didn't cook once. All raw. They came home on Friday, Boy the Elder emptied their entire bag onto the sitting room floor to find pyjamas, then raided the fridge as though they hadn't eaten for a month. Welcome home boys!

  11. Hey you haven't blogged in a while? That makes me mad because you are popular and I am no but I am still trying to get popular you are so lucky

  12. Hey you haven't blogged in a while? That makes me mad because you are popular and I am not but I am still trying to get popular you are so lucky be glad you are popular

  13. On the contrary, Illy, I have written 118 posts since this one. If you are going to make bizarre comments I suggest you get your facts right first. It just makes you look stupid.


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