Rainbow Blanket

My little cotton blanket is finished. I put the finishing touches to it in the sunny garden this afternoon.
What do you think?

It's not very big, maybe a metre/yard long. I made it very simply using rows of trebles (US double crochet) on a 4 mm hook. The yarn is Debbie Bliss DK Cotton.

The edging is Lucy's bobble-shell pattern which is sooo easy to do and finishes things off so neatly.

I wanted a little extra something so I made these little flowers, one in each colour used in the blanket. Thank you to Lucy again for the pattern for these -Teeny Tiny Flowers . I used a 3.50 mm hook for these as suggested by Lucy.

 I think it will live on our footstool in our sitting room but maybe it will make a useful little picnic blanket.
I like it and my boys like it which is a bit odd, but maybe they're humouring me :o)
I know what C will say -'Mmm very good, what's for tea?'

Tea will be late dear, I've been blogging again....



  1. love the cheerfulness of it must make one too

  2. Its just gorgeous! Great colours.

  3. Oh I just love it. Violet would look at it wide eyed and say 'Rainbow'.
    The cheery little flowers just add to it's appeal.

  4. Anonymous7:59 pm BST

    Love your blanket Sue - what's next?


  5. What a beautiful Rainbow blanket ~ I LoVe it! The Debbie Bliss cotton comes in such lovely colours and the little Lucy flowers are a lovely finishing touch too :O)

  6. The blanket is lovely, Sue. Love the bobble edging too ( and couldn't help having a wee chuckle at the alternative use you suggested for it!!!!!)

  7. Beautiful! Very envious as I can't crochet (yet!)

  8. A beautiful blanket, so sunny and cheeful

  9. Anonymous11:18 pm BST

    Ooh... You say Lucy's pattern finishes thongs off nicely!! When do we get a reveal of the thongs Sue??? And will C be modelling them? ;-)

    Only joking. It's lovely.

    Bara x

  10. Alas, there will be no thongs on this blog Bara. Pretty pictures only are allowed so that rules out C in a thong and indeed me in one. I'd better go and fix that typo ;o)

  11. Yummylicios Sue. I too have succummed to the rainbow joy that is Lucy. I m planning a stripey granny shawl as soon as the cotton arrives. In my head its drop dead gorgeous, lets wait and see. I am doing pants on the diet by the way but I know why. I am a greedy lazy so in so.LOL

  12. And so am I Louise!

  13. Wow, Sue, this is soooo beautiful! So wonderfully bright and colourful! And most of all it's actually, 100%, totally FINISHED!

    Wow that must feel so good (that "finished" feeling, I mean). I'm yet to feel that feeling with any of my blankets. One day I might finish one and get to feel that wonderful satisfaction that you must be feeling now. :-)

    It is so beautiful. :-)
    Caz from Never Knew

  14. Thanks Caz :o) The key to getting things finished is to make them small! It 'aint very big.

  15. Hi just discovered your blog and wanted to say how much I love your crochet blanket. I now need to make one too and my resolve not to buy any more yarn is getting weaker.
    (I blame Lucy of Attic24 she keeps leading me to all these clever yarn addicts)
    Thank you for sharing your pictures.
    xx Clare

  16. Thankyou for the wonderful colours, pictures and ideas in your blog. I too havie been inspired both by yourself and Lucy at Attic24. Decided to start my own blog from the begining. Just hope that it can, eventually be as colourful as the ones you have done

  17. Anonymous4:27 pm BST

    that is gorgeous. I so need to make a blanket right now.......

  18. Anonymous9:29 pm BST

    Hi Sue, thank you for all your help :o)
    Your beautiful rainbow blanket has inspired me to get out my crochet hooks again - I LOVE doing crochet so shall enjoy making a blanket like yours. Will enjoy choosing some gorgeous bright colours to use,just like you have!
    take care, Corrina x

  19. its lovely..I love all the colors, its a happy blankie..

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. I love the colors...beautiful blanket!!!

  22. Anonymous9:48 pm BST

    Had to tell you that I love your blanket - I want to make one! Lovely colours and I really like the edging you chose and the pretty flowers set it off perfectly.Really really nice!

  23. I have just started crochet classes, a lovely friendly weekly meeting in my local wool shop. Looking for a relatively easy first project and would love to make a blanket like yours. How many chain stitches would I need to start off?

    1. Just chain until it's as long as you want! Good luck with your classes.


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