Summer Plans

So school finishes on Friday for my children. Six weeks of holiday ahead.
In previous years I have approached the summer hols with dread in my heart. This year however I am feeling a lot more positive and am approaching them with nothing more than mild irritation in my heart.

Things about the holidays I am not looking forward to

  1. The house is never quiet. It's not the children that are noisy but their gadgets.

  2. I can't go out by myself -daughter has to come along. This is an improvement on all three coming.

  3. People asking me for food all day long.

  4. Younger son's buddies coming over bringing electric guitars. Son cannot go to their houses because he's the drummer. Something  C and I did not forsee when we said 'yes, of course you can learn the drums'.

  5. Daughter annoying sons so much that she ends up crying.

  6. More laundry. They get through more clothes for some reason.

  7. Buying the school shoes. Can I get them on Amazon do you think?
Things about the holidays I am looking forward to.

  1. Six weeks of lie-ins.

  2. Only one packed lunch to do. Obviously C can make his own lunch but he has a limited repertoire (cheese sandwich or cheese sandwich) so I do it to ensure he gets a varied diet.

  3. No school uniform to wash and iron.

  4. No endless letters and forms to sign from school.

  5. No standing about in the playground waiting for daughter listening to other parents whinge about the teachers.

  6. Saving £8 a week on bus fare. We could almost get two extra bottles of wine a week for that, but of course a more sensible plan would be to put it towards the shoes.

  7. No clock watching.

  8. Nine days completely to myself when C takes them all camping. I can eat what I like (but not too much of course!) when I like, watch what I like on telly and get on with my crochet in peace.

  9. A week away in Cornwall.

  10. Going to bed on Sunday September 5th knowing that it's all over.
I am not the kind of mother who organises lots of different activities and outings for her kids. I firmly believe that children do not need entertaining. I believe this because I am very lazy. And also broke. My kids have always been very good at amusing themselves, probably because they've had to be. Well done me.
 My sons will laze about moving from computer to TV to Wii before finally deciding to go for a bike ride. Now they are old enough to run errands for their old mum, although not, unfortunately, old enough to fetch me a bottle of wine. They also can bike over to friends.
My daughter is very friendly with the neighbouring girls and will spend the whole day at the house of one particular friend who is an only child and whose mother is consequently glad of company for her daughter.It works out well for everyone.

I do have a few things planned for the summer to do with my children.

  1. Teach sons how to cook three dishes each-a lunchtime snack, a main course and a pudding.

  2. Declutter my daughter's bedroom with her.

  3. Take them all to Witley Court , possibly with a picnic.

  4. Can't think of any more.

Elder son wants to make one of these.

Just a fraction of the clutter in my daughter's bedroom.

Witley Court. At its best when the fountain is playing which it does on the hour throughout the summer for about ten minutes.

So, are you approaching the school hols with a heart full of joy or do you wish it was September already? :o)



  1. Even though I have no school-age children, I dread the school holidays, basically because it limits the activities I can do with Violet. Many of the things I take her to on weekdays now, finish for the Summer holidays, which is such a shame. I tend not to go into town much either when it's the holidays because it's so damn busy everywhere. I'm whinging now - Apologies.

    Witley Court looks lovely - I'll definitely go and check that place out.

    And finally, I think your eldest should come round here and bake that scrumptious looking cake for Moi.

    Jill x

  2. I can tell you something that may make you feel better...In the U.S. most all schools are out for almost 3 months. I am past that now but you can imagine how horrid that was!

    Yesterday you posted and it came up on my reader but the post itself never came up so I couldn't read it at all. Actually when I went back just now to it and clicked on it from yesterday it opened this post. Did you change something in your blog address?

  3. Anonymous5:07 pm BST

    Do you know what - I'm glad it's not just me that is looking forward to not seeing other parent's in the school playground. The mum's in my daughter's class are the biggest bunch of cliquey, nosey, gasbag gossips in town (If there is one thing I hate it's a gossiper) and I do not like them at all and choose not to stand anywhere near them. They are worse than their children! I can say all this on here too as I know that none of them would read this! Tee Hee!! I love summer holidays!!! Hurrah!!

  4. Oh Sue you make me laugh out loud! I really am in your camp. Woody and I share the summer hols parenting as we both work different days and with that and a combination of my mum-in-law and parents having the boys a day each it does sort of gets spread out a bit. Which is massive bonus I reckon!

    So Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be my days at home with my 3 and 6 year olds and we will most definitley be living the simple life - pond dipping, woodland walks, cutting and sticking, friends for lunch, and an occassional treat of proper chocolate cake in a proper cafe in town. They get as much fun out of splashing in a stream as they would at any play centre or theme park.

    And Witley Court is a brilliant place, will definitely fire their imaginations. I visited on my post-grad Heritage Management course and got to meet the stonemasons carving new parts of the fountains. Such an etheral atmpsphere, quite spooky really.

    Well, enjoy the plonk and get a good rest in before the holidays hit!
    love Stephx

  5. Hope you all have a brilliant summer - I expect your kids are really imaginative and can fine their own entertainment, what fun!?

    Sarah x

  6. I'm full of joy at the prospect of the summer holidays but that's because I'll be off work for 6 weeks and I don't have any children, so for me it's days to myself, time to read, bake and generally relax - something I am very ready for after such a busy summer term at school!

    I think it's good to let children entertain themselves, promotes imagination and independence and all that!

    Looking at your posts it sees the positives outweigh the negatives so I hope you enjoy the hols!

  7. We're ten days in. I am even lazier than the boys. Since Summer Holidays also mean no work for me, I find I appreciate them so much.

  8. I have had Jose home since her exams finished. I am almost ready to murder the 16 year old huffy teenager. Thank fully she is a trial for a job tomorrow and an interview for Waitrose on Thursday. I can't wait until the 7th of September. I am going to book a week off work to enjoy a child free house!!

    Enjoy your 9 days, heaven I thinnk.


  9. Anonymous7:29 pm BST


    Always read nearly every day, and in answer to your question re school holidays, I don't have children but work in school transport, so I really really enjoy the six weeks that schools have off ;-)

    Love the blog by the way


  10. Ahh! thank goodness my days of school holidays are over! Just one thing, if you made your own wine you could get at least 6 bottles for the cost of a weeks saved bus fares!!!! sometimes I can make 6 bottles for £1.50 just a bag of sugar and packet of yeast and a bit of a wait! Perhaps you could teach the children to make it?? Have a lovely summer Lisa x

  11. I love the school holidays (which a lot of Mums find very strange!). I enjoy spending time with the kids, taking them out for picnics, bike riding or just the park. After all, they grow up way too quick and won't want to spend time with me when they are older!
    I love Witley Court too, especially the fountain.


  12. Anonymous8:06 pm BST

    what about Hanbury Hall for an outing. wednesday is agood day but then I'm diased. ME

  13. Anonymous8:59 pm BST

    We are 3 weeks into our holidays in Scotland and so far so good. Hubby and I juggle the childcare as he can work from home while I am at work but with them at home there is sooooo much more housework and laundry to do on my days off :-(
    I love that there are no after school clubs though, and just me to get through the bathroom in the morning.Looking forward to the weather brightening and making memories with sailing and picnics. There are certainly added stresses wih the holidays but overall I just
    want my two to remember their summers as times of fun just as I remember mine.

  14. You have similar plans to me but of course with double the children (ouch at the shoe bill).

    First major task is the bedroom blitzs - not something I want to do but it really is grim in there!!

    Enjoy your summer - wonder how much of our to-do lists we will complete?

  15. Anonymous10:52 pm BST

    I'm with Suzy, I love the school holidays :) Love spending time with my children, why have them otherwise? Love, love, love, the whole loosening of routine, clocks and bedtimes. Hate the start of September, always get a bit down then.

  16. I love the holidays. My children are no longer school age so they please themselves anyway. The best thing for me is the fact that no school means no school run and clear roads for my drive to work. Bliss.

  17. In Australia our 6 week Summer holidays also coincide with Christmas and the weather is very hot so most families either head for the beach or stay at home by the pool. If you have a swimming pool you don't have to entertain children so that part is easy.
    Now my kids are grown and gone I just have to endure the heat at home but aircon makes it survivable at least - but oh the electricity bill is enormous!
    Anyway good luck. Hope the weather is good.

  18. Behind you all the way Sue. Its as though I wrote that post!!!!

  19. Anonymous10:35 am BST

    I enjoyed the school holidays, freedom from the school run and more relaxed children who occupied themselves. Luckily, we have the moors and the sea within easy reach, so we didn't have to endure theme parks or crowds(my children now say they were deprived!).
    My husband is a teacher though and bless him, he does get under my feet after about the fourth week!
    I am with you on the school shoes Sue and my only way of coping with this was to be standing outside Russell and Bromley before 9am! Son was easy, the first shoes that fitted and we were done. I still shudder when I think of the battle for sensible shoes with my daughter though! Thank goodness she is now 19 and her feet are no longer my responsibility.


  20. what a lovely honest post, you had me laughing!
    I do really enjoy the hols in general, and yes I'm also firmly in the Lazy camp of Holiday Parenting.
    I open my front door, prop it open with a big rock and leave it open all day....let my kids come and go as they please, which also involves anyone elses kids coming in to ours to play, sometimes we end up with 8 kids running through the house but I like it that way.
    We have a few jaunts away in cannievan to look forward to, but mostly we shall be here at number 24 going with the flow.
    ps oh yes you reminded me about new shoes, must not forget to do this like I did lasy yr oops

  21. I'm looking forward to the hols - mainly because my parents are hoiking DS off to Italy for 2 weeks!

  22. Your post made me smile :) I love the freedom of the summer holidays. No sandwiches to make, no activities and no alarm clocks. Hope you enjoy your holidays, looking forward to hearing about them. Best wishes, Pj x

  23. You have such a wonderful summer plan!
    I think I have to start listing things to... It helps me keep on track.
    Hope you enjoy the holidays,

  24. I'm with you on all of that - particularly the endless letters and the other parents. I also agree about children not needing entertaining. They have to get bored periodically because that's when they get creative and they have to learn to have personal resources. Keep up the good work!

  25. I can only echo what everyone says! I may get ratty with my two but I must keep reminding myself that it beats having to do the school run and having to stand in the playground!

  26. My kids are all past school age now, but I did love the holidays, SLEEP-IN's for me, and yes not having to stand about with the other rather up themselves mothers, no notes, forms, rushing here and there etc. Gosh has bought back some memories.
    Take care and have fun, you will enjoy your glass of wine at the end of the night.

  27. I agree with so much of your post it is uncanny!
    Luckily for me, though both children can be left alone so I do get some 'me' time!
    I bought my daughters last shoes off Amazon 0 she wanted Kickers - they were a good fit and tough as well. Mind you, that was after going to every shoe shop in the the county!

  28. No more school holidays? It might seem a delicious prospect but to me, in my first year of living without them, it feels as though the rhythm of the year has got lost. Rather like December without Christmas.

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