Weight Loss Wednesday

Slightly downcast this weigh-in. I made the mistake of weighing myself a day early. Yesterday my scales said 14st 2lb, but today they say 14st 4lb.  I know one's weight fluctuates quite a bit throughout the day and week but I was a bit disappointed. However it is a loss of a 1lb and my goal was to lose between ½ -1 lb a week, I am on track so it's Good News :o))

 Although I did a post a few days ago where I mentioned cutting fat from recipes I haven't actually been doing that. We've been eating the same sort of things we usually eat but I have been snacking much less. I am saving puddings (desserts for readers in the US) for weekends only and have been trying to make them in smaller quantities so that there are no tempting leftovers.

The problem is that I love baking too much. These are the sort of things that I find very hard not to eat if they are around.

Sugar and spice and all things nice.

I think I need to rethink the kind of things I provide for the kids to snack on. Of course there's always fruit which they love, or just plain old bread and jam. Sometimes I make popcorn for them. I might do that today actually. They also like plain crackers like Ryvitas and oatcakes, slices of cheese, carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, seeds, nuts, dried fruit. In fact there are loads of things they'd be happy to eat instead of cakes and biscuits. You know what? I'm not baking for them, I'm baking for me. When I decide to make a batch of brownies or cinnamon rolls it is not because I want to see my little darlings' (actually quite big darlings these days) faces light up and have them say 'you're awesome mum!', no, it is solely because I want to eat brownies or cinnamon rolls. And yes, I am the one who eats most of whatever I've baked. Greed you see.



  1. You know I'm just the same. I'm the one who eats all the cakes etc in this house so I'm not making them or buying that sort of stuff either. But you know what? Every night I search for a little something!! Lucky there's nothing there!!
    I lost one kilo this week, about 20 to go !!!!

  2. Anonymous12:14 pm BST

    You'll probably find that the weight gain is down to water fluctuations - my weight regularly does this over a short period of time and my husband says that this is what it is - the transition of fluids in your body (don't ask me why tho!) Since my post about exercise and food I decided that I knew I couldn't exercise as I simply don't like it so I thought I'll cut down on silly food - but it's hard and I'm constantly craving "nice" food even though I'm having smaller portions of it but I have managed to lose about 5 pounds in a fortnight so I shouldn't moan - I just love food though - all of it unfortunately - it really is my undoing!!!

  3. All of you are douing brilliantly well. I am proud of every last one of you weight loss Wednesday people. Slowly slowly catchee monkey!!!!

  4. Anonymous12:53 pm BST

    Well done on your weight loss, I managed to gain 1lb this :( not sure how. I surpose it dose not help that I have spent the last 2 days sitting while learning to crochet. Keep up the good work.

  5. Sue aka snoozer1:23 pm BST

    Well done Sue.

    I don't think it's pure greed, you obviously enjoy baking and then can't resist the end product.

    I'm the same so I sometimes bake something I know I won't eat like bakewell slice because I don't like the almond flavour. But then DH complains because he can't resist it and he doesn't want to put on weight!

  6. Anonymous1:32 pm BST

    Why don't you indulge your love of baking by joining Country Markets and selling your cakes. This way you could still enjoy baking but use your profits to buy non fattening treats like wool, flowers and other pretties.

  7. Weight loss is hard! You are doing a good job if you've been baking, but still have lost weight. I am battling cancer and the meds they've given me cause me to get very hungry, plus they have raised my sugar to the point I need insulin shots twice a day. I am having to watch what I eat, and how I bake. I'm trying to learn to bake with new things like flaxseed meal and almond meal. Hang in there, I totally understand how you feel!
    Dee in Ohio, USA

  8. Hang in there. The 2lbs probably was water and you'll be down 3lbs next week. Besides... it's still going in the right direction. Why don't you try cold turkey on the baking front (just until you hit your first milestone), take up another craft instead. Maybe start a weightloss quilt... buying scraps of colourful fabric can feel as rewarding as gorging on cake. It'll keep your hands busy. A x

  9. You are all full of good advice and encouragement,thank you! I like the idea of baking for Country Markets, will investigate that, thanks!
    I particularly like the idea of having a baking ban until I reach my first goal. Thanks Aoife :o) That seems achievable. I could definitely get on with some sewing to keep me out of the kitchen.

    Well done to everyone losing weight xx

  10. I love baking too. When my daughter came home a couple of weeks ago, I wrote on her facebook page "fridge is full, cake tin is full all ready for her to come home... She wrote back and said that I make her sound like a right fatty!!! But I didn't mean that, I just wanted to have some nice, homemade food for her. But I did have to finish off the leftovers when she went back!!!

  11. You could be writing about me! Cinnamon rolls - I could eat the entire lot straight from the oven - and I too eat most of the baked goods. I have found though that the kids like Battenberg and that it is a cake I don't find very hard to resist - so we occasionally have those in. (haven't tried making my own - I worry that if I finally decided to I might actually end up liking it!)
    Keep going you're doing really well - and you have lost even if not as much as you would like to.

  12. I do sympathise Sue and I think you're incredibly courageous talking about it in public! - I'm not even attempting to lose weight at the moment because I have too many other things to worry about. I definitely identify with the baking for myself thing. Tonight I have a giant Toblerone sitting in the larder for The Boys to give to their Dad on Sunday. It is having the same effect on me as a bag of smack to a heroin addict. The problem is, that if I move it too far away, I'll forget where I put it and will end up buying another! Fat and senile you see...

  13. Anonymous4:53 pm BST

    Having been fortunate enough to be able to eat what I like for the first 50 years and still stay slim, these creeping pounds are proving a shock!
    Preparing some healthier snacks is a good idea Sue and one I will try to follow, although it doesn't have the same sense of pleasure as baking for me. Nevertheless, I did used to enjoy making colourful platters of fruit and vegetables for the children's snacks when they were younger and I had some vague control over their diets/lives. At 16 and 19 they are drawn to all things fried and fatty, preferably served by someone in a uniform and a hat! I think they could still be tempted though and it would help me too......now I just need to sort out my brand and outfit!


  14. I sympathise - I bake all the time and though the children love it I expect I do it for myself really. Mind you my youngest has had measles for over a week, middle one away in France on school trip and daughter in and out so I haven't baked for over a week and it's actually quite liberating! (I lost about 4 stone last year but have put on almost a stone so glad not to be baking and being tempted).


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