Weekend Colour Supplement

Some colourful bits and bobs from my weekend. Above, my garden looking green and leafy in the sun.

A burnished roast chicken. Best meal in the world. This was the last thing from my Riverford meat box and very delicious it was too. Not finished yet though. Another meal will be made from the leftovers tonight and a big bowlful of stock has already been made. I also saved the golden fat for frying croutons to have with our soup last night.

My French folder. Homework was to read a newspaper article and be ready to talk about it in the lesson this evening. Je suis prĂȘte ;o)

My daughter was off to a 'Shopping Spree' birthday party yesterday and what fun she had. She chose the card with the sweets on to give to her friend.

This little corner of my garden is where my herbs grow just by the back door. I have currant bushes and a crab apple tree there too.

My elder son paints Warhammer figures. They are tiny but he paints them with such detail and precision. The paints have names like vomit, bleached bone, red gore and chaos black. Nice.

I squeezed in a spot of crochet between watching football matches (sorry, I'm a bit of a World Cup bore at the moment). I'm still hooking away at my blue ripple blanket.

The napkin drawer. Much in demand by my two youngest who both have new clothes to protect from gravy spills.

Colourful teabreak .



  1. WOW, that was very colourful. Those Warhammer paint names crease me up - boys eh! they only like things with disgusting names. I'm surprised there isn't one called Poo Brown.

    And, look at your beautiful crocheted items. The colours in the ripple blanket are really lovely.

  2. What a lovely weekend. A x

  3. Jill, I wouldn't be surprised if there were such a colour :o)

  4. There's bound to be (and a whole lot worse too I betya) :0)

    I meant to say that you should definitely pop over to Stowe gardens. We had a very pleasant walk around, and the coffee wasn't bad either. Have you got any other NT properties round abouts that you'd recommend? So far I think Badesley Clinton has been my favourite, but Violet loved running around all those topiary trees at Packwood on Saturday. Pity there isn't a coffee shop there :0(

  5. What a lovely colourful post ~ that ripple blanket is coming on a treat too! :O) xx

  6. Anonymous5:42 pm BST

    Lovely photos - I looooove the sweetie card!!! Will restart my blankie again tonight after today's crochet murder (dog is slightly forgiven!)

  7. I think we must be twins seperated at birth - I have the same tray and folder- it certainly made doing a very dull work qualification more fun!

  8. Looks like you had a pleasant weekend and nice weather too.

  9. I am very glad to know about your colorful weekend. Love your crochet!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hmmm, that roast chicken is making me hungry again! Lovely colours, I have the Ikea tray too!

  11. I also have the IKEA tray! What a wonderful colorful post... Happy week to you...

  12. I am soo pleased to have passed the warhammer stage. I remember it well, all the paints everywhere. And the weird names. the chicken looks just the thing, we had one too. have a good week


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