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They've gone. For the next nine days C and the children will be in a tent on Bodmin moor, actually they're in three tents this year- the boys have their own. As I think I mentioned I don't camp. My sister-in-law does however. There was a bit of a delay in setting off this morning. C had the car packed at nine but sis-in-law didn't arrive until a quarter past eleven. Guinea pig incident apparently. Now ex-guinea pig. Something to do with kidney stones. Lord I am glad we don't have pets.

A tiny portion of what they took with them. you need a LOT of stuff when you go camping. That kettle is great isn't it? I really ought to crochet them a blanket to take with them next year.

I've been busy since they left. I've been to Waitrose to stock up on a few treats, to the farm shop for cherries, raspberries and strawberries, I've hoovered everywhere (won't need to do that again while they're away), I've done the laundry, done the ironing, washed the kitchen floor and the bathroom is so clean and fragrant I might go in there and not come out until they return. 

One of my treats. The scent from these freesias is breathtaking, I've never had such delicious ones.

In the beginning I used to resent the camping trips. Even though I had no desire to go with them I felt left out and lonely and I could never sleep properly. Now though I've come to regard them as my holiday too, a chance to have a complete break from my usual routine. I love it. One of the best things is being able to eat the food I really love. I have a lot of main course salads, lean meat, fish and seafood and delicious cheeses. I tend to eat less bread and other carbs. I don't bake because the kids aren't here so there are no biscuits and cakes to tempt me. I do indulge though, meringues, ice cream and chocolate generally make an appearance. And of course a couple of glasses of wine in the evening :o)

Lunch - salad with goat's cheese croutes. Cherries to follow.

An aperitivo -Campari and prosecco inspired by Hardaker and Pope.

Supper - chicken with tarragon and cream.


Tomorrow I plan to tackle my daughter's room. She didn't seem very interested in getting it organised so I thought I'd do it without her.


  1. SO jealous - now where could I send my lot for a week????

  2. I think I'm gonna come and stay with you whilst the rest of your clan are away. Great food, delicious wine, and a clean bathroom - bliss.

    Oh, you don't mind do you???? :0)

  3. As tempting as it is - I know I miss my lot after a few days.

    I actually like camping - think its the simplicity of it all.

    Hope the family have fun in Cornwall & you enjoy your 'me' time :)

    BTW - food looks scrum :)

  4. Oh bliss. Know what you mean about having to get used to them being away and allowing yourself to enjoy the time. ENJOY

  5. Oooh you lucky thing! Not that I wouldn't miss my tribe but the idea of peace & quiet and space sounds like a massive treat.

    Kick back and enjoy yourslef!

  6. That is great Sue! You get a little respite from everydays things and so does your family. Sounds like a plan made in heaven. By the by, your dinner looks heavenly! Yum.

  7. Have a lovely relaxing break. Don't you just love a clean house that isn't going to be messed up five minutes? :-)

  8. It's such a treat to have your home to yourself, isn't it? But you are better than me about cooking - left on my own, I eat little but fruit and salad and anything else which doesn't involve spending time cooking.

  9. It sounds utter bliss. Looking forward to hearing how you get on, it'll be very quiet that's for sure.

  10. Isn't it wonderful just having some time to yourself, do just what you want to, eat what and when you like, and just please yourself. I can never understand people who say they don't like to be alone, I love it. Not that I'm alone very much, but like you, when I am I make the most of it,
    best wishes

  11. Sue,

    Enjoy your holiday.

    Your blog is lovely - very entertaining and thoughtful.


  12. Woo hoo ! Lovely!
    Enjoy it while you can. You'll be ready for them by the time they come home but it is good to have some time to do EXACTLY what YOU want to do for a change.

  13. Sounds delightful!

  14. I wish my dh would take my kids camping!

  15. You don't camp? Do you know what you're missing?? Actually, don't answer that as I expect I know the answer!
    Your break sounds blissful but I bet you will miss them.

  16. Oh I just love "me time"... and even though it is only Tim I have to share my home with, I still really enjoy having time to myself sometimes :) Enjoy your holiday xx

  17. Lucky you! How lovely to clean your home and know that it will stay clean! :) I clear out my daughter's room when she is away - she has no interest in getting involved, but loves the results - not that she keeps it tidy afterwards!!
    Enjoy your week, best wishes Pj x

  18. Have a wonderfully indulgent 'me' week. i long for such a thing! my eldest is in Tuscany with the Grandparents this weekend but hubby and youngest are still here!

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  20. Nothing like having the house to yourself for a few days knowing that it's only temporary! I'm like you, I get everywhere clean and tidy straightaway so that I can enjoy the fact that it STAYS clean and tidy! I'm not as good as you are about making myself delicious little meals though. I can learn from that I think....


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