Well, thank you so much for your lovely, helpful comments on yesterday's rose post. I still can't identify it but who cares what it is called? As someone once said 
''What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.'' *
And it does smell very sweet.

: :

Today I've been going a bit dippy. I thought I'd make some mackerel paté but I made it too runny. It turned into a nice dip though.

Smoked mackerel fillets (leftover from last night's dinner), yogurt, spring onions (scallions), lemon juice and a dash of sweet chilli sauce.

This one is harissa hummus. Some cooked chickpeas, a spoonful of tahini, a spoonful of yogurt, garlic, lemon juice, salt and 3 teaspoons of harissa paste from a jar. Mmm spicey.

And this one is broad bean (fava beans I think they're called in the US) and pea. I had half a bag of frozen broad beans that had been in my freezer for what seemed like several years :o) The peas and beans were cooked and mixed with a little parmesan, some garlic and a spoonful of yogurt.

All three dips were made in my food processor, but a stick blender would work too. As you can see I don't follow exact recipes for this sort of thing. I just keep tasting until it's right. I haven't added any oil to these dips. I'm trying to cut the calories in my cooking. I've nothing against oils or indeed any fats except artificial ones, but there's no getting away from the fact that fats are calorie dense, so if you can cut the fat down you cut significant calories.

A dollop of each dip on a plate with a toasted pitta bread and some carrot sticks made a delicious lunch -oily fish, pulses and vegetables, wholegrain bread, I reckon that ticks all the dietician's boxes.

*It's Shakespeare as I'm sure you all know, from Romeo and Juliet :o)



  1. Yummy! I love hummus and have been looking for a good recipe. I think I got it and a few more dips to add to my box. Thanks.

  2. Anonymous3:17 pm BST

    I have looked in all my books and Ithink your rose is called Marigold .Ishall have to get one. ME.

  3. Thank you ME! That name does sound familiar.

  4. Anonymous4:02 pm BST

    I.ve just looked at the roselocator web site.It says there is no rose of that name.

    I have just looked at the rose locator web site.It says there is no rose of that name.There is! It's in DAVID AUSTIN'S catalogue.ME

  5. ME I think your catalogue is out of date. The online David Austin catalogue doesn't have it and I can find no rose called Marigold or May Gold anywhere. I think it must be Buff Beauty.

  6. Anonymous5:07 pm BST

    Sorry .The spelling is wrong. DAVID AUSTIN catalouge is current on page73 The rose I've been looking at is MAIGOLD.

  7. Thank you Anon :o) ME, you always were a rotten speller!

    It does look like Maigold is the one. I notice it is described as vigorous and prickly, which it certainly is.

  8. My those dips look scrummy. And I have some gourmet cracker type thingummies I bought on a whim a while back still uneaten. I sense lunch coming on...

  9. Yummy dips, your blog always makes my mouth water!

  10. Another frozen broad bean hoarder. Now that you've pointed the way with a good use for them I will give your dip a go. Cheers


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