These pictures were taken just outside Stourport in Worcestershire on the Bewdley road, about 14 miles from Worcester. They were featured on the BBC Midlands Today programme yesterday so as soon as I'd dropped my daughter off at school this morning I grabbed my camera and jumped in the car in search of this marvellous spectacle. I wasn't really sure where I was going but I needn't have worried, a hillside field of scarlet poppies is hard to miss!

BBC link here



  1. Wowee Sue Talk about a red tide!!!!!! Is the farmer organic or just forgetful? If he is then I'm glad as a glad thing. How cheery!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nancy Richards2:03 pm BST

    Hi, just found your blog through ravelry.
    Fantastic, i'm a mum of 3 6 and under 2 boys and 1 little lady. I'm a knitter but am hooked on hooking at the mo. Saw the lovely japenese book and immediantly ordered one!!!! Very naughty. Keep up the good work!

  3. Anonymous2:14 pm BST

    That's just beautiful - a wonderful sea of red brilliance. That's cheered me up no end today! Wouldn't it be even lovelier if there was a field of lavender next to those poppies?


  4. Oh my - that is gorgeous, like a sea of red and all I can think of doing is rolling down the hill in true little house on the prarie style!

    Nina xxxx

  5. Nina, they wouldn't let you do that -lol! There were notices telling you not to go too far into the field :o)

    Nancy, thanks for your comment and for stopping by :o) I don't know how you found me on Ravelry, are you sure you aren't confusing me with someone else? Lucy of Attic24 perhaps?

    Sue x

  6. Anonymous4:57 pm BST

    Absolutely stunning!
    I saw a few this morning by the roadside and was reflecting how rare it is to see fields of poppies these days....thank you for sharing these with us!


  7. Bitsy Beans6:01 pm BST

    WOW they are amazing. Will see if I can persuade my hubby to take a drive over your way at the weekend. Those are just too good to miss :)

  8. Wow - amazing - I don't think I have ever seen a field so red with poppies. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Sorry spelling awful, meant fantabulistic!

  10. Oh how I love poppies, thank you for such beautiful pics.

  11. Anonymous6:52 am BST

    What a beautiful sight, thank you for sharing these wonderful photos.

  12. devinder8:54 pm BST

    hi Sue that field looks absolutely amazing - i might even trya nd lcoate it myself. I use to work in worcester so know the area, would be a nice trip out. byt he way i love your rainbow blanket you made, i couldt work out how to comment on your blogs till i found it today - i know - doh!

  13. Hi Sue, just wanted to thank you for posting this. I popped over this morning and all I can say is WOW! Would have never had known aboout it if it wasn't for you so a big thank you
    Amanda in Droitwich

  14. Wow, stunning pictures, thanks for sharing.

  15. This is just stunning - absolutely beautiful. I love seeing wild poppies but have never seen anything to compare with this before.

  16. Anonymous10:23 am BST

    they are breathtaking! Such huge fields of colour! I've never seen anything like them!

  17. How really beautiful...just beginning to read your blog from the start...and what a start! Jackie x


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