July Sampler

The end of another month. How they do fly by. It's been a busy month what with the end of school and all that involves. One week into the holidays and I'm still smiling :o)

 Here's my July sampler, I've managed to squeeze in a bit of crochet this time and also some salad in there amongst the jam, cake and meringues, I'm all for a balanced diet. I hope you like it!

Do you want to see what else I've been doing? It's Lucy's fault.

Lucy was much more generous than me and bought this book for her son. I bought it for ME ME ME. My daughter is consumed with longing for it. She will just have to save up for her own copy. This one is MINE.

What fun!
And how about some more colourful fish?

Tray baked salmon and veg Jamie Oliver style. It was all cooked in a very hot oven for about 15 mins. The potatoes were parboiled  but I think an improvement would be to bake them on the tray first until they are brown and crisp then add the other ingredients. Be generous with the olive oil. This was a roaring success and not a bite was left. I shall be writing this one up in my new recipe journal, more of which later.


  1. Looks like a great month! I have just ordered that book on amazon this morning for my dd. I got her some new felt tips too. Lovely blog. x

  2. Wow that coloring book looks FUN. Enjoyed your colorful sampler. Enjoy a super everything!

  3. Oh I love this months sampler and that Salmon dish looks well tasty. I'm now wondering whether my other half will eat it.

    I've seen those doodle books - aren't they fantastic. I'm glad you bought one for yourself because I want one for me too. I used to love colouring in those massive Doodle Art posters when I was younger - do you remember them????

    Have a lovely weekend. x

  4. Anonymous6:56 pm BST

    Oh, that Jamie Oliver tray baked salmon is one of our favourites! Confession time - I want one of those doodle books for myself ( have been struggling with temptation for a while and don't think I can resist much longer) - Sue, if you use felt tip pens does the colour bleed through to the other side of the page?

  5. Ros I'm afraid it does bleed a little. I was slightly disappointed at that.

    Jill I do remember Doodle Art posters or something like them. I had one that came in a brightly coloured cardboard tube. I think it showed some sort of fantastical world with strange birds and beasts and people in elaborate costumes.

    Does anyone remember Altair patterns? I loved those.

  6. That tray bake looks delicious, I love salmon so must try it. I'll do the potatoes first though as you suggest. I haven't done any colouring in since my daughter was a little girl. I've always enjoyed doing things like that.

  7. like the doodles! I remember having one of these posters too. Butterflys I think it was and it took ages and ages. The pens were really good too I had them for years and years before they ran out.

  8. Anonymous5:17 pm BST

    you wi

    I've ordered the colouring book!!! You know much I like colouring in. The elephants are just what I've been looking for to do an enbroidery . Thank you. ME

  9. I loved your segue from colouring to cooking. I must try that salmon tray bake.

  10. What a great blog (and I'm loving that coloring book!) Found you through a photo on Emma Lamb and am so happy I did! Will be following.

    xo Erin

  11. Haha, I think it is great that you bought the book for yourself to enjoy :)

  12. So much to Ooohh over - doodle book is very tempting - and yes! I remember the altair patterns (I have been searching fruitlessly for something to replicate them for my children).
    I am intrigued by your recipe journal - I have toyed for some time with the idea of writing down favourite recipes as have them - especially as our current fare seems to be a dreary rotation of a few tried and tested recipes.

  13. I love what you've done with your recipe journal, such a good idea. I used to have a doodle pattern pad as a child, and I'm certainly tempted to get one like yours for myself!x

  14. Oh ... my ... goodness! I made this meal tonight, and it was amazing! Thanks so much! This one is definitely going in my recipe binder! Thank you, thank you!


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