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A bit of a lazy post today. Not much is happening here at The Quince Tree so I thought I'd put together some photos of what's been going on in my kitchen in the last couple of days.

I made a big batch of granola yesterday.

I've been sprouting mung beans. You can buy these easily at supermarkets. They're easy to sprout. Simply put a couple of tablespoonfuls into a jar, cover with water and leave overnight.
Next day drain off the water, cover the mouth of the jar with a piece of muslin or old tights and rinse water through the beans about 3 times a day. Keep the jar in a cupboard-they like the dark. After 2-3 days you will have a jar full of beansprouts.

They really come into their own in the winter when homegrown salad veg is scarce, but they're great at any time. We love them in toasted cheese sandwiches.

This was lunch today. I serve this DIY salad meal quite often. The kids like it because they get a break from my usual choice of 'take it or leave it'. They can choose what they like as long as they have some protein and some veg.

This was my lunch -egg, tinned mackerel, green beans (the first local beans of the year), leftover boiled potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes.

The boys like to avoid green foods. Those are spiced roasted chickpeas in the little white dish next to the sweetcorn -not baked beans.

Dinner this evening was a cashew nut stirfry making use of various veg leftover from lunch and my beansprouts.

I was going to make a berry brulée with currants from the garden and some raspberries from my favourite farm shop.

But it's been a bit chilly here today and I felt like something hot and turned it into crumble instead.



  1. Anonymous7:48 pm BST

    All looks delicious! Have a great weekend.

    Abi x

  2. I remember back in the seventies doing the mason jar with panyhose stretched over the top and alfalfa spouts...worked then and now, some things never change. Thanks for reminding me.

  3. Anonymous7:15 am BST

    oh my gosh, I need to make a stir fry now.

  4. I am sitting here drooling at your pics! All looks really tasty xx

  5. It all looks very tasty,just as well I've just eaten!

  6. I've been making my own sprout, too. Now nice to see other people doing it, too.
    Look like a lot of magics have happened in your kitchen.
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. YUM! I'm up for another lunch now and I've only just finished my first one.

    I have make granola on my list of things to do. I love it. You've spurred me on to knock up a batch later, tvm, Ax

  8. Your lunchtime salad looks delicious and the berry crumble looks even better!:) Most of all though I love the sampler picture on your header - it's a real delight to look at.

  9. Hi Sue, thank you for popping over to see me and for your lovely comments. It's all looking very delicious here, I shall definitely be coming again ... if only I had a quince tree too (sigh).

    (PS - I had a good old chuckle reading your 'fifty things')

  10. oooooh my favourite meal ever is a "DIY Salad"... I love it :) in fact, your post has made me so hungry I'm going to have to go and get dinner half an hour early :)


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