The Quince Tree in August

A few days early this month. I shall be busy on the 25th and the sun is shining today so I thought I'd take advantage of it and show you how The Quince Tree is coming along as summer draws to an end.

There are no flowers in my garden at the moment, just leaves and fruit.

The quinces are swelling....


Already they give off a faint perfume.
The Romans called them meli melum - honey apples.

Susan Hill says in her delightful little book Through the Kitchen Window; 'Only a few quinces may be had, in which case there will not be enough to make into jelly, except to flavour one of apple.'
There are at least fifty fruits on my tree. I still have three unopened jars of last year's quince jelly and a tub of quince purée in the freezer. I'm starting to panic.

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My next post will be my one hundredth. I gather the done thing upon reaching one hundred posts is to have a giveaway in which fellow bloggers take part. I will be doing this so stay tuned ;o)



  1. I love the posts on your quince tree!
    We used to have one - we also had a dog called Quince!!

  2. Your Quince fruit looks great. My grandmother who was born in England, spoke often of the Quince but we never had a tree. I have never heard of them being around here, maybe they don't grow them in the States much...I would think that they would grow well in the Pacific Northwest.

    Thank you for telling me about the book, The River Cottage Preserves Handbook. I have it in my happy hands now and it is beautiful. There are many things new to me and I can't wait to try them. I will be ordering more of this type in the near future.

  3. Wow 100 posts, I am approaching 50 and we started at about the same time!!!Yours are all quality Sue. I think on 100 posts we should be giving you pressies. Really well done. Hugs

  4. I've just discovered the Attic 24 blog and from there found my way here.
    I have so enjoyed reading your blog today and am now a new and enthusiastic follower :)

  5. Quinces are looking quite spectacular. I'm envious!
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  6. You need to find an owl and a pussy cat to help you with your glut of quinces... and dig out that runcible spoon too.

    Mmmm. One hundred posts. Quite an achievement, well done lovely lady. Am looking forward to the next post to see what you decide to do. Ax

  7. Lovely word, goldening. Could be a goer! Congratulations on reaching 100, and 100 great ones at that!

  8. Quince jelly, ohhhhh yummy. Stewed quinces with either cream or icecream or both go down really well in our house. 100 posts, WOW! Thank you for such a gorgeous blog, I love it.

    Anne xx

  9. 100...well done, I am chuffing along not to 100 yet tho' try 24 ta-dah lol. My grandma had a quince tree and I did love the little pot of jelly every year. I had some fresh made quince paste on Saturday, very yummie. Hey perhaps you could give away one of your jars of quince jelly....just sayin :)
    Hugs Sandi xx

  10. I've never seen a quince before what do they taste like? Congratulations on your up and coming 100th post. have to say I wonder if I'll ever have enough to say to reach that milestone.

  11. My quince trees are just begiining their journey to fruit! When I say trees I am not boasting that we have several! They are really old, left over from an old garden that wass here originally. The flowers are divine, so perfect with their pink, green and white.Do we get fruit? No we rarely do, the drought has made it difficult for them but it is the wretched, beautiful cockatoos that get to them. The cockatoos can be so destrucive and mischevious [spelling?!] AND noisy...not my favourite birds!! Back to wuinces, I too love the jelly...but it is the scent as they there on my table that delights me so much!! Love your blog, have just found it. Aubrey

  12. I love your site! It is so comforting to see how many people out there have so many of the same loves!I've been following sites for a few months but I just started my posting .. today was my 3rd post! I think the give aways are grand. I Might do one myself very soon because it is just so fun! happy day all....

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  14. Hurrah for the sublime Susan Hill and your proflific quince tree. Can you put quince on sandwiches?!?


  15. Well all I can suggest is throwing in one of those left-over jellies in your giveaway, quince jelly is by far my favourite so I'm sure other people would appreciate it too! ;-) (or I'd be happy to take it off your hands immediately! cheeky me?!)


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