In a Pickle

Bread and butter pickles, a delicious crunchy-sweet pickle of cucumber and onions.
Wonderful in beef or cheese sandwiches or, my favourite, on crispbread with smoked mackerel.

Salt the sliced cucumber and onion and leave to drain overnight. I think I've been a bit generous with the onion.

Dry them well in a tea towel.

Bring some vinegar, sugar and spices to the boil. Add the cucumber and onion, cook for three minutes only and pour into a sterilised jar.

Bread and Butter Pickles from Quick and Easy Preserves by Simone Sekers

Makes one large jar (a big mayonnaise jar)

1 lb of cucumber (I used little ones but ordinary big ones will do)-sliced
1 Spanish onion- sliced
1 oz salt
5 fl oz white wine or cider vinegar
6 oz demerara sugar
1 tbsp mustard seeds
1 tsp coriander seeds
pinch of cayenne

The spices are not set in stone. I discovered I'd run out of mustard seeds so I used cumin seeds instead but not as much. The texture of the seeds in the pickle is nice, they pop pleasantly in the mouth.



  1. I've never made pickles - no one in my house eats them except me. But I do really like them. Maybe it's time to treat myself...

  2. Thanks for this recipe Sue - I've been wondering how to use up my cucumber mountain!!

  3. Oh these look and sound delicious, you make all the sorts of foods that I love, so will have to give these a try.
    Congrats on the continued weightloss, easy does it and then it will stay off. Belated birthday greetings for your son too.
    Sandi x

  4. Mmmmmmm.....pickle - I love pickles and chutneys and we are just waiting for the toms to make chilli jam, though piccalilli - my gran would make it every Autumn, but I just couldn't get in to it.

    Have a fabulous weekend,

    Nina x

  5. Hi Sue: Thanks for the recipe. Might need to give that a try. Bread and butter pickles are always good. Enjoy a fantastic weekend!

  6. No processing with these either? I would like to know who in the U.S. decided that we needed to make all of this more difficult. Once again I thank you for teaching me something new and easier than I have ever done it.

  7. oooooooooooo my mum used to make this every year, I remember travelling back on the national express coach to my digs when I was a student laden down with jars of it, i loved it so much!
    Might have to try making my own now I'm a Grown Up!

  8. Oh yum! I adore pickles so may have to try this one :)

  9. Julie Ratcliffe2:20 pm BST

    I absolutely love your blog Sue. I can remember my Grandma making bread and butter pickles in the 1960s. This post has taken me right back to her little cottage kitchen in Cumbria. Thanks. Julie

  10. Anonymous6:46 pm BST

    Just found your blog now, marvlus! Perfick timing too! Is the pickle best kept in a fridge or larder, please? Approx how long will it stay 'ok' for? Many thanks.

    1. I always keep it in the fridge. I just finished a jar which had been in the fridge a couple of months and it was still crisp and delicious.

    2. Anonymous11:03 am BST

      Thank you very much. No more wasted cucumbers:-).

  11. I am just getting round to making this - only six years late! When you serve these pickles do you drain a quantity for everyone or do you let each person fish their own out of the jar.? What draining implement/method do you use? Is the jar you use 1 litre or 1.5 litres? For 1lb of cucumber do you use 5 or 10 fl oz vinegar - I've found notes of both on your blog, perhaps at different times. Thanks very much.

  12. Hi Nicky, I made some of these pickles just the other day, they're a real favourite. We just dig in with a fork and let them drain a bit from the fork. For 1lb of cucumber I find a large 800g mayonnaise jar about right. Two smaller ones are fine too -size isn't that critical. The quantity of vinegar is 5 fl oz as stated in the recipe (I don't remember writing 10 fl oz anywhere but if I did I was wrong -Sorry!). I hope you enjoy your pickles.

  13. Pickles now made - superb - thanks so much for all your help.


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