Fifteen years ago today in the middle of one of the hottest summers ever my elder son was born.

We've had a lovely day chillaxing at home. We completely surprised the birthday boy by giving him a laptop. We've spent the last three years telling him a laptop was way too expensive for a birthday present (it is...way too much). Younger son was almost as pleased as his brother because not only does he now have almost unlimited access to the desktop pc he knows he can look forward to receiving a laptop for his 15th birthday. Let's hope they're cheaper by then.

I haven't forgotten that today is Weight Loss Wednesday. I am very pleased to report another 2 lbs off! I honestly didn't think I'd lost any weight this fortnight. I don't feel that I've been eating any less and I certainly haven't been moving more. All in all I have lost half a stone which feels like a fairly significant amount. You can't tell by looking at me though! I've lost track of how long I've been trying to eat a bit less but I reckon it's about three months which means I should reach my goal weight sometime around May 2012. My first goal is only one lb away though :o)


  1. A very Happy 15th Birthday to your son ~ sounds like he's had a pretty good day with a very yummy looking cake too! Well Done with your weight loss ~ I'm sure one little piece of birthday cake will be allowed :O) xx

  2. Wow - What a great age 15 is. And, a laptop - what a lucky, lucky boy. Wishing your eldest many happy returns for today.

    Also a very big congratulations to you too - that's great news about the weight loss and so near to your first goal. Well done lovely lady.

    Jill x

  3. Me again - I meant to mention that Packwood House are holding an event called Around the World in time for tea, this Saturday & Sunday. Apparently there'll be tea and cakes on the lawn, crafts and makes. Sounds good, think we'll pop over on Sunday and check it out.

    There's loads of stuff going on at the National Trust properties rounds abouts - check out www.trusty.org.uk and it lists all the activities for children and families.

    If you already know all the above, then just ignore me.

  4. Happy Birthday! What a delicious looking cake! I'm trying to eat less too but have become obsessed with biscuits and cakes and have ending up eating more, so well done you, I know how hard it can be for a cake lover!

  5. Happy Birthday to your boy, if he was born one day earlier he could have shared his day with ME! Given what the gift was, I have no doubt he's had a wonderful day. And well done you for nearly reaching your first goal!

  6. Happy 15th Birthday to your son! I am so happy for you with another 2 lbs. off. What kind of portions are you allowing yourself? It is exciting that you don't really notice that you are doing all that much but yet still are seeing results.

  7. What a fabulous looking cake! Congratulations to your grown up son :)

  8. Best wishes to your Son for a happy happy birthday! I'm sure he was so pleased to receive such a wonderful and useful gift. You must be proud (and rightly so) to be so close to your goal. Keep up the good work!

  9. Anonymous8:05 am BST

    14 years ago on the 28th July I had my youngest son William! So we now share a love of Harry Potter read by Steven Fry and a son's birthday. Oh and my son is now saving his birthday money for a netbook. Well he is starting his GCSEs. Sounds like you had a lovely day - Ours was decidedly un MSE as we went to see Toy Story 3D (which was brilliant and quite scary) and pizza! Mollyx

  10. Hello. Haven't popped by for a while and it has been lovely catching up on your last few posts. Great cake. Fab pressie (lucky boy). Love the school hols over here but sadly I won't be getting a week to myself to potter alone. Well done with shed pounds. Stool hat beautiful. Back soon, Ax

  11. Happy Birthday to your boy - I remember that very hot summer well as I was halfway through pregnancy with my eldest.
    We are thinking of getting her a laptop for her birthday in November - she keeps pinching my netbook.

  12. Happy birthday to your son - my son is also 15 years old - he was born in the June. Well done on the weight loss - I still haven't lost any:(
    Best wishes, Pj x


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