Weight Loss Wednesday

Do you like my postcards? They are Moo cards. I read about them on Jane Brocket's blog. A fantastic way to show off your photographs.
I ordered 20 cards of 5 different designs, they cost £15 including p&p. No idea what I shall do with them but I'm very pleased with them.

And what about my sweet peas, do you like them? They smell delicious. I'm picking quite a few each day at the moment from my two pots of sweet pea plants. The more you pick them, the more flowers you get. Thanks mum for bringing me the plants (and for planting them :o))

: :

OK, enough prevaricating. Weight Loss Wednesday has unfortunately become Weight Gain Wednesday. Not too much, one lb on. I'm afraid I haven't stopped baking, in fact I've just polished off the last two brownies which I made for yesterday's dessert. I made them because son number 2 had a guest, but that was just an excuse, I made them because I wanted to eat brownies. The kids would have been happy with the strawberry lollies in the freezer.

 When did foods that were once thought of as treats become part of our daily diet? What happened to a simple wholesome diet? I've been reading a fascinating little book called The Good Scots Diet by Maisie Steven. The Scots were once regarded as one of the healthiest nations in the world, strong and hearty folk fed on a diet of oats, barley, fish, whole dairy produce, not much meat, vegetables and berries. Unfortunately this traditional diet has all but disappeared.

Here's my take on a diet of traditional, simple whole foods made up of what I had available when I took the photo. It's basic, there are no frills but I can make some darn tasty meals from that lot. The kids can have flapjacks, scones and fruit muffins for their extras none of which I find particularly tempting and C and I can manage without extras, we certainly don't need them.



  1. You and I seem to be waging the same battle. Put the small gain behind you and start the week afresh. That's what they say but it's hard when you LIKE to cook good things ( and of course when they're there it's hard to resist them isn't it?
    Keep trying

  2. Ha Sue were they complaining that 13 degrees was cold? I live for 13 degrees as it is the temp at which I ditch my cardie!! I adore your cards and can feel some sincere flattery coming on (gonna copy you again)I could send them as thankyous etc. Don't loose heart re the diet I am exactly where you are. Same weight same booping uphill battle. Trying and loving pilates. Very gentle but not without pain good results so far.

  3. Love the beautiful flowers you have published here.

  4. Post cards are amazing, what a great idea...sweet peas are one of my fav flowers the smell is just so beautiful and the weight gain...nothing to dwell on, tomorrow is a brand new day. :)

  5. I love the postcards, what a great idea. I too am picking sweetpeas at the moment - they took a while to flower but are really going for it now!

  6. Anonymous7:14 pm BST

    Lovely postcards Sue. Thanks for your comment about my crappy diet mood. I bleedin' HATE every minute of it but if I don't do something I fear I may explode one day if I get any bigger!!!

    Ruth (STILL feeling the crappiness!)

  7. Love your postcards they would make great notelets to attach to presents.....maybe?

    Nina xxx

  8. Your Sweet Peas look so lovely.

    I ordered some postcards from Moo the other month (to use for my Postcrossing ventures) and I was really impressed with the quality and the service - I'll definitely be ordering some more. Yours are great, you chose some very nice colourful pictures.


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