Weight Loss Wednesday

....with a few wet flowers thrown in for luck. Weight loss is not a very pretty subject - well not yet anyway, so I'm shamelessly padding with photos I took yesterday at two National Trust properties. Baddesley Clinton and Packwood House are very close to each other and very handy if you are in the Birmingham area. It was very wet but I got some nice pics.

On to the less photogenic topic of my weight loss. Much to my surprise I am able to report a 3lb loss this fortnight. I really didn't expect any loss what with recent unrestrained consumption of cake and cookies and complete lack of exercise, but there you go! I don't know what's going on. It's good news though and another 5lbs off and I'll have reached my first target of 14 stone.



  1. That's great news. Well done.

    Your photos are as lovely as ever, despite the rain trying to ruin them.

    Packwood House is on our list of NT places to visit - now that we've joined, there's no stopping us. We visited Hidecote manor gardens in Gloucestershire on Bank Holiday Monday - the gardens there are stunning, have you been?

  2. I've been to Hidcote many times Jill. It's lovely isn't it? Hanbury Hall is lovely too, just outside Droitwich.

  3. Good on you! Well done, hip hip and all that. Loving the floral lovliness too!

    Sarah x

  4. Well Done with your weight loss ~ you must be doing something right to lose 3lbs! The rest of us will be joining you if you keep on posting your lovely recipes ~ I've just noticed those very yummy sounding After Eight cookies and will just have to try them out for myself. All your ice lollies looked lovely too :O) x

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  6. Anonymous7:06 pm BST

    Good for you!! Really lovely photos, too.

  7. What glorious photographs! That Poppy, with the raindrops is superb. I also love photos of topiary, seeing the different shapes that people use, and getting ideas for my own garden. Lovely! And keep going with your weight loss, well done on what you've achieved so far.
    Love Vanessa xxx

  8. Well done! All this dashing about making and doing must be hitting the right buttons.


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