June Sampler

June is nearly over and summer is well and truly upon us. June has been a month of colour; scarlet poppies, yellow roses, pink pinks and blue skies. A month too of refreshing summer drinks; elderflower cordial with its heady scent, chilled rosé wine and citrussy barley water. Luscious English berries have been made into ice cream, scattered over cakes and enjoyed straight from the punnet at a picnic. I hope summer lasts into July and August but you never know with the British weather.
Here's my sampler for June, I hope you like it. I'm afraid there's no crochet in it this time. I've been neglecting my hook rather. I need a new project and more yarn! 

There were a few comments about my bread recipe. I have a bread-making tutorial on Flickr here. The loaf in my previous post was made in exactly the same way but using half quantities- 2¼lb (1kg) strong grain and seed flour (Allinson's), just over 1 pint (20 fl oz) water, 1½ tsp of quick yeast which you add straight to the flour and 1½ tsp salt. I formed the dough into a large round loaf and cut a diamond pattern on the surface before baking.

I use this basic recipe for nearly all my bread; pizza, focaccia, fruit breads, savoury rolled breads. Sometimes I use half milk and half water and sometimes I add some butter rubbed into the flour for special sweet breads. I hope that helps.



  1. The colours in your June Sampler are beautiful.

    Can't believe it's nearly July - Eeek!

  2. Gorgeous photos, I haven't done anything summery in the kitchen thanks to my broken wrist! All those elderflowers going to waste too! It will have to be elderberry something this year instead.

  3. Can hardly believe June is nearly over! Lovely photos :)

  4. I think you have captured the summer in your sampler

  5. Beautiufl! I have just popped over from via your comment over on Lady Helsie's blog and am loving what I see - will add you to my blogs I follow list.


    PS How do you do that mosaic idea with your photos? I love it.

  6. Thank you for another beautiful sampler. June is such a beautiful month in the garden and countryside. Best wishes, Pj x

  7. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments :o)

    Jane, I use Big Huge Labs to make my samplers using the Mosaic Maker -great fun!


    Sue xx


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