Weight Loss Wednesday

Or more accurately Weight Gain Wednesday. Yes, I have regained the pound I lost. I also have neglected my exercise regime big time. Excuse - on Wednesday May 5th I woke up with a painful shoulder. I've had problems with muscle spasms in my neck in the past. The doctor couldn't be sure but thought it was probably due to some of the exercises I had been doing most likely the abdominal crunches which made my neck hurt when I was doing them. You see exercise is BAD FOR YOU.

Over the next week the pain got worse and had also affected my left arm and hand (I'm left-handed). I was getting very little sleep as the pain was so bad. After another trip to the Doc's and some strong drugs I wasn't much better. However, I am gradually getting better, sleeping well and pain-free during most of the day. First couple of hours in the morning are the worst. I can't drive though so thank goodness for online supermarket shopping.

Anyway all this has naturally made my resolve to only eat at mealtimes fly out of the window (it doesn't take much) and consequently I regained that pound. I am trying to get back on track and reluctantly mulling over the idea of counting Weight Watcher's points in order to get myself disciplined. I am trying to fit in some short walks on top of the school run and now the weather is improving that is a pleasure not a chore.Yesterday morning was so beautiful. The may blossom is coming out and I love that. I love the creamy curds of flowers and their sour scent.

So onward and upward, I'm back to square one but ready to start again :o)

Thank you all you lovely people for your comments on my blanket!! I was bowled over by your response and on Flickr too. I must say the sunshine yesterday showed it off at its most vibrant. Now I really must finish my blue ripple blanket before I forget how to do the pattern.



  1. Sue, I just read about your weight loss plan. Your blog photo certainly doesn't give the impression that you have 4.5st to lose. I've been doing a bit of weight losing myself. Like you, I love cooking. I love the ritual, I love feeding my family. Dieting depresses me. However, what's really worked well (10lbs in six weeks) for me is the "cook yourself thin" books. The recipes are very nice and calorie counted (I'm aiming for 1200 - 1400 cals a day). I don't feel hungry. I can carb load the meals for the rest of the family and everyone is happy. Good luck. A x

  2. Aoife, that's very encouraging, and well done you! Thank you for the comment about my photo. Luckily for me my weight has never really shown around my face and neck (or my chest which makes finding a bra tricky -40A anyone?) It's all on my bum and increasingly my stomach. Also I'm holding the camera high up which gives a more flattering result!
    I have borrowed the Cook Yourself Thin books from the library, I must give them another go. It's the baking that's my downfall. My children expect something baked in their lunchbox-my fault.

  3. Lyn-de-lou1:37 pm BST

    Ah poor you - sit ups are murder on the back and neck.. But don't give up - try a more gentle form of exercise like yoga or callenetics - the results are as good (if not better) and safer too.

  4. Hope the neck is soon better. T'ai Chi is a good, gentle exercise. If your neck problem continues might be worth looking into "Bowen Therapy", only thing that helped my sister's frozen shoulder.
    Love, love, love the May blossom. Ours is just coming out.

  5. In Amy D's books she says that when she discovered how long she had to exercise to get rid of the calories in a chocolate bar it seemed much easier not to eat the chocolate!

    I once rubbed down and painted the hall stairs and landing. The day after it was finished I woke up with a fiendish pain in my shoulder. It took ages to go.

    DIY is also bad for your health!

  6. I hope you feel better soon. I know firsthand how hard it can be to recover from an injury and eat right. It's tough!

    Love the photos today.

  7. Back to the losing weight thing - I was a little plump when I was a 'house mother' at a residence. One of the people who lived there was diagnosed as diabetic and to make her life easier I ate the food she now had to eat. There was no restriction on amount it was strictly content.

    In fact, with a little work I managed to devise, with the people living there, a weekly menu (we did that every week before shopping) that made life easier for everyone as we took turns cooking the evening meal.

    About two months later another 'house mum' asked me if I was dieting! Rushing back I weighed myself and I had lost ten pounds. That was quite a lesson because the amounts we ate hadn't changed at all.

    I'm a brisk - ish walk girl myself. I got an Arlene Phillips exercise tape many years ago and hurt my back doing it. Ouch, not funny sore backs.

  8. Thanks for the good advice girls. I'm thinking about pilates. There's a handy daytime class up the road from me. I think I should wait until my arm and shoulder are completely healed first though.

  9. Hi Sue
    Love your photos! I am living in a fab rented house at the moment (which we could never ever afford to buy!) which has the most beautiful garden. I am not a gardener (yet) but have never enjoyed a garden so much. The planting is so well planned - as one plant drops its blossoms or loses its flowers another seamlessly takes it place.

    On the thorny issue of having more body than one would wish, I too (see http://wartimehousewife.wordpress.com ) had a suicide-inducing experience in front of a John Lewis mirror. I find swimming lengths boring and then there's the problem of all that water/hairwashing/changing rooms and the perceived time it takes etc. Trouble is, it really works for me - combined with yoga and some restrained eating it's the only thing that changes my body shape! Heigh ho.

    Look forward to visiting your site again.

  10. Thank you Myrtle. Wise advice and do come again!

    Sue x

  11. Sister the Second has had a similar muscular problem to you and it has made her very miserable. I feel just as miserable because it was moving my sofas wot done it to her.

    I have just driven cross country from the school run and I felt just the same as you about the blossom, and the hedgerows do seem particularly fecund this year.
    Fab photos as per.


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