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Well, thank you everybody who left a comment on my last post :o) I am so glad you enjoyed the wonderful poppy field. Isn't it marvellous to know that such a glorious spectacle can still be found ?

Today I have a few snippets from my weekend to share.

All from my garden, soooo much cheaper than buying cut flowers.

Elderflower bellini -elderflower cordial and prosecco. It doesn't have to be rosé but it was £2 cheaper than the white. Lovely summery drink.

The Red Arrows of course. We went to an air show today. It was perfect weather for an airshow but six hours of staring into the sky has resulted in my face, neck, arms and feet being the same colour as our picnic lunch.

The red parts of it anyway. I absolutely never remember to take sunscreen. Those are little bacon and egg pies. Chopped hard-boiled egg and chopped cooked bacon in pastry cases. Beaten egg, milk and chives poured over and baked. They also make good lunch box fillers.

It's so much easier to photograph food than speeding aircraft.

And here's me by way of son number two's mirror sunglasses.


  1. Anonymous9:19 pm BST

    Lovely photos Sue - I've cut some of my allium today from the garden - they're looking lovely in theirvase but it's surprising how many bugs were hidden in them!! Think I may have undone the 5lb weight loss today also - had a Father's Day BBQ and unfortunately I ate like the good little piggie I am! Scared to visit the scales tomorrow as I know it will be BAD NEWS :(

  2. Beautiful photos. Out rabbit population eats everything, so no garden flowers for us. Elderflower bellni sounds good, very summer

  3. What beautiful flowers you have growing in your garden Sue.

    You're a very naughty lady for not putting your sunscreen on - I have +50 in my bag at all times, because you never know when the sun is going to show its face.

    Violet would have loved that airshow - she's so into planes, trains etc (would you believe we bought her a Duplo Garbage Truck today because she's facinated with Dustbin men) :0)

    I'm off to find the bottle of Prosecco that I squirrelled away awhile back - it was my birthday afterall.

  4. Which air show was on today Sue? The boys said they'd seen a Lancaster Bomber fly over our house this evening and I wondered if they'd been something on.

  5. It was the Cotswold Air Show WH, Kemble nr Cirencester. Definitely no Lancaster there- there's only one flying in the UK must have been somewhere else. I love the Lanc :o)

  6. Like the look of those pies - yummmm. I get very excited about the red arrows (even though I know next to mothing about planes)!

  7. Lunch looks scrummy :)

    Naughty you for no sunscreen - mind you its the sort of thing I do too!!

  8. I was in the garden when the Red Arrows went over!! I wondered where they were headed!!


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