Stool Hat

Thank you for your wonderful response to my last post. I loved reading all your comments :o) School holidays-love them and loathe them in equal measure I reckon.

Today I have something to show you that I made that isn't food. I've been hooking a hat for a stool. I've copied Lucy again. I like hers better than mine to be honest, she has nicer colours and on hers you can't see where the rounds start and finish like you can on mine. But I'm pleased with it and it only took one evening and a couple of hours to make.

Mmmm...think I might start arranging my books to match my crochet.....



  1. That's lovely Sue - nice and bright and cheery. (And probably good at wiping away the stress resulting from contemplating teaching teenage sons to cook!)

  2. A couple of hours to make!!!!!!
    I cannot get to grips with crochet at all.
    I haven't seen Lucy's, but yours looks very colourful to me. It's things like this, that bring a smile to my face. I love it.
    Jill x

  3. I love your stool hat! And the colors are so happy....Really cute look and easy on the bum too!

  4. Ooo yes I love it, its so yummy.

  5. This is really lovely Sue and I love all the Ladybird books too ~ I remember the Ballet one and the Elves and the shoemaker ~ Great books!:O)

  6. Well I haven't seen Lucy's version but I can't imagine it being much better than yours, it is lovely.

    Loved your last post, it made me laugh. Our two broke up 2 weeks ago and so far so good, only 6 to go!!!

  7. Thanks everyone. Lucy's stool cover is on the link above ;o)

  8. Lovely, if I had a round stool I would give it a go too, it looks great. I spend my time making Lucy Bags!

  9. I applaud you, to be able to crochet is one thing, but to be able to crochet a stool cover is another.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, yes I use After Dinner Mints, and I am seriously addicted to the After Eight bis. I have almost lost count of how many batches I have made lol. Oh I do love all things English am watching a show on TV at the moment called Escape to the Country, love Heart Beat etc. have to come visit as soon as I can gather enough money together.
    Take care
    Sandi xx

  10. I saw somewhere a bookshelf arranged according to colour. It looked terrific but made finding a title quite a challenge. I so wish I had Shopping with Mother.

  11. Oh that's gorgeous - I really like you colour combination, it has something of the fifties about it.

  12. Precioso!

  13. Anonymous10:41 pm BST

    It looks fantastic! I so look forward to your blog posts, Sue, they are wonderful!

    Have a great weekend!

    Abi x

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  15. Anonymous9:47 pm BST

    Been on holidays and only catching up on blogs - hope you still get to read this comment! I too found my joins in a circle spoilt the piece - until I found this method - hope you find it useful.

  16. Thank you Lyn-de-Lou for that link! What an excellent tutorial.


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