Weekend Colour Supplement

Sunshine and colour everywhere this weekend. Hooray! Enjoy it while you can.

I wonder if you can identify this flower?

I'll be showing you pics of my redcurrants over the coming weeks as they gradually turn from green to red and finally to jelly!

The Sarah Raven catalogue. Thinking about some Autumn colour.

Jane Brocket's new quilting book, lent to me by my mum.

I'm not a quilter- too much preparation for me, I prefer the immediacy of crochet, but what fabulous colour inspiration for any crafter!

Golden focaccia with red onion and rosemary. Not authentic, just my usual white bread dough stretched out to fit a baking tray. I oiled the tray first, splashed more olive oil over the surface, sprinkled with flaky sea salt and black pepper. My, it was delicious, crisp on the outside, soft inside. I shall be making it again tomorrow.

Summer fruits lolly- a bag of defrosted frozen summer fruits blended with some orange juice (I squeezed 4 oranges) and a couple of spoonfuls of sugar. Sieved to get rid of the seeds then frozen in lolly moulds.                

Lovely library book. That cover has given me an idea for a blanket...

The perfect drink for a sunny Saturday.


  1. Beautiful summer colours. Hope this fantastic weather keeps up. Enjoy your bread tomorrow

  2. Oooo - get you with the painted toes!!!!

    I haven't got a clue what that flower is - but, it looks so delicate, and handpainted.

    That Focaccia bread looks absolutely scrummy and that lolly doesn't look half bad either.

    Looks like you've spent a great day enjoying the sunshine and a bit of home-cooking.

    Here's to a great Sunday.x

    PS - The pics on my blog were taken at Jephson park in Leamington Spa - it's a beautiful place.

  3. Lovely photos - so colourful! :-)

    Caz from Never Knew

  4. Sue I am moving in!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful bread idea I m going to mke it today!!!!

  5. Oh I do love your colourful blog, a feast to the eyes ~ thanks for the inspiration! :)

  6. Anonymous4:09 pm BST

    Rosebay willowherb? Beautiful blog, methinks I may become a regular XX
    Much love Tracy M

  7. No not rosebay willowherb ;o) Much, much smaller.

    Welcome Tracy x

  8. I love focaccia and I've been known to make it with value plain flour when pushed ou've got me going with the lollies and we walked to town and bought extra lolly moulds from Lakeland.

    I can't ID the flower, although it is lovely and delicate. At the boot sale I got a lovely big foxglove alba for a shady spot - £3, feelin' good! Also five organic loaves from Waitrose this afternoon - 45p each instead of £1.45, the beat goes on....

  9. Lovely pics - hope you had a great weekend.

  10. Hi, lovely photos. Your flower is Saxifraga x urbium, its common name is "London Pride". I love this little flower. My Mum gave mine to me and her Mum gave it to her and I now have it dotted around my garden too. Best wishes Pj x


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