My mum brought me some pinks yesterday. This one is called 'sugar plum'.
The postman also brought me something pink. My Gudrun Sjödén tunic.

It is the most comfortable thing to wear.Very figure friendly. I love it. Only snag are these lovely big pockets - positioned exactly to catch on my door handles as I go through. I'll have to watch I don't rip them off.
I'm saving like mad to buy more clothes from Gudrun Sjödén.

These vibrant pink flowers are sweet williams bought last Friday. They were half-price and hardly any of the flowers had opened. I didn't hold out much hope of them lasting very long. They have surprised me though by putting on quite a show.

: :

We are still enjoying the contents of our Riverford meat box which I posted about last week. I expect the price of it made some of you gasp. Well, it's making us gasp too, especially when I realised that this particular month will bring three boxes not two. I mentioned that the amount of meat was more than we are used to. It is. We like to alternate meat meals with fish and veggie meals. We are used to it and I believe it is a healthy habit as well as good for the purse. It is nice to know my kids will be able to make themselves a balanced meal without meat. So I have cancelled my order of meat boxes. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the quality of the meat from Riverford, but there's no getting round the fact that it is expensive.

: :

If you have been inspired to bake After Eight cookies may I recommend you use the other half of the box of After Eights in my chocolate lollies. Break them up and stir into the mixture as it heats. It results in the most marvellous mint-chocolate ice lollies. Slurp slurp :o)



  1. Sweet Williams are so pretty aren't they?

    Your new Gudrun Sjödén top looks very pretty too. I'm determined to wear brighter colours this Summer.

    Have a lovely weekend slurping on all your delicious lollies.

  2. So lovely as always Sue

  3. Anonymous7:24 pm BST

    Thanks for another idea for ice lollies we are working our way through your list of recipes, pineapple and coconut being my fave so far but have been unable to sample chocolate ones as kids keep eating them all!


  4. Sue, I saw your comment over a Magic Beans and came to visit you. You have a very nice blog and seem to enjoy the things I do. I will be following you. Have a really great weekend.

  5. Pretty tunic. If I wore it, the pockets would be full of crumbs and all sorts by the evening!

  6. Made the chocolate lollies and they are all gone in one day. Going to make some fruit ones tomorrow and see if they last any longer! Thanks for the inspiration and the fab ideas. Now I have to go and look for the link to the catalogue pics for the wonderful tunic - reading this blog is going to be expensive, I can tell!!

  7. How many ways do I love you!
    Ice lolly recipes, genius!
    loving the new GS purchase too, happy days,

    Sarah x

  8. I love both pinks and sweet williams for their colours and their wonderful perfumes. I really like your GS tunic - think I may fall for one myself:


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