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C takes the children sailing on Saturday mornings. They're doing an RYA course which I think goes on until October. This leaves me free to potter in the kitchen with my audio books for company. What could be nicer? 

I spent a happy half hour pondering today's menu. The picture above is from Tessa Kiros' lovely book Apples For Jam. I've had this book for ages and made hardly anything from it. I know lots of bloggers have it too, do they actually use it or is it on their shelves because it is so beautiful? Mmmm... Anyway I'm going to make the 'eggs in tomatoes' shown in the pic tonight, or something very similar.

For pudding I have made strawberry parfait from The River Cottage Family Cookbook. A parfait is an ice cream made with egg yolk and a sugar syrup. It's what I call serious cooking - boiling sugar syrups, beating egg yolks and what-have-you. This was my first parfait and I wanted it to be 'parfait' :o). After reading through the recipe several times and gathering all my ingredients and tools together I found it all came together really easily. It was just the ticket for a bit of undisturbed pottering in the kitchen.

Simple ingredients. I needed three egg yolks. I'm glad I didn't leave the big white egg till last because it was double-yolker. I tried to get a picture but by the time I had de-egged my hand to pick up my camera the yolks had merged too much to make a good shot. Never mind, it meant I was able to put one of the eggs back in the fridge. I shall be making meringues with the whites on Monday.

Boiling sugar

Egg yolks beaten with the sugar syrup to the 'ribbon' stage.

Mashed strawberries.

Egg mixture, strawberries, lemon juice and cream mixed together. Into the freezer it goes for about 5 hours. This ice cream does not need churning in an ice cream-maker nor beating with a fork at regular intervals.


This is one of my favourite weekend lunches. Here's the original recipe from a great French recipe site. Simply halve some baguettes or French sticks, spread with crème fraîche, sprinkle on some shallots or onions and bacon lardons that you have cooked in butter and then scatter grated gruyère over and flash under a hot grill (broil).

Yes, that is ready-grated gruyère. It is cheaper in Waitrose than pieces of gruyère and at the moment they're about 90p off . I stock up and store them in the freezer. Gruyère is my favourite cheese to cook with. You can use grated cheese straight from frozen as I have done here. The only added ingredient is potato flour.

A lovely light meal with a green salad.

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Many, many thanks for the wonderful comments you have been leaving recently. It means such a lot and goes along way to making me feel that I have truly found my blogging voice.



  1. All I can say is yummy, yum, yum! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love the idea of the baguette with cheese and bacon - may have to give that one a go. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Looks fantastic, beautiful colours and really yummy. Enjoy the summer weather.

  4. Sue - What a lovely blog you have started here. Very appealing - actually makes me want to go in the kitchen and start cooking. I love Marmiton too - the recipes are almost all easy, yet still yummy. I'm trying this one for lunch for the kids - I run out of ideas for that. Merci!

  5. Am going to have to try the baguette recipe - I wish I didn't have to work so I could work my way through your suggestions!

  6. mmmm it all looks beautiful - we do a similar saturday lunch with ready sliced gruyere and bacon part baked baguettes in the the panini press. I've never got why the sliced cheese is cheaper from ocado but who am I to argue!

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone :o) Rachel glad the lollies were a success, great idea about the vanilla mini-milks.

  8. I have Apples for Jam, but have probably cooked less from it than I should. It earns it's shelf space for reading alone though.

  9. Hi Sue, you have a lovely blog, I have just become a blogger earlier this year and have just started looking through blogs that have appealing names, my first one was Marmalade Rose and it has gone from there. Love all your cooking goodness, I have still yet to try your mint biscs. There is a little language barrier but that makes it all the more of an adventure sorting out what things are. :)

  10. Hi Sue.I have been following your blog for some time now and i would just love to say how i look forward to new posts.I hope you don't mind if you could give me help with my stripe crochet blanket,i have completed 5 rows but is seems to be going all wavey is this right or have i done something wrong i can e-mail you a picture,i would be so gratefull.Many thanks ~Kate~

  11. Kate, by all means email me a pic (click on 'view my complete profile'. I can't guarantee I'll be able to help though, I'm no expert. Have looked at Attic24? Lucy has some brilliantly clear tutorials. She's on my blog roll.

    Sue x


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